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I cannot believe I am writing that it is the 1st October! When and how did this happen?

I would be lying though if I said I wasn’t excited and haven’t been waiting to put up the Halloween decorations around the house for the last two weeks. However, now it’s October and I can go Halloween mad (well with the decorations I already own).

A giant orange pumpkin next to a hot drink in a mug

Why I love October?

First of all I love Autumn which aligns perfectly with October. I think just the colours of the trees, the crisp mornings, the fact I can begin wearing a coat or scarf. I just love everything about October.

In regards to Halloween I love it. I am a horror movie fanatic and have probably watched more horror films than I can count. Also I love going to scary themed events. There have been a couple I went to up London, but I would love to be able to go to Tulley’s farm in the UK.

Tulley’s farm is how I imagine Halloween is done in America, but that could just be me generalising. Basically it is a farm that has haunted car rides, mazes and even rooms to walk around in. I mean I would love to go, even though I am incredibly jumpy!

October Bucket-List!

Anyway today I wanted to share a small bucket-list of things I would like to do (within reason to guidelines etc) during October! I want to bring as much spookiness as I can into my life!

So let’s get into it…

A field of pumpkins with the sun setting in the background
  • Visit a pumpkin patch

I mean can any spooky bucket-list not have a pumpkin on it?! I did manage to go to my first pumpkin patch last year and it was such a wonderful experience.

I remember just walking into the field and looking around and feeling so happy. I also didn’t actually realise how many different kinds and colour pumpkins there actually is. But I am all for it and loving it.

  • Carve a pumpkin

Now in relation to the one above I would like to carve a pumpkin! I have done this a few time’s in my life and it is hard and long. However, I love how it looks afterwards!

Last year I bought some stencils from Poundland and I used them to draw on the pumpkins before I then carved them. It was such a good idea and I made a cute little ghost on one of them!

But yeah of course I will be carving those pumpkins this year! Plus it will be nice to do something to get rid of this horrible year.

  • Watch Scary movies

Of course again I feel like this is mandatory for Spooky season (well for me it is). However, I am aware not everyone is a horror fan and so this might not be the one for you.

One tradition I do have is watching “Halloween” on Halloween. it just makes sense to me and I love having that little tradition which Ryan has now adopted too!

A chocolate three layered cake with jam on the top on a plate
  • Spooky themed bakes/food

Last year actually on Halloween I hosted a little party (with my parents and Ryan). I actually really enjoyed making party food and turning them into Spooky themes. For example, I made ghost hot dogs (so hot dogs wrapped in pastry that you may see a lot online). I also made pumpkin themed cakes!

Therefore, this is something I would quite like to do again. Or even throughout this month get involved with baking (inspiration from Bake off of course) but with a spooky theme! So if anyone has any baking or recipes to do with Halloween then let me know!

  • Visit a Haunted House

Myself and a couple of my friends have actually booked on to visit a Haunted building. However, we are playing it by ear what with everything going on.

But it is something that I like to do every year! Either go to an event or visit a Haunted house, something around those lines.

What are your plans for October?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. “Halloween” on Halloween is a must! For me, Michael Myers is top of the list as far as my favourite bad guys go! I’ve never been pumpkin picking but I’m sure that, restrictions permitting, we’ll be taking the girls this year. One day soon I would like for the wife and I to do one of those haunted theme park experiences, but I would secretly love to work for one as a clown. LOVE clowns 🙂

  2. These are some super cute ideas for this Halloween season, makes me really excited to snuggle down and watch some scary movies!

  3. oh my, this sounds absolutely perfect! they don’t celebrate Halloween over here as much as we do back home in the UK, so I look forward to living through everyone’s posts! xx

  4. Spooky season is the BEST season, it is finally time to do all things cosy and it makes me so excited. I cannot wait to binge watch lots of horror films on netflix. Have you watched Zoella’s vlogs from Tulleys Farm? I think I would be too much of a wimp to go there haha! xx

    1. Honestly I agree!! That is what I will be doing too! 👻 yesss I am always hooked to them because they are sooo good! Hahah I always think that too, because I am so jumpy but I feel like one year I just NEED to go just so I have done it 😂 how cool if we held like a blogger event there?! Like a group of us bloggers just met up and went to Tulley’s 😂🎃 xxx

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