Weekend break to Portsmouth: Travel Diaries #1

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First of all I want to mention that this is my 200th blog post. I mean that is crazy, and I honestly cannot believe I have actually wrote that many within the last few years. Thank you if you have left me a comment, supported me or even become a friend during this time because it all means so much to me.

Anyway for today’s post let’s get into a good one, here is another new series I want to start and it is a Travel Series. I am aware that travel is not exactly a great thing right now with everything going on, however I do want to write about previous travels and include helpful guides/what to do in those destinations. Also if I do go anyway (probably in the UK at the moment) then I will include it in this series too, like today’s post.

Weekend break to Portsmouth: Travel Series #1!

Gunwharf in Portsmouth the shopping outlet. Showing a crowd of people queuing to get into the shopping area.

Today we are going to be talking about my weekend break to Portsmouth. Last weekend myself and Ryan travelled to Portsmouth (in the UK) to hang out with our friend and his girlfriend. I will tell you now that we could not get any more excited than we were.

Obviously being in lockdown since March, and neither myself or Ryan owning a car when we could go out more it has been incredibly difficult. Basically we both feel like we have been stuck in this area and of course living with my parents. It all plays a role in our relationship.

Therefore, having this opportunity to get away was so important for us. However, of course I was still slightly worried about staying away and the cleanliness etc. But I knew that this trip was just what I needed.

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View from a pier in Portsmouth of the sea, beach and sea houses and flats/buildings


The main reason we chose Portsmouth was because myself, Ryan and our friend all studied our degree at Portsmouth. Therefore, it is where we all met and where we have so many memories. So it was just nice to be able to go back and reminisce really, and of course introduce a lot of places to our friend’s girlfriend.

It was also our friend’s birthday so that is why we were going away in the first place. Myself and his girlfriend planned everything and made sure it was all top secret, so our friend did not actually know we were going until we were waiting for him outside the hotel.

Also there is just so much to see and do in Portsmouth too and once you have lived there as part of your life like I did it does feel like a second home.

What we got up to


One thing that we knew we all wanted to do was play a game of mini golf. Myself and Ryan have played the course a couple of times, but it was nice to do it again.

I will mention that the cleaning seemed fine. Once you have finished your game you then put your clubs and golf balls into a bucket of water and the person will come over and take them for cleaning. There are also hand sanitisers around, but I did also have my own in my bag for whenever I wanted to use it.

Once we played a game of mini golf the boys wanted to go up to the next level and play a game of pitch and putt. Now I had never done this before and I probably won’t be doing it again for a long time. I really struggled to hit the ball very far, however we did all have a laughing fit which made for a great time. Huge credits to golfers out there, but it is just not for me.

Two separate slices of chocolate cake at the Tenth Hole cafe in Portsmouth


Before we played the pitch and putt we sat down in the cute tea room (which is attached to it) and decided to have a slice of cake. This was at the Tenth Hole and honestly the cake is so good! Plus it was at this tea room that myself and Ryan had one of our first dates so I guess it will always hold a special place in our heart.

Beach and Arcade

Of course staying in a seaside town it only made sense to visit the beach and possibly go into the arcades.

I am going to be honest but I was a bit more worried about the arcade because I thought how could they possibly be open with everyone touching everything? However, you was asked to wear a mask in the arcade and as you walk in and around there are hand sanitiser stations.

I mean it did seem like there were measures in place, but I still didn’t feel overly comfortable in using any of the machines. If I was to use any I would feel like I need to wash my hands constantly afterwards.

We also did a lot of walking and especially along the beach because it is just beautiful. The weather was absolutely lovely and the sun was out pretty much the whole weekend, however in the evening it was a bit of a chilly breeze.

Someone holding an ice cream in front of an old stone arch/building leading onto the sea /beach


Of course during this time the majority of places/restaurants you do have to book. Therefore, before we travelled we booked the two restaurants we wanted for the evening in advance.

The first restaurant for the Saturday night was this cute little local restaurant called “Sopranos”. It was a tiny space but everyone was spaced away which was fine. It is an Italian restaurant so of course I decided to go for Pizza, and it did not disappoint. The food was beautiful and we all really enjoyed our meals. Plus it is a really affordable restaurant too! I definitely recommend this for anyone visiting Portsmouth.

The second restaurant we decided to go for was Slug and Lettuce in Gunwharf Quays. Gunwharf Quays is basically an outlet shopping centre, so loads of shops with their stock at discounted prices. I always loved coming here when I was studying because you could find some real bargains. There are also a selection of restaurants and bars too, and it overlooks the beautiful sea and where all the boats dock.

I had been to Slug and Lettuce before and they do some great cocktails and we were there at a perfect time where the “2 for 1 cocktail” deal was going on. Of course I jumped right on that deal and got myself two cocktails with my dinner because why not.

The food again was really lovely none of us had any problems, the drinks were fab and it was just a lovely evening.

Something I will mention (minus the smaller restaurant) but most of the places we went to were doing online menus, so you scan a bar-code on your phone and that’s how you can order everything. I think this is a great idea to limit contact. Also if you did want to go up and order only one person per table is allowed up at a time, and of course social distancing was in place.

A woman taking a mirror selfie wearing a brown and white polka dot dress with a short sleeve black top underneath,  with a matching brown headband and smiling.
Me taking many mirror selfies in the room!


We decided to stay in a chain hotel called the Premier Inn, as there was one right next to the station which is perfect for myself and Ryan as we were travelling by train.

The hotel seemed fine, I am not sure how clean it actually is but there were a lot of measures in place around the hotel and in the room etc.

We also managed to get a great deal for the whole weekend for £80 (Saturday-Monday) which I personally think is a good deal. Especially as myself and Ryan split the money so really it was only £40 for me!


The other thing I was worried about was the travelling on trains. Of course we wore our face masks the whole time and stuck to the rules as much as possible. However, it was still a very busy train on the way to Portsmouth, which meant social distancing was not going on. In addition, a lot of people were not wearing face masks, or were wearing the face mask but not over their nose? But, it was not a huge problem for myself or Ryan we still felt fairly comfortable.

A picture of a lighthouse and building with blue skies and some clouds in the sky at Portsmouth sea front .


This weekend was full of laughter, smiles and fun. It was honestly what I needed and I think we all needed, so much so we didn’t want to come home.

I just think with everything going on right now it was nice to take a break and get away. Like I mentioned before myself and Ryan have been stuck in one area and it was time that we just got out for a bit.

It was also lovely to be able to go back to my second home and just walking around made me feel so content and happy. I love it in Portsmouth and I have so many memories there it just felt natural being back.

It did make me think how much I need a new job so myself and Ryan can move out and get a mortgage. But I am sending all those vibes out into the universe, and I know my new job is coming for me soon.

Anyway, that was my perfect weekend away and the beginning of my new travel series! There will be more to come and travel guides for places around the UK, Europe and abroad.

Weekend break to Portsmouth: Travel Series #1!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Congrats on your 200th post! I’m a huge lover of staycations and this looks like the perfect little trip. Although both me and my boyfriend drive, we also live with my parents so I can relate to that and how you just need to get away sometimes, just the two of you. Lovely photos. That cake looks deliciousssss x

  2. 200 posts! Amazing achievement, congratulations.

    This sounds like the perfect weekend, Much needed as well I imagine. O have not been to Portsmouth in years but I have fond memories of a family holiday there x

    1. Thank you so much! I cannot believe it has got to that much 😁
      I love Portsmouth I think it is such a beautiful place. You definitely should visit again to relive those memories! ☺️

  3. Ahh I loved this post, travel posts are always one of my favs! I haven’t been to Portsmouth in so long but I loved going there, there is something so calming being by the sea. I am glad you had a nice time away, I am determined to book a weekend away soon (I think we all need it after how mad this year has been). Congrats on your 200th post lovely xxx

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