Top 5 outfits you NEED in your life!

Now in my attempt to become more minimalist in my life choices, and also within my wardrobe, I wanted to focus on creating outfits that fit my style. But also I want to focus on narrowing my style down so I can begin to minimise my wardrobe. So these would be the outfits you need in your life too.

I thought if I am on this journey then I want to share with you all so maybe you could make those choices too if you want. Let’s all live more fulfilling lives and get rid of that materialistic view. I love sharing ways for us to fall in love with items (especially clothing) that we already have instead of buying for the sake of it.

So here are my

Top 5 outfits you NEED in your life!

First of all when I say “outfits you need” I mean the category that I mention not necessarily what I am wearing in my photo’s. But what I mean is that you keep one or two key pieces of that category (dress, top, skirt etc), and get rid of any clothes that you don’t wear or you “think you will wear so keep just in case”. This will make your wardrobe so much easier and even better organised, but it will be hard trust me as I am going through this step at the moment in my life.

A woman wearing a brown/red and white polka dot dress with a short sleeve black top underneath it. Paired with heeled black boots and a matchingmatching  headband.


At first I did have this as a “flowery dress” but I love different kinds of dresses so decided to keep it to just a dress theme.

Personally all year I love to have that dress you can just pick up and throw on. That dress that is comfy, you can dress up or down and is perfect for when you eat out and might bloat because it is not restricting. As you can see above I love feeling a bit girly and I think that this is one of those outfits you NEED in our wardrobes.

It is just a personal preference that I prefer to wear the more daytime dresses than “going out” dresses so that is what I want to leave in my wardrobe.

A shot of a yellow top and black and white polka dot skirt with the  persons arms holding out the sides of the skirt


Now I am so fussy when it comes to buying skirts, which I guess you could say is a good thing. To back this up I have one green skirt that I have been wearing since I was 15, it went to University with me and I still love it and wear it to this day.

I also love my polka dot black and white skirt as it is stretchy around the waist and not tight either. It is perfect for dressing up and down as well, so I love it. Plus it goes with a lot of things I own.

Therefore, having that statement skirt is what you need in your wardrobe to really spice up an outfit.

A woman sitting on the sofa with a pair of jeans and a white top on facing the camera

Comfort clothes

Yep now we are on to the good stuff. This is probably more relevant to a lot of people this year due to lockdown. However, I feel that you just need to have those comfies in your wardrobe for those days you just want to do nothing and be comfortable. So of course this had to make it onto my outfits you need post, because it is just something that is a requirement for the wardrobe.

This might be a bit different for everyone, but I love a good pair of joggers and a Tee or a sports/comfy bra. It just feels nice and makes me happy.

I usually will wear this if it’s a bit colder, mainly on a Sunday or if I am not working and just relaxing at home for the day.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Workout outfits

You might be thinking “well this one definitely is not for me” but it is always useful to have that one workout outfit in your wardrobe. This could be for going on a long walk (personally I find it more comfortable to hike in proper gear), for doing yoga, dancing or even going for a run/doing a workout.

You might also find it is great for just lounging around the house in, or doing chores etc. Plus they can last a long time if you invest right. So make sure you have that workout gear ready because it is part of the outfits you need (or well it should be).

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T-shirts and Jeans

I have put these together because they are a great combo. I find it so easy to just throw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and I am ready for the day. It is probably a favourite outfit of my mine if I am honest.

I am a jean lover I know that a lot of people have been converted since lockdown and don’t love them anymore. However, I always have and always will.

Again I have a couple of pair’s of jeans that have lasted me for years. Therefore, make sure you invest in quality and you could make a difference to the environment. However, it is always great to have a pair of jeans and a couple of tops in your wardrobe for those more casual days. But personally I think if anything this combo has to make it onto the outfits you need for your wardrobe. Plus it is just great for any occasion.

There you have it my

Top 5 outfits you NEED in your life!

I hope you find this post useful in some ways, even if you want to begin minimising how many clothes you own and focusing on what style you want. I didn’t mention work clothes which might be a requirement if you don’t work from home, but that is up to you to find what works for you. These are the 5 outfit ideas that I recommend but you can tweak it.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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    1. I love that πŸ˜‚ I used to do that but I invested in workout clothes and they have lasted me years! But I do want to look into more sustainable workout brands 😊 xx

  1. Comfy clothes are my favourite and they are all I wear when I’m just wondering around the house. In the summer I also love wearing skirts and dresses because they can be casual or dressy! X

  2. Great wardrobe ideas here. I am a dress kinda girl, I have bought a lot over the summer that are smart enough for work that I can dress up or down, can be winter or summer and are so easy to wear.

    They will see me through on rotation this winter and long in to next!

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