7 steps to becoming a minimalist

I had seen this word “minimalist” being talked about for a while and I was interested in how this could impact my life. I had been thinking about this for a while in my life, and how I did not want to consume loads of stuff and I just wanted to simplify my life, so I thought about the steps to becoming a minimalist. Basically I want to focus on other aspects of my life and not what I consume.

Therefore, I began looking and researching into a “minimalist lifestyle”. So I checked it out to make sure that it was 100% for me. I of course realised that it was and this was something that I want to integrate into my life especially for the future.

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What does being a minimalist entail?

Being a minimalist essentially means living life with less. This includes getting rid of excess stuff and you usually live your life based on experiences you gain in the world rather than the possessions that you buy. If you practice this right and for the right reasons then it can ultimately benefit your life significantly.

What are the benefits?

As I mentioned living a minimalist life can bring you so many benefits. Firstly, and probably the most obvious would be you are getting rid of clutter in your life that you just do not need. I mean I have already mentioned a few times previously how I love cleaning and organising, specifically my wardrobe.

Also by getting rid of clutter and living more minimalist this will benefit your finances for the future too. For example, you will budget more and not be spending money just mindlessly on products you just do not want or need.

Lastly, overall living a minimalist life will bring you so much joy and appreciation for the finer things in life instead of constantly buying things you do not need.

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Therefore, for today’s post let’s talk about my

7 steps to becoming a minimalist!

As I have mentioned above it is important to do your research to make sure this is the lifestyle for you. You need to read and just truly think about how you want to live your life before you make this lifestyle change, because it is a big one. But I have hopefully made it somewhat easier with my 7 steps to becoming a minimalist, and then you can decide if this is the life for you!

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Make a list

When beginning the steps to becoming a minimalist, the first step to really get you thinking is to make that list. By making a list of how you want to bring that minimalist lifestyle into your life, it will get you thinking and on the right track of how to change areas in your life.

You want to write down why you want to make this change as well, and this is helpful if you are ever struggling to look back and see why you want this lifestyle in the first place. It will be great for motivating you and getting you back on track.

Start small

Something to consider as a beginner on your steps to becoming a minimalist journey is to start small. Now you don’t want to dive straight in and get rid of all your belongings and start that way because, you will probably go back to old habits. You have to realise that we have been brought up in a very consumerist world and so changing that will be hard.

However, I started off by using one small space within my home (this could be a desk area in your office for example) and de-cluttering that area. Once it was how I wanted it I knew that was my inspiration to then expand. Therefore, I then changed the whole room and this will eventually result in your whole home being minimalist.

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Get rid of duplicates

I am aware that some people love to have “back-ups” just in case, I do that too. However, sometimes it is just unnecessary. Therefore, a tip I would recommend is go around your home and fill up a bag or box with any duplicates you may have.

Now before you actually get rid of it put it aside for a couple of weeks and if you don’t reach inside of it for any of the products then donate or get rid of it. This will ultimately free up some space in your home and you will only have what you need.

This is an important part of the steps to becoming a minimalist because you will realise that even just by getting rid of those duplicates you will have a whole new space or home.

Save money

Another important part of the steps to becoming a minimalist is to save money! Any money that you save from living your minimalist lifestyle make sure you put into a savings account. You honestly will not realise how much you can save by living as a minimalist.

As you won’t be buying things for the sake of it you will end up not spending as much, and this will put you in a much better place financially. Not only this but it will reduce any stresses that you may have in regards to money.

Quality over quantity

Now you are living your new lifestyle you will quickly learn that the products you buy are all about the quality and not the quantity. This is because, you will want things to last a long time so you are not wasting your time or money all the time.

Overall this will provide you more freedom and time to invest elsewhere throughout your life because you do not need to waste time going out buying products. In addition, you will also be benefiting the environment.

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Create a capsule wardrobe

This one links nicely to some of the previous points, but once you have that declutter and you get rid of any duplicates then I recommend creating a capsule wardrobe! I think creating a capsule wardrobe might not be on everyone’s steps to becoming a minimalist, but I do think it makes a huge difference!

I am sure we have all heard this statement going around and seen many videos or pictures of these “capsule wardrobes”. Basically a capsule wardrobe is essentially you limiting the amount of clothes in your wardrobe to a set amount. These will be high-quality mix and match statement pieces that will make it (or is supposed to) easier for you to get ready in the mornings.

I love this because again it is getting you to invest in quality and long-lasting pieces and also just focus on a limited amount of clothes. Therefore, you are minimising your wardrobe which will create more space, and it will save you money in the long term as well.

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Practice saying NO

Lastly, as part of the steps to becoming a minimalist you want to practice saying “no”. You may think that a minimalist lifestyle is about the things you possess or the home you are living in. However, it is also about other aspects of your life too.

If we are removing possessions from our home because they do not bring us joy anymore to create our “minimalist” lifestyle, then we need to start removing things from our schedule that make us feel the same way too.

Therefore, practice saying “no” sometimes, this can be to any work or personal related tasks or things you get asked to do. Ultimately by saying “no” you are benefiting yourself and you will be much happier in doing so.

There you have it my

7 steps to becoming a minimalist!

Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. Great post. I’m not a full on minimalist but I hate clutter and I don’t like owning too much stuff. It doesn’t make me happy at ALL having loads of “stuff” so I definitely adopt the minimalist mindset of only owning things that bring you joy!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have been trying to cut back for some time and this will really help.


  3. I would loooooove to live a more minimalist lifestyle but with a daughter and a husband who both refuse to ever through anything away I fear it’s a forlorn hope for now, haha. Maybe one day, when she’s moved out…. I like your point about starting small though, that’s a good first step ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I definitely recommend it! It is soo nice knowing everything you own because you own about 5 things ๐Ÿ˜‚ helps keep you on track too! Yeah maybe one day you will get to do it x

  4. I enjoyed reading this! I’ve been trying to get boxes/bags of miscellaneous items and clothing to donate. I think it’s definitely hard to transition into a minimalist lifestyle after living in a more consumer/materialistic world, but it’s so nice to have a decluttered and organized space. Plus, I’m sure moving to a new place isn’t as terrible when you don’t own a lot of random things.

    1. Yeah definitely it is a struggle and thatโ€™s why I have been trying to do it in small steps! But it definitely feels better living in a space that hardly has any belongings and to try and get myself out of that mindset of buying just for the sake of it. Yes that is a good point! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. When it comes to food I’m definitely not a minimalist. I love eating! That also means that I don’t waste much, obviously ๐Ÿ˜‰ But when it comes to my wardrobe I very much am a minimalist! I shop max. 2 times a year, and even then only if I absolutely need something. My wardrobe is not minimalist but my approach to it is: re-styling my existing clothes is so much fun!

    1. I mean if you eat it all then thatโ€™s fine ๐Ÿ˜‚ that sounds great! I am usually the same I only shop if I absolutely NEED it. Yeah I definitely want to go through and create a minimalist wardrobe because that would be fun ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. I love this. I have spent my whole life accumulating stuff. Now I am trying to declutter and realizing I wish I had never bought half of it. Decluttering is very freeing though. I just need to get my husband onside. Heโ€™s a bit of a packrat.

  7. Nice post Gemma (Gemmaa?). My erratic mind find minimalism so hard to put into practice but I love the philosophy. I do honestly think stuff like a capsule wardrobe, saying no and the rest of your list would make my life easier.

  8. Some very helpful steps. I totally agree that having quality makes things to last much longer.


  9. This post is absolutely for me. I spend too much on clothing, kitchen decor, beauty products. I need to work on it. Thanks for sharing a lovely post.

  10. loved this post, gemma!
    As a fellow minimalist, I am proud you are spreading the word so people can follow suit

    ~ Brittany

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