Top 6 Autumn beauty essentials

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We are slowly coming towards my favourite season of the year, AUTUMN! Therefore, this is the best time to switch up your beauty routine in time for the new season. This post is also in collaboration with some other fabulous bloggers who will also be sharing some Autumn beauty themed posts! Make sure you check their posts out and you will be super prepared for Autumn by the end of it.

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For me Autumn is all about those warm smokey eye palettes, berry or dark lips and radiance boosting skincare. I want to share with you the products that I will be reaching for throughout Autumn.

Therefore here are my

Top 6 Autumn beauty essentials!

Grab your drink of choice, and maybe even a pen and paper and let’s get into my essentials!

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Dark/red lip

I am aware that a red lip is not for everyone, however I personally suit red lipsticks and I love them. Throughout the spring and summer months I tend to sway towards lighter colours such as pinks or browns, and then as it gets towards Autumn I love picking up those more darker tones. I feel wearing a darker colour on your lip just flows nicely with the changing of the leaves outside, and plus my outfits get more Autumnal as well.

One of my favourites and go to red lipsticks is Legendary Queen, matte revolution by Charlotte Tilbury. It is this gorgeous wine red colour and honestly I LIVE in it throughout Autumn. This is definitely my essential lipstick. However, I do understand that it is pricey.

If you are looking for a more affordable lip for Autumn then I recommend Rimmel London. Their lipsticks range from Β£4.99-Β£7.99 I believe, and they do some beautiful dark red lipsticks. I tend to use this brand for my more everyday look/sometimes evening wear. But I do sway towards my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick more and this is one I tend to wear the most.

You can pick Rimmel London products up from Boots or Superdrug in the UK.

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Dark eye shadow palette

I don’t know about you but for me Autumn means spooky season and I love wearing dark eye shadows including; reds, browns, greys/blacks etc.

Last year I purchased this eye shadow palette called “Haunted House” by Revolution and I completely adore it. I don’t think they do it anymore as it was a Halloween special, but they will probably have something similar around the same time.

It had a range of beautiful dark purples, reds, blacks, browns and even had a selection of more “shimmery” colours which were great! I used this a lot throughout Autumn last year and will definitely be using it again this year.

Therefore, for me having that right eye shadow palette full of those dark colours is an beauty essential for transitioning into Autumn.

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Face mask

Of course as we transition into this next season it means that it will begin to get colder. Therefore, looking after your skin is essential for keeping that radiance and glow that you may have during the summer months. I personally try to do a face mask once a week, as this keeps my skin hydrated and just gives it a little boost that it may need during this season.

One of my favourite brands for this is The Body Shop. The product I use is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, and it is perfect! This product is also vegan and is great at reviving your skin when it needs it the most. Plus you can re-use it unlike those ones you buy in a packet, therefore long-lasting!


This one links to the one above but looking after your skin is so important and even more so when the seasons change. Having a good moisturiser is so important especially as the hot and cold weather, conditioning and even indoor heat can ruin your skin by drying it out.

Other benefits include; making your skin less oily, giving you a natural glow and just overall making you feel amazing! All of these are why it is on my essentials for my Autumn beauty!

There are a couple of brands I love to use and that I tend to go between and they are Clinique and No7.

The product I love to use the most though is the Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturizer. I love this product because I can put it on and go to bed and it does it’s magic overnight. This product helps to protect the skin against damage as well, which is perfect.

Overall, it just makes my skin feel and look amazing which is great for this time of year.

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Lip Balm

I will be honest I cannot leave the house without my lip balm. However, I think we all know as it begin’s to get colder lips do tend to break, and it’s not such a great look. Therefore, carrying a good lip balm in your bag is essential for Autumn!

Lip-balms are personal preference really so I don’t have any amazing recommendations. However, the ones I buy are always Vaseline, but I do try and find new products sometimes too. Plus you can pick up Vaseline lip-balm from Primark for 80p so that is a bargain.

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My body is weird if it is summer I will naturally tan easily once being in the sun, and I love it. However, as soon as the sun starts disappearing and it gets colder I turn as pale as a ghost. Therefore, I personally love having a self-tan routine to give me that summer glow but all year round. I tend to only do this routine throughout Autumn/winter.

Now the tanning product I have used for the longest time is from the brand Bondi Sands and is the Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk. I tend to use it every few days and it doesn’t seem to leave a horrible smell and it works really well on my body. Overall it just makes me feel great during Autumn, but this is just a personal preference for my essentials list and might not be for everyone.

Also I am always up for any recommendations and looking to try new tanning products. If you have any please let me know in the comments!

What is on your Autumn essential beauty list for 2020?

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  1. I can’t believe we are hitting the autumn season already! Oooh I am loving the beauty looks! The darker lipstick is totally my vibe from time to time. It is so important that we find the right moisturizer depending on the season. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

  2. I love myself a red lip. Admittedly, I don’t use it all that much, but whenever I do, it gives me an extra boost of confidence! Haven’t tried this CT shade that you mentioned, but her lipsticks are absolutely fabulous. My favourite red lipstick happens to be Ruby Rush by Tom Ford. Haven’t found anything quite like it so far!

    1. Me too! I agree whenever I wear that red lip I am much more confident and feel good about myself! I love the CT shade it honestly was just what I was looking for and it feels great to apply I love it. I haven’t heard of that one so might have to check that out, thanks for sharing! 😊

  3. We may not have autumn here but I agree with all these essential tips especially the lip balm. My lips are dry and cracked during wet seasons and lip balms have been my savior.

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