15-Minute cleaning tips for every room in your home

The last few years I have really become invested in cleaning and ensuring the space I am living in is looked after. However, this has been even more true whilst lockdown has occurred this year. Being at home the majority of time without choice has really meant I want to live in an environment that is clean and fresh. Of course I have been inspired by many others either on Instagram or Youtube as well.

However, as I have invested so much time researching and perfecting tips and tricks for cleaning and organising around the home. I thought I would share these great tips that I have learnt with you all too.

Today I will be talking about my

15-Minute cleaning tips for every room in your home!

These tips are a great way to effectively clean every room in your home but keeping in mind if you don’t have much time. Also when you complete these tasks make sure you have a timer to hand, so that you can keep an eye out for the 15-Minute limit.

A living room decorated in white paint, with a L-shape grey sofa in the left corner with some pillows that have birds on them. There are some hanging plants above the sofa, and some floor plants. There is some small windows, coffee table, lamp, drawers and a clock on the wall.
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Living Room

  • Place all rubbish in a bin bag.
  • Put everything back in it’s correct place.
  • If you have children then remove all toys and put them away.
  • Tidy away any wires that are everywhere, any DVDs out of place etc.
  • Fold any blankets that need folding or place into storage if you have that.
  • Recycle anything that you don’t need and that can be recycled.
  • Wipe down surfaces, TV, coffee tables, door handles, fire places etc.
  • Hoover at the end.

What you will need: cloth, polish, duster, bin bag, recyling bin/bag, hoover, timer

A huge kitchen with an Island that has two stools at the end. There are flowers placed on the Island. The whole kitchen has a clean white effect.
Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels.com


  • Place everything back into the cupboards or where they are meant to go.
  • Clean the counter-tops, kitchen table, Island (if you have one).
  • Tidy away any utensils, cutlery or plates/bowls etc that have been cleaned.
  • Finish any washing up if needed.
  • Sort out the fridge shelves if needed, making sure everything is organised.
  • Return anything that may have ended up in the Kitchen but doesn’t belong in that room back to it’s correct place.

What you will need: cleaning products, cloth, washing up liquid and sponge, bin bag, timer

An urban looking bathroom, with a copper not fixed bath tub by a window.
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com


  • Grab your wash basket and place anything that may need washing in the basket.
  • Replace anything you have just put in to wash (for example dirty towels).
  • Put anything in the bin or to recycle that needs to be.
  • Empty the bathroom bin into your bin bag.
  • Make sure if anything that doesn’t belong in this room is put away in it’s correct home.
  • Clean the sink/taps, bath tub, wipe down shower cover (if have one), clean toilet etc.
  • Go through any cupboards or drawers and make sure they are organised.

What you will need: toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, gloves, cloth/sponges, wash basket, bin bag, recycle bin, timer.

A bed and wooden headboard, with a side table that has a plant and lamp on it.
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com


  • Place any rubbish and empty your bin into the bin bag or recycling bin.
  • Make the bed/change sheets if needed.
  • Wipe down TV, tables, drawers, door handles etc.
  • Return any items or clothes to their correct places.
  • Rearrange any items if need to.
  • Go through any drawers, getting rid of anything that you need to or organising everything.
  • Tidy/organise any jewellery you may have.
  • Empty wash basket (for clothes)
  • Hoover around at the end.

What you will need: polish, cloth, hoover, bin bag, recycle bin, wash bag, timer


  • Hang any coats up or umbrellas that may have fallen down.
  • Wipe down any mirrors or surfaces.
  • Place shoes back on shoe rack or in correct place if need to.
  • Organise anything that may have been misplaced back into the correct place.

What you will need: polish, cloth, bin bag, timer

There you have it there are my

15-Minute cleaning tips for every room in your home!

You may have other rooms in your home, or extra bedrooms but similar cleaning tips you can apply to these rooms!

Will you be using any of these tips? Do you have any reccomendations for cleaning?

Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. Very useful tips! I always struggle to organize my tasks when I clean the house and this post will definitely help me do better next time! P.S. I love the photos you’ve chosen for this post! *.*

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