How to keep your wardrobe organised now

I mean let’s be honest sometimes your wardrobe can be STRESSFUL. We all open our wardrobe and feel like we never have anything to wear. This is why I wrote my Fashion finds in your wardrobe which you should check out to make the most of the clothes you own.

However, today’s post is going to talk about

how to keep your wardrobe organised!

Keeping your wardrobe organised will help you make the most of your space, make things easier when it comes to finding outfits and just overall look and feel better when you look at it.

Have a clear out

The first thing I would suggest you do is just take everything out of your wardrobe and go through it. I have mentioned this before, like the post I have linked above, but it is just easier to empty your wardrobe and “start again”.

Once I have emptied my wardrobe I then sort through into piles so for clothing to keep, give to charity, sell or turn into something else. This helps me keep on top of what I am buying and wearing so I suggest you do this every few months. This also like I said helps to keep your wardrobe organised, which is what we all want.

Invest in storage and the right equipment

I truly believe that having a good wardrobe/storage unit makes your space where your clothes live so much better, and of course keeps the wardrobe organised! I know you are probably thinking a wardrobe is a wardrobe don’t be silly. But what I mean is look at the space you have, are you fully utilising the space?

For example, would the space look better with a rail to store your clothes? Or built in wardrobes to fully use all the space in the wall. It depends on how big or small your space is, but make sure you are using every bit of space possible.

Also for me personally I love to make sure that all my hangers are the same colour, for some reason it just makes my wardrobe look more organised and in place.

Organise in terms of category and colour

This may be another personal preference but I find that organising your clothes into categories so much easier when it comes to choosing my outfit for the day.

Having everything together means you know where the clothes are. For example, all the blazers would be together, and then smart dresses and summer dresses. This just means that you can find a specific piece of clothing that you want, and you are not wasting time throwing clothes all around the room trying to find what you want to wear.

In addition, once clothes are in their categories I love sorting them together in terms of their colour. It just looks nice when I open my wardrobe, but again this is a personal preference so you don’t have to do this. I would suggest just organising into categories.

Put least used items away in storage

This is something I tend to do when the seasons change. Therefore, making sure you have some space to store clothes you won’t be wearing is important! Or even clothes that hold sentimental value that you just cannot get rid of but you are not going to wear, then store it away.

I have these storage bags (which I purchased from ASOS years ago) which I keep under my bed, but you could also put up in your loft if you have one. In these bags at the moment I have all my winter jumpers/clothes stored in them.

This is a great way to clear some space in your wardrobe and also help you sort through your clothes every time the seasons change. There is no point having super thick jumpers in your wardrobe if it is summer time. Not only does this help you see what clothes you have each season but this is a great way at keeping your wardrobe organised.

A drawer filled with folded tops and clothes.
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Store tops, workout clothes and PJ’s

By this I mean these tend to be the types of clothes that you don’t need in your wardrobe (unless you have a massive walk in wardrobe, then you are living the dream). Therefore, it creates more space if you sort these into your drawers or under wardrobe storage etc.

Basically the clothes that don’t need hanging up then should be organised into other storage space. I tend to fold my clothes up and this just helps everything stay neat and tidy in my drawers, and you can see all of the clothes that you own.

“One in one out” rule

I am sure many of you have heard of this method, but basically if you buy something new then you should get rid of something in your wardrobe.

I normally tend to do this before I go shopping or shop online. But I will have my clear out and make note of things I am getting rid of and whether any piece of clothing (for example jeans) needs replacing. This makes things a lot easier to keep track of what I am buying, but to also think about the environment in terms of only buying clothing that I really need and will last me a long time.

I definitely recommend you do this rule because it is also a great way to keep your wardrobe organised.

There you have it

how to keep your wardrobe organised.

I recommend regularly checking your wardrobe and clothes and having that Spring clean. This will help you stay on top of your clothing and just make you feel much better, but also just keep that wardrobe organised.

Do you have any tips you use to keep you wardrobe space tidy? Do you do any of the ones I mentioned in this post?

Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. These are great tips! I live off vacuum bags for my wardrobe – just check in last season’s clothes, suck the air out and pop it in a drawer. So handy and they save SO much space!xx

  2. Great tips! I don’t own that many clothes and I’m always de-cluttering but my wardrobe is still a bit of a mess. Particularly my shoes. So I think I might have a bit of a sort out this week thanks to this post!

  3. Thank God my hubby didn’t read this. I am really bad with wardrobe organisation πŸ˜‚ but after reading this post, I know how much it is important. I’ll try to manage it now.

    1. I agree with you my partner always tells me I need to keep it tidy so I changed my ways and now am pretty good at keeping it organised 😊 good luck with it x

  4. Ahh these are such helpful tips Gemma, I definitely try to organize my wardrobe and store away stuff for the winter if it’s summer and vice versa. I’ll need to try that one in one out rule, as all I seem to do is take and take and not remove!!

  5. I love trying to organize my wardrobe but I usually never have enough space for everything! πŸ˜‚ I should definitely try to clear a few things and donate clothes I don’t wear anymore! Great post 😘

  6. The “one in and out” rule is something that we really need to follow. Also thanks for emphasizing on investing in the right equipment, that can make a lot of different. Lovely post!

  7. My wardrobe stresses me out so much – it’s tidy for a day then a complete mess again! I think I need to try the one in, one out tactic as I’m running out of room! Great tips. Becca x

    1. Yeah that was me at one point so I just decided enough is enough and I have been good at organising it ever since! 😊 you should it honestly helps you keep on top of what you buy xx

  8. These are amazing tips, at the moment as my bump is getting bigger there are so many clothes in my wardrobe that no longer fit so I am in need of a huge clear out! xxx

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