July overview

We are back with another overview, and I cannot believe how fast this year is going. Also I don’t think I will be doing any goal posts for the next few months, just because I feel like they are getting too repetitive and I want other content on my blog. However, I did do a summer bucket list if you want to check that out!

My goals for July were pretty similar to previous months in terms of my blog and health and fitness. However, I shall break it down into the categories as usual, just because it makes it easier to talk about whether I achieved the goals or not.

Anyway here is my

July overview.


One of my main goals was to do with my running. I mentioned that about aspiring to eventually work towards an Ultra-marathon. However, I am nowhere near that level yet, so throughout this month I have been sticking to a half-marathon training schedule to begin with. This was to align with my goal of running 50 miles, which I achieved.

I have managed to stick to this schedule (minus a couple of days), and find it has helped bring back my motivation. I still have days that I don’t feel up for it, but knowing I have miles to complete this pushes me to get that run done.

Also I am smashed a LOT of personal goals with my running too. First of all I ran my fastest mile, which was amazing for me. Secondly, I ran my fastest 5 km which I have been trying to achieve for a while so that was HUGE for me. Lastly, overall I have just been running much faster and I think my workout/running combination has just been great for me recently.


I mentioned in my goals that I go through phases and sometimes I will read a lot and then other times I struggle. Therefore, I just wanted to get back into reading again.

I am going to be honest I was not motivated to read AT ALL during the first couple of weeks of July, however towards the end I did pick up a book again. I guess I can say I did this goal? I mean I have begun reading again.

I have also downloaded kindle on my Phone, so maybe that will encourage me to read more as well.


There were a couple of small goals in relation to my blog for this month. Firstly, I wanted to begin looking into affiliate work, which I have been doing and hopefully this is something I will put into place with my blog soon.

Secondly, I mentioned I wanted to continue working on the maintenance of my blog and improve my DA score again. My DA did not improve this month, however I know it can be a slow process so I am not bothered. I will continue to work hard on it and get my blog to where I want it to be. I am still currently going back through my old posts, which is a mammoth of a task but has to be done.

However, I will mention my blog views DOUBLED from last month just two weeks into July, and I honestly cannot believe it. Hard work, Pinterest and promoting yourself are all key for building up your blog.


This was a simple goal that I wanted to just get into a routine of creating pins in advance to make things easier for me. I have been creating myself templates and this has really helped me when I pin my content!

Learn a new skill

Lastly, I mentioned that I wanted to learn something new throughout this month. I am not sure if it counts but I did a course on “how to succeed in the workplace” so that I guess that was useful?

However, I didn’t actively go out to learn a new skill so that didn’t work out for me there.


This was not a part of my goals, but I just wanted to talk about some changes in this month. The main change is that I have been asked to go back into work. Ideally I would have preferred a new job, but I am remaining as positive as possible and I know my new job is coming soon.

It is hard out there right now, and although I have applied for many jobs I know the right job will come along at the right time. Another good thing is with my current job to begin with I will only be going in three days a week. This is just to ease us back into it. However, this gives me time to still be able to focus on my blog, still work hard at getting myself a new job and to not be taken over by my current job again. It has also made me get my butt into gear at actually writing my blog posts in advance, and preparing tweets and how to promote myself whilst I am working (as I am not allowed my phone on me whilst I work).

Anyway, that is my July overview I look forward to what the next few months bring and to getting a new job, improving my blog and potentially beginning to monetise it!

How has July been for you? Share with me ONE good thing that happened in July?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Sounds like July was a great month for you.

    Wel done for doubling your views this month, it’s a great feeling isn’t it but my gosh Pinterest is hard work isn’t it.

    Have a great August x

    1. Thank you! The only thing was going back to work 😂 yeah I feel like all my hard work is paying off! And yess Pinterest is so hit and miss and I don’t understand it still 😂 thank you and you xx

  2. Wow, congrats on doubling your blog traffic via Pinterest, that’s a skill I have yet to crack despite putting in the hours 🙁 And you’re right about DA being a slow process, but you’ll get there 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful August! Lisa

    1. It honestly goes up and down so I don’t think I have cracked it yet! 🤣 last month I struggled and this month I have done better but I need to do more because this week I failed with posting a bit 🙈 thank you! I hope you do too 😊

  3. Congrats on doubling your blog views and achieving faster running speeds! Good luck with finding a new job! It definitely seems to be a little more difficult to find a new job right now (at least over here in the US), but I’m sure something will come along soon! Plus, it sounds like working only three days a week at your current job still leaves time for your blog and such. Hope August is another good month for you!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy! 😊 oh yeah it is definitely more difficult at the moment here too, but I know the right thing will come along for me 😊 yeah definitely it gives me time to build up my side hustles 😂 thank you and you lovely! Xx

  4. Wow your July has been so productive and successful, well done you!! I go through stages of wanting to read but struggling to find motivation, some months I read loads and then the other not at all! Huge congrats of doubling your views thats absolutely amazing, I hope August is just as great for you sweetie xxx

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