5 ways to create a positive mindset

Hello again, I am back after a short break that was much needed. It was nice to step away from technology last week. I was not as active on all my social media and decided to not post anything on here either. But I am back now so let’s get into what I want to talk about today…

I think if anyone was to meet me and get to know me they will generally state that I am a happy, positive and motivating individual. Of course all of these are true because I feel like if I can positively influence someone’s live in a good way then that is my job done.

However, I am human and I do feel every other emotion. Not a lot of people will see that with me because I hate showcasing that. I love being this positive influence on people’s lives. It does come with a lot of pressure though, so I do try to let my other emotions out too.

However, today I want to share with you

5 ways to create a positive mindset.

All of these are a part of my routine/life, and have been for a long time.

Begin with a positive affirmation

I am sure we have all heard this “positive affirmation” being thrown around a lot lately. However, it works and is the best way forward.

How you start your day helps you set the tone for how the rest of the day will unfold. Of course there may be things that occur throughout the day that could try and kill your mood, but it is how you approach it/handle it that is the main thing. Generally I will wake up and the first thing I tell myself is “today is going to be a good day” out loud. You could say something like “I am going to be great today” or something similar that relates to you, as long as it is positive.

It might sound silly, but trust me just by saying that statement to yourself really does encourage you to begin your day positively. This simple step will massively improve your day.

Look at failure as a lesson

I used to be a huge critic on myself, and if I didn’t get grades that I wanted or achieve something then I would tell myself that I am a failure.

However, failing something does not define who you are. Instead my supervisor during my studies for my degree really changed my mindset, she informed me that don’t focus on the grade but the feedback. This really stuck with me because, it got me thinking that the only way I am going to improve is by listening to others and taking that feedback.

We are all human and we will make mistakes (a lot of them), but instead of focusing on that we need to look to how we approach it differently next time. Do not let that one failure ruin your next experience. Use your failure to push yourself and motivate you to improve.

Focus on the positives

I know this one may seem obvious or one you get told ALL THE TIME, but it is essential in order for you to create this positive mindset to focus on the positives.

You will encounter obstacles throughout your day, week and year and no matter what there is always a positive to come from EVERY experience. It could be such a small positive but that is still a positive and that is what you need to focus on.

It can be so easy to get caught in a trap (any Elvis fans out there?) in this negative bubble. For example, “it is so annoying to be stuck in traffic” or “why does this always happen to me”. Instead find something good in that situation. If you are stuck in traffic that means you have more time to yourself (if you are driving alone of course), or you have time to listen to the rest of your podcast, you could even have a singing/dance party.

Just find something positive and this will change your whole mindset.

Celebrate small wins

I definitely need to do this more, you need to do this more and we all need to do this more. We should all be celebrating wins throughout our lives, no matter how big or small.

One thing that sets us all back is normally because we believe that we are not doing enough. However, we most certainly ARE doing more than enough, you are just not celebrating it. For example, did you get out for a run this morning? Did you hand in an assignment? Did you write a blog post? Did you cook a meal for the first time?

All of these are wins and when you find the time to sit down and celebrate every win you are then creating a more positive mindset. Celebrating every win has a massive impact on your life, trust me.

Visualise you succeeding

I have spoke briefly about visualisation before and I am still writing a post on my vision board, however I truly believe in visualising and think it has a huge positive impact on my life.

Basically, it is as simple as sitting down (or standing), closing your eyes and just visualising yourself succeeding. This could be a project you are working on, you can visualise it being a success, visualise the people your working with etc. This visualisation will move you closer to it being a success, and will create a more positive mindset.

There you have it

5 ways to create a positive mindset!

These are all easy to implement and what you can start doing right now! There are many more ways as well, but I have chose the top 5 that I use the most.

Are you a positive person? What ways do you try to create a more positive mindset?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Great post and all very valuable things in establishing a positive mindset! Celebrating your own achievements and those small wins is so important for me! You really do have to be your own biggest cheerleader at times <3 xxx

  2. I love this post! I am on a journey to become more positive, I have a bad habit of thinking the worst in every situation. Celebrating the small wins and saying postive affirmations each morning are definitely helping me to completely change my mindset x

  3. Loved the read Gemma πŸ™‚ I cant stress enough how much I agree with the need to celebrate small successes. It helps build confidence and can definitely allow you to think positively on a regular basis. I’d say for feedback as long as it’s constructive and not destructive then feedback definitely helps too!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  4. Great post. I stay positive by doing meditation or creating positive surroundings around me. When I am angry or sad, I listen to my favourite music to calm me down.

  5. These are some very helpful tips.
    I’ve been huge on positive affirmations and celebrating small wins. I’m hoping to treat failures as lessons more. That’s been a tough habit for me to break (thinking of it as just a failure).
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Yes definitely I agree they do work ☺️ and you honestly should because it is a nice way to view a failure as a lesson to grow and approach things differently etc xx

  6. Thanks for this advice. As a realist, it’s hard for me to stay positive when I look at things objectively, even on my personal life. But I’m working hard to not be soooo pessimistic. x

    1. Yeah it can be difficult and I do have my moments but I try to look at everything positively and try to find even something small that is a positive out of any bad situation 😊 Start small and it will become more natural! Xx

  7. I adore you for posting this, you’re one of my absolute fav content creators! I’m struggling with my mind a lot at the moment so this is definitely what I needed to hear, affirmations are sooo important and what I need to implement into my daily routine more. Thank you so much for sharing! Xxxx

    1. YOU ARE SO LOVELY πŸ₯ΊπŸ’› you definitely should!! Because you are fab and amazing so tell yourself that everyday! If you ever need to chat/talk I’m always here xxxx

  8. Such a fantastic post, Gemma! I truly agree that all of these methods work too. I definitely needed to read this post this morning as I’m doing my best to be more positive. Thanks for sharing!

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