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I think it is safe to say that the world and the majority of people are attempting to be more sustainable, and think about the environment more. Therefore, a huge part of this comes down to fashion. That is why I think you should look at the fashion finds in your wardrobe.

It is clear how damaging fast fashion has always been for the environment. However, it can be difficult to throw away our “normal” habits or life that we have always known. We have been brought up one way and now being told another.

I have been aware about the environment for a few years now, but I have always been brought up to shop locally and in Charity shops. Also I have touched upon being more sustainable in the past including at Christmas.

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So what can I do about it?

You may be asking yourself this question. Don’t worry there are many things that we can all begin to do. Firstly, shop within charity shops (of course at the moment this one is slightly more difficult). Charity shops sell a variety of clothes for cheap prices, and sometimes you can find some great buys in them.

However, I understand this may not be for everyone. Therefore, RESEARCH is important for you to find brands that are sustainable. There are more and more brands coming around nowadays that focus on how they can benefit the environment. Whether that be through recycling materials or creating products ethically and with the environment in mind.

I will mention whilst you are researching to just read about the brand and make sure that they are what they say they are. Some brands can preach but do they actually benefit the environment?

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Lastly, something that I have been doing is asking myself three questions when buying a fashion product:

  1. Do I really want it?
  2. What is the quality? Will it last me a long time?
  3. What is the brand like? Do they promote sustainability? Are they ethic? etc

These questions will really help you to understand if the product is for you. But it can also stop you buying for the sake of it.

Now that that talk is over let’s get into today’s post…

Fashion finds in your wardrobe!

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What do you mean?

You might be a little confused by what am I going on about. So I will firstly give you some statistics before we really get into it.

Some studies and research have shown that people do not wear at least 50% of their wardrobe. If you read more into the study as well you will realise that this statistic is even higher in certain countries, even up to the shocking 88%. That is a high percentage for clothes in our wardrobes that are not getting any love.

It honestly is shocking and I know we might all be a bit guilty of buying things and then just putting them away and never wearing them. However, this is the time to really take a step back and think about WHAT we are putting into our wardrobes. Or WHAT is actually in our wardrobes to begin with.

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How do I begin?

You may be thinking this all sounds like a lot and how do I go about it? Well I think the first thing is to have that declutter. Therefore, do what you need to do but for me personally it is to take everything out of the wardrobe and focus on each piece individually. Similar to the Marie Kondo method, I take each piece of clothing and decide whether I love it or whether it is time to part with. This would then go into piles depending on what you like to do, so for me it is a charity shop pile, keep pile a maybe pile and a recycle pile.

Once you have had that declutter then it is time to put everything back in your wardrobe and now for the fun part (well fun for me). The clothes that are in my “maybe” pile I decide to attempt to create an outfit with that piece of clothing. This might not be something you have done before, but it gives you a chance to be creative and for that piece of clothing to get some wear.

You can even use Pinterest or other sites for inspiration to create outfits with the clothes that you already own. This is a way for you to just have fun (as if you are going shopping within your own home), and inspire yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zones. This way we are helping the environment by not even doing anything. You are just learning to love the clothes you own.

This is honestly something I recommend doing before you even think about shopping. You might actually find that something you feel you need to buy you already have in your wardrobe.

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It is honestly as simple as that. Having fun at home, maybe even throw in a little fashion shoot with the clothes that we may have neglected but can love again.

However, of course if you need to get rid of clothing then donate or recycle!

I wanted to write a post to inspire us all to be more sustainable but also be more conscious of what we already own. If there is any room for me to improve then I am all for it, and I am happy to share my tips! Let’s make the most of our fashion finds in our wardrobes.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Love this, thanks for the great tips. I am also trying to be more sustainable, one step at a time. Definitely need to de clutter and hit the charity shops more x

  2. Great post – I need to give my wardrobe a good clear out and this has gotten me inspired to really make the effort to do it properly as I have so much stuff in there that I don’t wear but keep “just in case.” Thanks for sharing! x

  3. This was a great post Gemma!! I have to admit I’m not one of those people who research clothes based on their ethics and material at all – I just go by whether it’s on clearance or I want it badly enough to buy it. Moving forward though (when I get out of school and can afford to buy more than just fast fashion), I’d definitely like to look into what kind of materials the companies use to make the clothing.When my wardrobe grows I always try to donate the clothes I no longer want. I still have clothes from like 6th grade because I haven’t grown out of them haha so I don’t often throw out clothes which is a good thing I guess!! Thanks for sharing this girly! xx

    1. Yeah that is only thing that fast fashion is affordable and easy, and I think maybe sustainable brands need to try and do this themselves. Omg I am the same haha! I have clothes from when I was young because I just haven’t grown out of them but I love them still so all good πŸ˜‚ xxx

  4. Great post! I ask myself those three questions too- lately, I’ve been trying to minimize my fashion purchases unless it’s something that’s different from what I already have in my wardrobe and that I will actually use. Also when I went off to college, I left a lot of clothes at my parent’s house. Now that I’ve moved back in with them, I’ve slowly tried to declutter and reuse things.

    1. That’s great! I think a lot of people are beginning to do this! Yeah I think reusing things is a great way to find love in a product again as well 😊

  5. Amazing post! I’m currently trying as much as I can to only buy from sustainable brands! It’s not easy and definitely more expensive than buying from fast fashion brands, but it makes a difference! I also love your approach of being more conscious of what we already own, to me, it’s the first step in living a more sustainable life! 😍

    1. Yeah I completely agree! It is definitely hard if money is limited! Which is a shame and why people go towards fast fashion. Thank you so much! 😁

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