4 tips to cut holiday costs

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I am aware that things are still weird with regards to travel and there may be restrictions and changes for a while. However, I have been dreaming about travelling throughout the whole of lockdown and way before anyway. I don’t know if anyone else is the same but sometimes I just get the urge to blow all my savings, quit my job and just travel for a couple of years anyone else?

Anyway I have been to quite a variety of places abroad and in the UK, last year I went to New York and it was beautiful, the year before I went to Tenerife and in January this year I had my first snowboarding dream holiday to La Plagne. Therefore, I think not only have I been on many different types of holiday’s but I have collectively gathered enough information of tips and tricks to share with you all. So read on to find out my

4 tips to cut holiday costs

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Firstly we all know that January is probably the busiest month to book all those super deals (or at least you think), and don’t get me wrong I have booked holidays before for the rest of the year in January. However, I know that we are way past January but these tips can be used year round and you can save them to be used for next January too.

It is important to make sure you do your research and I know when you are looking for a holiday you just want to book straight away but research is so important in order for you to cut those costs!

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Package Holidays

My favourite holiday’s are package holiday’s, and the main reason is you get everything included! I love the fact that transfers, the hotel and flights are all sorted for you. These can be a great deal when you are looking for longer holiday’s (if you are going away for between 1-3 weeks or more).

You can get some great deals if you book within 8 weeks before your date, however there is limited choice and flexibility. You can also just book in advance and it is recommended to book as as soon as possible!

I would look around and compare on the typical sites for prices first (Tui or First Choice for example). Once you have found the package deal that you like then make sure to haggle and see if that deal can be done cheaper elsewhere. This may involve you calling around but you are likely to be able to knock 5% of your overall costs!

Martin Lewis is a great expert so definitely check out his post here for a more in depth post about package deals.

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Cheap flights

This may be better for city breaks or shorter holiday’s but you could still do this for other longer holiday’s too.

When you are looking for flights it is easy to head to Easy Jet or a typical travel company to look around. However, there is a great range of apps and websites out there that are perfect for cheap flights! I love using Skyscanner because it is easy to use, there are a range of flights and you can get super cheap flights on there. Another great site is Kayak. If you are looking for a package type holiday then Flights Direct is pretty good at cheap flights.

You will also notice that on these sites they do offer car hire and hotel’s too, but I generally prefer to just use them for flights. However, that is completely up to you.

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Travel Insurance

I honestly think as soon as you book your holiday you need to get your insurance straight away too. Do not leave it too late! Also remember I would not recommend using the site you booked your holiday with to get your insurance, because you can always get it cheaper elsewhere.

It is important to again just research and look around, but just stay clear of booking the insurance on the same web site!

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Hotel costs

Again like I have mentioned always research around and see who is selling it cheapest. However you can also put the hotel you love into the websites TripAdvisor and Trivago. These sites are great and do all the work for you when it comes to comparing and seeing where you can get the hotel for the cheapest price! I always do this when it comes to booking hotels in the UK too like my birthday trip to Brighton a few years ago.

It is also recommended that once you have found the cheapest price then you could ring the hotel directly and see if you can use you haggle skills to cut those costs down! It might not work but it is always worth a try, and they appreciate that you want to really stay at their hotel.

Where would you love to travel too after lockdown/restrictions have disappeared a bit?

There you have it my

6 tips to cut holiday costs

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  1. These are brilliant tips! Thanks so much for sharing 😊 I’m really looking forward to going somewhere hot by the sea when restrictions are lifted – I miss going on holiday!

  2. Great set of tips Gemma! Being able to cut back on travel costs is going to be more important than ever during these uncertain times. As for my own travels I’ve got my eyes set on Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna all as part of a interrail-like trip for my next trip too. Hoping to get back on track with my travels asap (but when it’s safe to do so of course!)

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. I definitely agree! Plus we are all going to need a holiday after this so it will be important to know how to cut those costs! πŸ™‚ I haven’t been to any of them but they are all on my list too! As well as I would love to go to Vietnam! That sounds exciting! Me too! Thank you x

  3. Owww, I miss traveling so much! Great tips! I like how you can have so many cheap flights in Europe, especially! I recently started using Skyscanner and it’s so useful!

    1. Yeah that is definitely the case! Also a lot of the times from the UK there are alternatives. For example driving or getting a train etc so they can be cheaper 😊 yess I love that app!

  4. These are amazing tips, holidays can be so so expensive and half the time you don’t know where all your money is going! I cannot wait to be on the beach in a very hot country haha! xxx

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