Lipsticks I have been loving during lock-down

I am going to start off by saying that I have pretty much not been living in make-up. The majority of lock-down has just been me gliding through life, focusing on my wellbeing and all without any make-up on. However, I have been treating myself on Saturday’s to a bit more of glamour and wearing eye make-up on that day. I think just to make me feel a bit different and act like I am “getting dressed up”.

Not going to lie though my skin just has been thankful. You just do not realise the day to day life of wearing make-up and what it does to your skin. I was in that routine of just waking up, putting on some mascara and concealer and then going to work. However, now I wake up, do my workout, shower do some work and have a lovely skincare routine. Honestly, I love it even more and a bonus is I feel so much more confident in myself. I have truly had the time to spend appreciating myself in a new light. Rather than hiding my face behind make-up I can appreciate my natural beauty once and for all.

I will say that I have not worn foundation (well daily) for over a year now. I honestly cannot believe that and I am so proud of myself. By this I mean I will only wear foundation for special occasions (Weddings, parties etc). The main reason I decided to do this was because I was becoming too reliant on make-up and I needed to take a step back and really focus on loving myself. It has worked and I am more happier and confident than ever!

Anyway, now that my rambling is out of the way let’s get into it today’s post which is beauty related. Even though I have no been wearing make-up I will tend to wear a lipstick. I am totally digging the whole no make-up but a good lipstick kind of look to be honest. Therefore, these are my

Lipsticks I have been loving during lockdown.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to mention any of these and I have not been sent the products. These are just lipsticks I have paid for and wanted to share. All opinions are my own.


The first lipstick I am going to talk about is my M.A.C lipstick. Honestly, I love this lipstick and I have bought this colour a couple of times already. I am been using this colour since I was studying at university back in 2013-2016. Therefore, I have to mention it.

It is a cremesheen lipstick in the shade ” Dare You” which is this lovely deep brown red colour.

I am aware that dark bold colours are not for everyone, but personally they really suit me and I love a bold lip. This particular colour I wore all the time for nights out, celebrations or just general special occasions. I guess for me it is a more going out kind of lipstick. However, I think it is the perfect colour for those Autumn/Winter months during the day as well. But I have been wearing this colour on my dressing up days on Saturday lately.

Overall I think this lipstick goes on nicely on the lips, looks great and lasts me the majority of the day. Therefore, it is perfect for me! Plus they do a range of colours so if you are interested do have a look and find a colour for you! Of course do remember this brand is a bit more pricey (normally around £17.50) and so if you want a more affordable lipstick I would look elsewhere.

Rimmel London

This lipstick is from the brand Rimmel London and is a lasting finish lipstick in the shade “coffee shimmer”. I don’t tend to buy from this brand that much, but this lipstick is definitely one of my favourite colours. It is this lovely brown colour with a slight shimmer, and I wear this pretty much all the time during the day.

This lipstick is definitely one I carry with me in my bag and will wear to work, just sitting around at home or general day events. I have also worn this lipstick during a night out too. I think it is just a perfect lip for any occasion.

Overall, it goes on the lip perfectly, lasts pretty well (not as good as M.A.C) but I don’t mind re-applying every now and then, and it looks great with a no make-up look. I love to call it my effortless chic look. Plus if you want a more affordable lipstick this is the one for you ranging from £5.99-£8.99.


This lipstick was from the brand L.O.V. I had not heard of this brand before, but it came in one of my beauty boxes that I had tried and received back in December (which I don’t get anymore).

This product is a colour and care matte lipstick in the shade “Extrovert”.

This colour is a dark and bold colour and I love this colour when I want to make a bit more of an effort. I also look forward to wearing this non-stop throughout Autumn, because similar to my M.A.C lipstick I think it will be the perfect colour. However, at the moment I have just been making the most of dressing up sometimes and I love this colour for that.

Overall, the lipstick has a different feel when applying (not in a bad way) like a lovely soft touch to the lips, it applies well and lasts fairly well too. I just love this colour and look overall. Plus again I think this is a great affordable brand for their lipsticks starting at £9.99.


The last lipstick I am sharing is from the brand MCoBeauty. Similar to the brand I mentioned above I had not heard of this brand before, but I received this product in the beauty box.

This brand is vegan which I think is great. Also this lipstick is a long-lasting lipstick with a hydrating finish in the shade “Flawless”.

This colour is a lovely pink light colour and is perfect to just wear that will go with pretty much any outfit. I love wearing it for any occasion but at the moment I just wear it throughout the day, and it just adds that little bit of pink glamour to my no make-up look.

Overall, this lipstick glides on nicely, it feels almost soft and smooth whilst on and it creates this subtle look that I just love. This is also affordable for prices ranging from £8-£10, which is great! I definitely want to check out some of their other products too!

There you have it the

lipsticks I have been loving through lockdown!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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  1. ooo I love your picks! I’m pretty basic with my lipstick choices – I go for MAC and that’s about it. I definitely want to try that darker tone though! xx

  2. I really love darker shades of lipstick too! I’m sure it suits you very well! One thing I’ve been looking for for a long time is a “perfect red lip” lipstick, the kind of red vibrant shade! 😂

    1. They are just beautiful colours! Yeah I always say I am looking for it and I still haven’t found a perfect one, but I do have a lot of red lipsticks haha!

  3. I’m like you, I love darker shades of lipstick too! I usually wear darker shades in the winter then keep the lighter shades in the Spring/Summer. I love your choice here too! x

    Lucy |

  4. I haven’t really been wearing makeup either and I’m loving it! I love these lipsticks although I don’t really suit dark lipsticks. My lips are slightly small so I feel it makes them look smaller!
    -Kyra xx

    1. It’s great to not rely on make up isn’t it! Yeah I feel like dark lipsticks are not for everyone, I love a mix of both 😊 thanks for the comment xx

  5. My lipsticks have been so unloved during lockdown, I think it might be time to get them out and dust them off! These all look beautiful, the MCo beauty lipsticks are fab!

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