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I recently took part in a competition on the lovely Rhiannon Bailey’s Instagram page. If you are new here you probably have not heard me go on about how amazing I think she is and how she has motivated me every morning throughout lockdown. I honestly cannot thank her enough.

Anyway, she held a competition where you had to take part in her morning workout’s everyday throughout the week and as a result you could win this wonderful package of treats from the company Drops of heal.

Of course I decided to do some research because I wanted to find out more. On their web site they strive to “develop premium and consciously crafted CBD products to provide people with naturalistic approaches to the stressors of everyday life”. The creators both have amazing stories behind why they created this company which you can check out here.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to talk about these products I just thought it would be useful to review them and talk about them, so all opinions are my own.

Product picture of three products from the company "Drops of heal". With  pink flowers in the background.

So what is CBD?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is found in the stem of the marijuana plant, and not in the flowering part which is what people tend to smoke. Therefore, CBD is completely legal (in the UK) and is not known to make you high.

You can read more information about CBD on the website as they have answered all the questions if you want to find out more so head over there.

Once I had done my research and was intrigued to give it a go I decided to enter. I have never won anything in my life so I never expected to win. However, I actually did win!

I will say that the main reason I wanted to give these products a go was because I exercise regularly and run (I have some beginner tips for running here). Therefore, I wanted something to help give me more energy, and help my recovery.

Anyway I have reviewed each product individually down below.

Product picture from the company "Drops of heal" of CBD infused olive oil, with pink flowers in the background.

CBD Olive Oil

The first product I received was the CBD Olive Oil. This product interested me as you can use it with your cooking and not notice that you are using it. You can also use it as a dressing for salads.

The CBD Olive Oil is made with a “combination of cold-pressed olives from Greece, and full spectrum oil containing CBD… and other cannabinoids”. All the ingredients are natural and vegan!

On using this product myself I thought it smelt nice, and I personally didn’t notice the taste that much in the food. However, I don’t eat dressing on my salads (I know I am weird) so im not sure if you would notice the taste more there. But I love the versatile use of this product. Plus any product that brings my body health benefits has got to be good right?

A product picture from the company "Drops of heal" of CBD multivitamin MCT oil, with pink flowers in the background.

CBD Multivitamin Tincture

The next product was the CBD Multivitamin Tincture. I have seen products similar to this before, and with this one it is recommended you take” a few drops under the tongue 2-3 times daily”. Then leave in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing for the best results. I personally have been doing it when I wake up, before lunch and then before bed. “Do not exceed 15 drops per day in a 24 hour period.”

This product has a “blend of vitamin A, vitamin D, anti-inflammatory turmeric, omega 3/6…” so there are many nutrients and the quick absorption from under the tongue straight to the bloodstream means positive results for the energy we are using.

This product tastes quite sweet which I don’t mind (I do have a sweet tooth) and I guess you get used to it when you are taking it regularly anyway. I don’t know if it’s a combination of the products but I began using this one first and definitely noticed some positive results in terms of my energy levels, muscle recovery and even helping my anxiety as well.

A product picture from the company "Drops of heal" of CBD Turmeric Honey with pink and green flowers in the background.

CBD Honey with Turmeric

The last product I received was the CBD Honey with Turmeric. It is recommended that you take 1-2 tsp a day.

Also this product contains turmeric, which is usually known and used for spices. However, it has many benefits such as “boosting anti-inflammatory properties” and also help with “arthritis and aid in digestion“.

The smell and taste of this one is nice, I love the honey element to it. Plus during this time of lockdown it is essential for me to have some help with my digestion, especially when my body is not moving as much as it normally would.

A product picture from the company "Drops of heal" of three products all in front of each other, with pink flowers in the background.


I have been using these products for a few weeks now, and have found they are working well with my body and health. I have been enjoying the drops especially, I don’t know why it just works for me. However, of course before you buy any product make sure you do your research to find out if it is good for you. I always look at products that can benefit my well-being and health and anything that benefits that is good enough for me.

Thank you again to Rhiannon for choosing me as a winner and to Drops of Heal for the products! I definitely recommend you check them out! Also head over to my Instagram as I posted my thoughts on there too!

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I’ve been looking for good CBD-based cooking products, so that honey and oil sounds perfect as it doesn’t taste too harsh.

  2. I can’t currently use anything with CBD in it due to the anxiety medication I’m on but if I wasn’t, I definitely would give it a try and I love the sound of the drops! Glad to hear they’re working for you!

    1. That is fair enough! Yes the drops are my favourite, because they are just so easy to take and the positive effects it can have is amazing! Thank you lovely xxx

  3. I’ve never tried CBD products before but these sound so good! I especially like the idea of the honey! Will definitely have to give a try sometime 🙂 x

    1. I had never tried them before either! So this was a first for me and I personally have had great benefits from it ☺️ I recommend looking into it to see if it’s for you ☺️ thank you xxx

    1. This was a first time for me too! I definitely recommend having a look into it and seeing if it’s for you ☺️ the olive oil I found was great to use and you don’t realise the benefits! Xx

  4. Oooh! It is great that you got your hands on some CBD products! I’ve tried it before and they work! It is cool that there are some infused with olive oil. Great for cooking! Oooh! The one with honey and turmeric really good for you overall. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. This was the first time I tried CBD products, and it has been such positive results for me personally! That is great it has worked for you too 🙂 Thank you xxx

  5. congrats on winning firstly haha! These sound fab – I’ve been hearing about the benefits of CBD recently, these all sound like really accessible ways to reap them xx

    1. Thank you haha! I was so surprised! Yeah definitely and I am always willing to try something new so I was happy with these products 🙂 xxx

  6. Such a wonderful review of the products! I knew CBD had a lot of benefits but I didn’t know there were initiatives to include it in food products! The honey sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I never knew either and I had never tried CBD products before, so it was a win win for me haha! It really does make a difference the honey 🙂 xx

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