Three ways to style pink shorts

I am talking fashion today because I love writing about what I am wearing, however I don’t tend to buy clothes (mainly because I am fussy and tend to just wear the same thing multiple times). Therefore, all the clothes I am mentioning I have had for a long time so won’t be able to link. I am also trying to be more sustainable and more aware of where I buy from (I am still learning).

As soon as I purchased these pink shorts (they were originally from ASOS ages ago so they are not available but there might be similar) I knew I would be obsessed. It is probably the one piece of clothing I have worn most throughout lockdown. Ryan has informed me I need to give some of my other clothes a go, but I just cannot stop wearing them.

Therefore, I thought what better than to share with you all the three ways I style these shorts, for the slightly colder days and even the hot days

A woman wearing a green jumper with the words "Atlanta" written across the middle, and pink shorts with white socks standing in her living room.

Pink shorts with a jumper

I love wearing jumpers because they are just easy to throw on and look cute. Plus when the days are slightly colder or even in the evenings pairing a jumper with these pink shorts just makes an outfit look even cuter!

I matched it with this lovely green jumper that has “Atlanta” written in the middle of it. I just love these types of jumpers. I think they look cute and it fits nicely with my pink shorts to make a comfy outfit!

Although probably not best for summer weather if it’s hot.

A woman standing outside in the garden wearing a grey short sleeved plain top, and pink shorts, an orange watch on her wrist. Also wearing rings on her fingers and a bracelet.

Pink shorts with top

In the UK we have had some warmer days and so wearing shorts is a must but also a top that is cooler!

I used to hate wearing sleeves because I hated sweating (which has changed a bit now I’m older). However nothing can beat a short sleeved top and shorts during these hot days.

Therefore, I paired my pink shorts with this grey short sleeved top. I love this too because it is baggy and doesn’t cover the armpits, so if it’s hot then my arms are free.

A woman standing in her garden wearing a sparkly black bandeau top, with pink shorts, hair up and pink sunglasses. Also ring son her fingers, a bracelet and an orange watch.
I am so proud of myself for posting a pic like this

Pink shorts with sparkly top

This look is perfect for sunbathing or even just adding some glamour to that lockdown look. I love this bandeau top because it is just comfy and adds a little sparkle to my outfit. I mean let’s be honest there is not much I can do with being in lockdown with my fashion to be honest.

I wore this look during the day in my life post

This outfit is also great for doing chores around the house, because I don’t know about you but I get so hot whilst tidying. So why not look glam whilst you are cleaning.

There you have it, my three ways to style pink shorts. I have pretty much lived in all of these outfits throughout lockdown. Although if it is really cold I would probably put on some leggings.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post! Have a fabulous Bank Holiday Monday, and remember to look after yourself 💛

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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  1. I used to have a pair of pink shorts YEARS ago and they were one of my favourite things to wear! I can’t remember why I got rid of them now. But YES these are all such cute outfit ideas!

    1. Oh really that is crazy haha! It’s nice how stuff like this can bring back memories though ☺️ thank you so much, it took a lot for me to post some of these pictures xx

  2. These are so cute! I love the sustainability mention — why does everything need to be fancy and new for it to be valuable? Thanks for sharing ❤️

    1. Thank you! And they are super comfy! I completely agree, I think it’s important to use what we already have and create inspiring outfits from that ☺️ thank you lovely 💛

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