The benefits of having a routine

Today I thought I would share with you why I think it’s important to have a routine and even how beneficial it is to our mental health, and just overall health.

I honestly have needed a routine to help me get through this lockdown, because otherwise I would be a mess (well more of a mess than I am anyway). Personally for me having that routine helps me to focus on what needs to be done, and reduces my stress levels. For example, having a to- do list empties your mind for all the things that you need to get done, and this helps motivate me to get through my tasks.

There are also many health benefits to having a routine and results like being more efficient with your time. You can check this post out here, which discusses some great points relating to the health benefits of a routine.

Anyway let’s get into some benefits that I have found with having a routine…

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  1. Priorities

By this I mean when you have a routine you have the opportunity to prioritise the things that are most important. For example, self-care. Thus, this encourages positive behaviours into our daily habits which help our overall mental health.

Through a daily routine you can begin to pinpoint tasks or things that are most important to you. Therefore, scheduling self-care into my routine is important for me because it helps me take a step back and just focus on me.

I have some well-being tips here for anyone that needs some help.

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2. Sleep

Essentially one main thing that is benefited from a routine is your sleep. This is because, you have a set time to go to bed and wake up everyday, and so your sleep is regular/consistent. This balances out your wake up/go to sleep clock and improves the quality of your sleep overall.

Also having a better sleep routine results in you being able to get to sleep much easier over time, but also overall better sleep.

I always tend to stick to going to bed around 10 pm during the week, and maybe a little bit later over the weekend. I then wake up around 7 am during the week (at the moment) and potentially 8 am at the weekend. However, you decide the times best for you.

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3. Healthy food choices

Having a routine means that you dedicate time for cooking/meal planning and this results in you making healthier choices. Having that time to cook just means you can choose healthier ingredients and even have a little fun experimenting with your food.

We all know food can affect our mood/how we feel, therefore it is really important that we dedicate that time for our food. However, it is ok if you do struggle and you don’t have to make yourself feel bad if you don’t make healthy choices all the time.

I am not going to lie it is definitely harder to make healthier choices whilst at home right now, only because I am a snacker. However, I am trying my best.

Anyone else need to get back to making more healthier food choices?

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4. Exercise

I think we know how beneficial exercise can be, including going for walks, runs or even home workouts. However, for me using my routine to schedule in a workout motivates me more to get it done. For example, for me I schedule my work outs/runs in between 8-10am because that works for me whilst in lockdown. However, it can be to whatever time you find best for you.

Again having that routine encourages better and healthier life choices. Even if you put to workout out 2 times a week into your routine this can motivate you more into getting them done.

I have a post here for anyone that wants advice on running as a beginner.

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5. Distinguish daytime from evening

This is something that may have disappeared if you are a student, work from home or like at the moment during lockdown. However, I try to keep my “9-5” work hours, and only work/do chores during those hours. After those hours are done (from 5pm) then I like to wind down, play games or just watch TV. This encourages me to be more productive (I have some more tips here for staying productive at home), and again keeps me focused on getting my set tasks done within that time-frame.

Sometimes I don’t always stick to this (especially at the moment), and if I am having a down day then I will let myself have that day and ignore my “9-5” hours. No one is perfect so just make sure you are looking after your health. However, most of the time I stick by this rule whilst in lockdown.

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Routines can be a great way for increasing productivity and motivation and alleviating stress levels. However, routines don’t always work for everyone. Therefore, as long as your routine is helping you and not causing you stress then they are great to help us grow and develop. Also remember that routines can change all the time and this is the fun in having a routine. But, likewise if you don’t like a routine that is ok too- you do what is best for you.

Do you have a routine? Share with me any tips you have with your routine?

Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x


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31 thoughts

  1. Having a routine has helped me so much, the days when I don’t I can see a real change in my mindset and motivation so I try to organises things to do as much as i can which keeps me productive and positive! Thanks for sharing, great tips

  2. I love this!! I’ve really been realising how important exercise and how it can improve your day – I’m definitely adding it to my room x

  3. Great post! My personality type appreciates a routine but during lockdown I allowed myself to be more flexible and I can also go with the flow and adapt as needed – I definitely want to take that back to work with me. I loved being able to wake up later than normal too, not missing the 5:30am alarms and not looking forward to having to set those again 🙁 exercise and making better eating choices are things I’ve been mindful of recently too x

    1. Yeah I probably have allowed myself more to go with the flow during lockdown, but I try my best to stick to a routine as it gives me something to stay focused with during this time. That sounds great! I too do not miss the early alarms haha! Thank you lovely xx

  4. I’m a massive creature of habit and I totally agree that having a routine is beneficial for your mental health. I find when I stick to my usual routine my anxiety is lower, my mood is better and that I’m generally more productive! It’s been tricky during lockdown but working from home has certainly helped give my day some structure! xx

    1. That is great, I am the same- a routine is great for our health! Yeah lockdown has made it harder but sticking to it results in benefits! xxx

  5. I’m a perfectionist and before always hated routines because I could never get it just right. I began trying simple routines to keep my sanity now and they are so helpful to have! Great post!

  6. Great post! I totally agree with you, I love having a routine! But it’s much harder to stick to one than to decide to have one! 😂 One thing that really helps me stick to it is writing it down on a journal or agenda!

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