5 things I have learnt during lockdown

I was sitting in my room the other day and I began thinking about lockdown. How much I have learnt or how I have changed as a person from being in lockdown. But also the lifestyle changes I want to take with me and continue when lockdown is over.

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I think this lockdown has been eye opening, crazy, confusing and full of emotion. It is something that we have never experienced before (well most of us). So I think we should be proud of how we have all managed, because it is hard and emotional and we have done so well. We are doing the best we can.

Anyway, I thought I would share 5 things I have learnt during lockdown with you. So let’s get into them…

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I need a new job

I mean I pretty much already knew this, I did state it in my 2020 goals but having this time away from my job has confirmed how much negativity it was bringing to my life. I feel much more energetic, positive and just my mental health has been thriving being at home (as much as it has been difficult being away from family and friends). Therefore, grinding for that new job is so important for me.

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How important people are

I love the community that has grown out of this. Especially my blogger friends/people around me! Everyone is so supportive and lovely and we are all in this together so it has been nice to go through this with everyone. Also how important my family and friends are, how much I adore them and as useless as I am at messaging just checking up on everyone. Social interaction in whatever form is important.

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Gratitude for my body

The first time in my life I finally feel confident and I am beginning to truly give my body a break. It carries me through a run or a workout and is strong. I should always give it more credit. It can take me on a walk and it helps me to live. For that it deserves to be appreciated more, regardless of the size! It deserves to be loved everyday and for me to show it that love, and shower it in compliments. You get one body so you may as well love it!

I think this confidence has also reflected into me seeing myself without make-up pretty much everyday (give or take a couple). This has made me love myself without make-up more.

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How important self-care and well-being is

When you are working constantly you start to forget about the importance of looking after yourself. Even though I stated at the beginning of the year the self-care habits I wanted to implement, you do start to neglect those small things of having a bath, doing that face mask, taking a step back to concentrate on yourself for a while. You begin to become a robot, waking up going to work, eating, sleep and then do that again (which I know sounds similar to lockdown).

However, during lockdown I have implemented self-care into my lifestyle again to really focus on my well-being and health and yes it does make a whole difference. Even taking a couple of nights a week to focus solely on yourself is beneficial. I have been using some great skincare products in my morning and just having that whole routine has been helping me a lot as well.

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Stop putting pressure on myself

This is something for me to continue working on but I am learning that it is so OK to just not do all my goals some days. Some days will be productive and great, and others will be the opposite, and that is fine. As someone that loves to be doing something 24/7 and I cannot sit still, it was difficult at first when lockdown began. I constantly kept telling myself I needed to be doing something for my life to have purpose. However, I began to start putting less pressure on myself and this helped me more in my motivation levels and productivity. I also found I enjoyed the task I was doing more because there was no pressure for me to do it.

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Anyway there are a lot of things I have learnt but these are just some top ones I wanted to share!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also let me know anything you have learnt during this lockdown?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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16 thoughts

  1. I think its wonderful how much quarantine has made you grow and see what you truly need in life. It’s a great press reset button to re-evaluate what’s important in your life. I’m so happy you have discovered so much! I hope this newfound attitude keeps going!

  2. Yes to all of these! Over the past month or so I’ve felt more self confident and I think it’s because I’ve been looking after myself better, eating better, able to exercise more regularly and being able to take enough time out for self care 🙂

    Hope you land a job you’re after x

    1. That sounds great! I am glad you doing all these things and they are making you more self confident, it is just a great feeling ☺️ thank you lovely xx

  3. Fab post lovely. As awful as this situation is, it’s taught us SO MUCH. I’m definitely recognizing the importance of my health and well-being even more now, I’m exercising more than ever and feel SO MUCH better for it!

    1. Thank you hun! It really has, and even though there are a lot of bad days too I try to remain as positive as possible! That is great, I’m glad you feel better and are looking after yourself 🤍

  4. Standing applause! Thank you for an honest, inspiring and realistic view. I have felt the same about my job but I didn’t even dare to say it. I would say it is overwhelming, but I never admitted out loud that I need change. And the other four things, wow I’m amazed by how precise and true your words are. Thank you, because I am making changes


    1. That is great that you have been able to take that first step to admit you need a change! I think it is so hard sometimes! Good luck with your changes! And thank you so much lovely xxx

  5. This was such a sweet post! 🥰 I’m so proud of you for making the best out of this dreadful situation! It sounds like these last weeks were so beneficial to you because you decided to put yourself and your mental health first! I love how you focused on your well-being and how much it brought to you!! 😍 I wish you the best to find a new job and for the end of the lockdown! By the way, is it already the end in the UK?

    1. Thank you so much! I think it is so important to just find time to focus on yourself and mental health! Thank you lots lovely ☺️💛 no not yet, still in lockdown here but some rules have eased a bit! Hope you are staying safe and well xx

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