April Overview

We are back with another overview, is it me or are these day’s going so fast whilst in lockdown?

Now I did not do an overview for March because well things were weird and I just did not feel like writing about the month!

However, this whole month has been in lockdown and I have some things to talk about that I felt like sharing with you all. Therefore, let us get into my topics…


I will start with fitness because this one I have seen some changes to my routine. You may know by now but I love running and have done so for a while, therefore I set myself a goal of running 35 miles for the whole of April. I used to run around the 50’s of miles a month so would love to get back to that, but for now I have been setting myself small goals.

I managed to run just over 40 miles this month and I am super happy with that! I have really pushed myself and found being in lockdown much better for my running schedule (I will be sad to lose that when work is back on). You can check out my tips for beginners here.

Another change for my fitness was I began to do home workouts. As someone that loves the gym and found it difficult to do home workout’s in the past I thought this one might be a struggle. However, the lovely Rhiannon on Instagram began doing these live workouts (which I was too scared to try, thinking I would struggle). One day I decided to just go for it (with her help and motivation for me to do it), and now this is my second week into them and I am loving them so much.

Of course I don’t think they are beginner (I would say intermediate), even though she does say to take your time and she simplifies some of the moves. Of course if you are a beginner maybe just tune in and see how you find it.

However, I have loved the tough workouts that leave me in a sweaty mess. Plus she is just so inspirational, and just a beautiful soul helping people through this tough time.

A white marble background, with a book placed diagonally to the left called "the flatshare" by "Beth O'Leary". To the right of the book is a green plant and some black glasses. At the top right hand corner is a green leaf.


I do not want to admit this because we have been in lockdown and how I have neglected reading is beyond me, but I am currently reading “The flat share” by Beth O’Leary and have been pretty much for the whole month (I know I am bad).

I intend to get back on it with my reading, so hopefully I can finish this and get onto my next books; “The last piece of my heart” by Paige Toon and “The first time I saw you” by Emma Cooper.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Self-care and Well-being

I have really thrived off this spare time to look after my mind, my body and just thinking. This was all beginning to be neglected whilst I was going into work (and thus the excuses were being thrown around e.g. no time for this or that etc). However, whilst being in lockdown I have found myself again.

I began meditating again, which is honestly a great way for me to calm my mind and start the day. Also I have just made more time for me and building my confidence up again. I did post some tips on looking after your well-being whilst at home which you can read here.

I have also been enjoying switching up my self-care routine and found some great products to use which have been working wonders on my skin! You can read more about that here.

Looking after yourself is so important even during this time!

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I thought I would add this in because there has been more time for food preparation and baking during this time.

Therefore, some meals I have been enjoying are of course Pizza, and I mean actually making my own pizza. It just is so fun and you can make it a cute date night too.

Secondly, I have enjoyed making tacos because they are just great. I love to make mine with quorn mince and it just tastes so good!

The majority of my meals are veggie (I have mentioned before but I don’t eat a lot of meat because I don’t like the texture), therefore just having fun and experimenting with new meals has been fun too. If you have any veggie meal recommendations let me know in the comments!

I have also been baking including making double chocolate cookies, Easter cakes and even bread! I love getting creative, and the smell whilst you are baking that fills the house is beautiful.

Also Pinterest is great for finding some great recipes and inspiration!

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Overall this month has been weird, uncertain and a whole mix of emotions. However, I have learnt so much, grown so much and gained so much more confidence. Plus I have found time to do all my hobbies I love more e.g. playing my guitar, keyboard and drawing.

I am making the most of a weird situation and as much as it was annoying to go into lockdown right as I was looking for a new job, I have found this new temporary situation great for other reasons. I have done things I never would have done if not for lockdown. Also it has made me appreciate things more, and give me a realisation I cannot wait to go to more festivals, and concerts again or see people again and travel.

Let me know in the comments what you have been up to this month?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This was so lovely to read! I’m glad that despite the weird mix of emotions you’ve begun to appreciate things more and reflect more. This lockdown really has been a thought-provoking time!

  2. The Flatshare and The Last Piece of My Heart are both great reads, Paige Toon is a really good author 🙂

    Pizza is the best, literally never a bad time for it!

  3. It’s lovely seeing what people have been up to 🙂 Glad you’ve been taking time for yourself. I’ve been reading and doing pamper sessions x

  4. Your fitness goals are amazing! I have been cooking too during the lock down and tacos is a big favorite.

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