Top 4 current skincare favourites

Now I am no beauty blogger. Honestly I don’t really talk about beauty a lot on here because I am not an expert or have knowledge about that. However, I have been back into my skincare whilst in lockdown because I know it is important to look after my skin especially being stuck inside most of my time.

Therefore, looking after my skin is a priority to me, and making sure I still drink a lot of water and exercise (you can check out my tips for beginning running if you need some advice).

Here are some skincare products I want to share!

Let me know your recommendations or your routines in the comments too!

"No7 hydration mask" product placed in the middle, with a plant behind it in a wooden basket. To  the right is a Himalayan salt candle holder and a fireplace in the background.
  1. No.7 Hydration Mask

I invested in this back in February when it was on offer in Boots, so I thought why not try it and attempt to begin looking after my skin again.

Plus the good thing with this (well for me because I am not the best with looking after my skin) is that you only need to use it 2-3 times a week. Perfect! I normally do it in the morning once I have cleaned my face and leave it on whilst I brush my teeth, then just wash it off. But you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes!

It helps my skin and keeps it hydrated and just makes it feel SO GOOD. It is for dry/very dry skin which I think my skin NEEDS right now as it is so dry all the time at the moment.

"No7 peel-off mask" product placed in the middle placed next to two plants either side in brown wooden baskets.
  1. No. 7 Instant results revitalising peel- off mask

I also picked up this one up alongside the Hydration mask and I love this one as well. The peel-off mask helps to restore your skin’s natural radiance, leaves skin looking brighter and glowing. Personally I love any mask that can peel off, I just love the feeling of it coming away from my skin. Am I weird? Most probably.

Plus this mask is enriched with a blend of ‘Multi-fruit extracts with vitamins C & E!’ This results in skin feeling instantly smooth and as I said glowing!

I love to use this face mask whilst I am relaxing in the bath or in the evening whilst I am winding down. It just makes my skin feel great and I definitely recommend this one!

"Figs and Rouge" skincare product which is pink placed to the right, next to the box packaging. To the left of this is a Himalayan salt candle holder.
  1. Figs and Rouge Glow Elixir

This product is an ‘instant complexion boosting and smoothing elixir, and gives your skin a nice soft glow. It primes, highlights and customises for a vibrant and flowing complexion!’ I love using this product before I put make up on because it just feels good and looks good. Plus I love that little glow it gives my skin!

It is recommended to add about 3-6 drops over the facial area and make sure to blend it! Also make sure it has dried before applying your make-up.

I personally love this product and plus the packaging is pink and so cute!

Birds eye view of a green plant in the left hand corner, with a hand cream from 'Oliver bonas' that has tigers on it in the middle, and a Himalayan candle holder to the right hand corner.
  1. Moroccan Rose & Agarwood Hand Cream

At the moment when I really need to keep my hands hydrated it is nice to have a hand cream that can look after me. I bought this one before lockdown so I am not sure if it is available anymore but it has lasted me a long time and I love it! I picked this one up from Oliver Bonas and they do have a little range you can choose from too.

I love the packaging, it smells great and it does the job for looking after my hands during this time. However, it probably is a little more pricey for a hand cream (I believe I paid £9.99), so if you want a cheap hand cream then I don’t suggest this one.

There you have it some skincare products that I have been loving! Let me know your favourite skincare products?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Really want to try that No.7 hydration mask! I’m planning on ordering some things from Boots so I’ll have to check it out. The Figs and Rouge glow looks nice too! I’ve been using a brand called Good Things a lot as it really hydrates my dry skin. Great post! ✨💕

    1. It works really well for my skin! I recommend having a look into it and seeing if it is for you and maybe something for you to try 🙂 Thanks for the comment x

  2. No 7 have such amazing skin care products, their day and night cream is my go to! I loved this review honey, the Elixir sounds amazing and right up my street!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos too xxx

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