5 tips for beginning running

Hello all, it is Monday I am feeling motivated as we are beginning another 3 week lockdown. Therefore, hopefully I can motivate other’s too or even just share my advice.

I have been running for a while now and have been a part of an athletics club (whilst studying at university for my degree), and Ryan (the other half) has been running/competing pretty much his whole life. Therefore, I have gained some pretty good knowledge when it comes to beginning running that I would love to share!

If you have any tips or advice please do share in the comments too!

The main thing to remember when you want to start running is that everyone starts somewhere and you will probably struggle with those first few runs. However, you need to stick with it because it will get easier to just go out and do it. Plus I love tracking my progress and how far I have come.

Anyway here are my top 5 tips

The view at Leeds castle park, with blue skies and some clouds, with a boat going across in the river, and fields with trees.
  1. Short Intervals

By this I mean do not put loads of pressure on yourself for that first run. Therefore, begin with those short intervals. For example, run for 1-2 minutes then walk for 1 minute etc) and gradually build this up with every run. You can build this up until you are running for 20- 30 minutes without stopping etc. Enjoy this time and your progress and praise yourself for trying.

It will be hard but if you put in all that hard work it will pay off! Plus we are all in this together and if you are in need of motivation or my support then let me know.

Runners competing in the Windsor half-marathon race, featuring a woman running around the corner during the race and other runners.

2. Pace

I know that first run may (or may not) bring up all that adrenaline, however do not just go out and run as fast as you can. This also takes time and work to build up. Therefore, make sure you run at a reasonable pace, and do this regularly to build this up. It is a start and eventually you will then be able to work on your speed by doing hill sprints. For now as a beginner just concentrate on completing an easy pace run.

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3. Stretch

Stretching is incredibly important! Before your run try and do some dynamic stretches (such as butt kicks, leg swings etc), which will prepare you for that run. After your run make sure to also stretch every part of your body, because running does work out your whole body.

When you begin running for the first time you will find your body aches, and this is why stretching will really help to recover your body and prepare it for that next run. So make sure you stretch! It does not require a lot of time and you will thank yourself for it later!

The Leeds castle race featuring a woman holding up her medal, wearing a pink nike sleeveless top, and black leggings with the park and fields in the background.

4. Do not pressure yourself

Remember you are just starting out and we all have to start somewhere. Therefore, try to not get yourself into the mindset that you should be running “Mo Farah times” as a beginner. You are a beginner so don’t have high expectations, but just try to enjoy it. Running is hard work.

When I began running I struggled to run for 2 minutes without stopping, and now I have run two half-marathons and can easily run a 10km (which I aim to do once a week at the moment). I only look to better myself and I am aiming to eventually take part in an iron man marathon and ultra marathon. Therefore, just focus on that run and not how you want to be running.

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5. Train

I know you are thinking ‘but running is me training’, what I mean by this is you need to train alongside your running. Working on every part of your body is beneficial for your running. You are building your strength up and this will help you when it comes to running. So remember to have that balance of working out and running.

I usually go for my run and then as I am stretching will do an ab workout because I am on the floor stretching anyway so may as well do a quick workout in addition! However, of course you do this in any way you want and when you are comfortable. But just remember that working out is a crucial part of your running routine.

The leeds castle 10km race featuring a woman holding up her medal and holding a cup of water, wearing a pink Nike sleeveless top and black leggings with other competitors and spectator in the background.

There you have it some beginner tips if you are beginning your running journey. Do you run? Or want to begin running?

Remember to be proud of even just getting out for that run. Also not every run you will feel up for it. I still have days where I go for a run and struggle, so listen to your body and just focus on the next run. But also do not beat yourself up for any runs you do, it is all part of your progress as a runner. Also inspire others and just enjoy it because if you are not enjoying it then there is no point.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This is really inspirational Gemma, running 10km once a week is amazing! It must be so motivating to see progression and see all your hard work and dedication pay off. I’m not a runner, but have a lot of admiration for those that do! I have jogged/walked a few 5K Race For Lives and always thought the atmosphere was brilliant and something I would love to be able to run someday. So thank you for the tips and advice, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thank you so much lovely! It definitely is so nice to see my runs getting better and my body feeling better as I run more ☺️ that’s great that you have done some 5km though! You definitely should ☺️ thanks for the comment 💗💗 x

  2. I really hate running. But I’ve really wanted to start doing it because I want to improve my general health and wellness and ultimately lose a bit of weight and just generally feel better about myself. I feel like running is such an easy way to do it because you can literally do it anywhere! These are great tips. I think I might take these on board and start tomorrow, in my garden! xxx

    1. I absolutely hated running before I started and it was even difficult when I began but then it just hit me and I started to really enjoy it! 😂 running is great for losing weight and just working out the whole body, and great for mental health 🥰 aww yay you definitely should! And let me know if you do/how you get on 😁 xxx

  3. This was really helpful! I got into running last summer, but I don’t think I prepared properly or even had a strategy. I just went out and started running after stretching my legs briefly. The runs never lasted long and were normally painful. So, thanks for this!

    1. I am glad I could help! That is great that you got into running though and gave it a try, I hope my tips can help you further progress your running! Thank you for the comment 😊

  4. Some really good tips here! I’d got into couch to 5k before the lockdown but not done a run since!x

    1. Thank you so much! I have seen loads doing the couch to 5k! Ah that is a shame, I hope you find something you get into 🙂 or even try running again! xxx

  5. You are my ultimate inspiration when it comes to running, your blog posts and instagrams always inspire me! These tips are so amazing as I really want to get into a proper running routine. Thank you so much for sharing beautiful xxx

    1. Thank you so much! That honestly means a lot to me 💛 you definitely should and keep me updated! ☺️ thank you again for the lovely comment xxxx

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