4 simple steps for keeping your house clean

If you follow me on any of my social media’s you will have probably noticed that I have been doing a lot of cleaning. As someone that has been furloughed I am trying my absolute best to remain positive but keep my brain as active as possible. For example, I am currently teaching myself coding, beginning with SQL and then Python (I know sounds nerdy but I love data and numbers). I have also began playing my guitar and keyboard again, attempting to teach myself sewing and continuing to learn German.

However, this is just for me to keep my routine in place as if I am working a “normal” shift so I will “work” during my 9-5 hours and then relax. Of course this is not always the case and some days I just want to curl up on the sofa watch Disney + and do absolutely nothing and I will do that. I think it is important that we look after our mental health and not pressure ourselves to do everything during this “stay at home” period.

Anyway let’s get into today’s post…

As I mentioned I have been doing more cleaning recently and therefore I needed a bit of inspiration (I do watch a lot of youtube videos of cleaning too). I got this book for Christmas called “The little book of cleanfulness” by ‘The Secret Cleaner’ and honestly that has helped me get through. However, I want to share some tips I got from this book but also just things I have learnt along the way to hopefully help anyone else out too!

  1. Little and often

By this I mean sometimes when you put pressure on yourself to tackle a big job you just don’t have the motivation or want to clean that space. However, if you focus on smalls jobs but more often then (well I find that works with me) you are more likely to get the jobs done.

For example, the way I have been cleaning recently is I have been dedicating a day for a different room. This way I don’t have the pressure of “I need to clean the whole house” but instead I just have the job of that particular room that day. Thus, Monday I would dedicate to cleaning the kitchen and then Tuesday I would dedicate to the living room etc.

I just find this works well with me and plus I get to really clean and organise that space because my whole focus is on that space.

2. The 5 minute rule

I have heard this one a lot on social media, and I am not sure who started it. But, basically if you can do a job in 5 minutes then you are supposed to just do it. This is to make you do the job “now” rather than put it off for “later”. Plus the idea of “it only takes 5 minutes” makes you think that you are not wasting much of your time.

Sometimes I like to carry my Zoflora spray and a cloth around and just clean on the go (this was more inspired from Mrs Hinch on instagram). But I just find that way I clean on the go whilst I am doing other things as well!

3. Declutter

This one was inspired by a mixture of people on social media, Marie Kondo and the book I mentioned. Basically, I have been going through the stuff in each room and deciding whether we actually need that object/item or if there is a sentimental value to it, and if not then I decide whether to give to charity or throw away. Or as it is called in the book “making cleanful choices”.

I have been so inspired recently to adopt a minimalist approach and this has also reflected into my buying as well. I just want my space to be minimal which is probably inspired from Pinterest to be honest haha. Therefore, I have wanted to declutter everything at the moment.

4. Reward yourself

Also if you need a little bit of motivation then remember to reward yourself for all your hard work. For example, if I focus on a job in the morning then I will reward myself during my lunch break or in the evening with a treat (chocolate etc), playing games, or even just watching something on TV.

This might not work for everyone but I personally like to have something to look forward to after my cleaning. This just gives me something to work towards and I feel good afterwards because I know I did a good job.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa on Pexels.com

These are just some tips that I wanted to share but if you have any others (as I am always looking for more) then please do share in the comments!

What have you been up to during this weird time?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. This is such a helpful post, thank you for sharing your tips Gemma! Little and often sounds like a sensible idea, otherwise things get overwhelming! I’ve also been in a decluttering mood lately, the other day I tidied my kitchen cupboards and only kept the things which I definitely use. I do love that neat and organised feeling! Thank you for sharing and hope you are having a lovely week! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Yeah definitely and you feel like you are not putting too much pressure on yourself as well 😊. Yesss I also did the kitchen cupboards and it just feels so good doesn’t it? I love that feeling too 😊 thank you so much hun 💗💖 xx

  2. Yikes this has given me a massive guilt trip – which is the exact kick in the butt that I needed! I am forever putting things off (*cough*likemywashing*cough*) but really I should just do it and get it over with rather than let everything pile up. Thanks so much for the tips! I love the 5 minute rule!

    1. That is usually me too! But I have just needed to keep myself busy during this time haha 😊 yeah definitely you will thank yourself later for just getting it done! Thanks for the comment xx

  3. Love these tips, thank you for sharing! I especially like the 5-minute rule you’ve mentioned and I probably need to start living by that myself! I love the feeling after I’ve tidied and cleaned but I can just never push myself to do it properly!

  4. I love these tips about keeping your home clean. Sometimes, we can’t get to cleaning because of work and everything. But we need to take some time to get the job done. Keep it up with learning how to code!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah definitely sometimes work does take over, but finding some time is sometimes nice! Thanks hopefully I can get better with it 🙂 xxx

  5. Ahh such a helpful post!! There has been so many jobs around the house that I have put off for so long, the 5 minute tip is amazing. I so need to hop on the Zoflora bandwagon xxxx

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