5 ways to add Spring into your life

As much as there is a lot going on right now I am trying to remain positive and reflect that through my posts too! Plus I want there to be some normality and I LOVE spring so want to talk about it.

Why I love Spring?

Spring has this beautiful aura of light mornings, the flowers blooming and coming alive and the days feeling more wonderful. After dark and gloomy winter mornings it just feels a lot better.

I love plants and flowers and just seeing them come alive is the most beautiful thing. Almost as lovely as Autumn tree’s (but not quite seeing as Autumn is my favourite).

Therefore, I want to give you

5 ways to add spring into your life!

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  1. Add colour

I don’t know if it is just me but I love bringing out the colour during spring. I have colour themes in my head for throughout the year (greens, reds, and yellows for autumn etc). During spring time I love bright/light colours like pinks, yellows, blues. I just think that adding a bit of colour just puts me in a better mood (anyone else or just me?).

Also I think adding the colour throughout the house/flat wherever you live will help too. For example, some bright coloured pillows for the sofa, bright bedding, prints for the walls or even bright coloured candles.

However, you could also use some calmer colours like whites, light greys etc if you want a more plain effect. This would also be great for a spring theme in your home.

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2. Flowers

Now I know I love flowers anytime of the year but around springtime when all the flowers outside start to bloom, and the beautiful selections in the flower shops I just love it. Nothing can beat the springtime flowers that brighten up your home, but also infuses a sense of life into it. You can bring the outdoors indoors (which I think is truly important even more so right now).

Of course you can also purchase some fake flowers which will last forever! I think there are a lot of small businesses that you can support at the moment as well if you look around, so that is an idea.

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3. Spring Clean

I know this is not exactly “bringing spring into your life” but I could not have a list without talking about this one. I think it is so refreshing and good for the soul to just have a clear out and clean everything. Of course assign different tasks for different days to manage the load, but honestly it just makes me feel so much better. Plus it is really good for my mental health when I am in a clean space.

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4. Fresh scent

As weird as this sounds I think adding those scents around the home really does make a difference. Also lighting candles which just adds a cosy relaxing feel to your home. You can get some amazing spring scents which are perfect for this time of year.

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5. Layout

I think as well as changing colours and having a spring clean, changing the layout or just adding in accessories will bring a room together. Also it will make you feel like you have a new space (without spending any money). This could literally mean changing around the furniture, moving a coffee table, utilising a space that you never knew you had before etc. Have a bit of fun and just play around and see what changes you can make to your space. Spring can be inspirational.

There you have it some ways to bring spring into your life! If you have any tips or things you like to do feel free to let me know in the comments!

Also tell me what you love about spring the most? Or don’t like about spring?

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Love this!! I’m so excited for Spring, the dreary days of winter really got to me in the end so I’m glad to see the back of them and welcome the new season. I like the idea of changing the layout of a space, I might do that to my room! The only two things I don’t like about spring are that my sister’s allergies/hay fever is starting up again and everywhere smells of poop at the moment because farmers here are out harvesting all of a sudden 🙈😂 Anywho! Great post as always ✨ Hope you’re well and that this season brings you loads of happiness 💕

    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah me too, I have been feeling so much better just seeing some sun and the longer lighter days! You definitely should, I love changing round my room haha! 😂😂 ah yeah that’s the only thing allergies are meh! Oh no that must be lovely 😂 I would be lighting every candle or spraying outside hahaha! Thank you so much, I hope you are well too and back at cha 💗💗

  2. Flowers are definitely the most wonderful way to bring Spring in da house! Colourful flowers of course 😉 I also love picking branches from the woods with buds on them and watch them come to life. Although there is a risk with that: my pollen allergy can sometimes be a real problem but nature is worth the sacrifice 😉 x

    1. I agree, colourful flowers are the one! They just really decorate a space and just make me so happy! Yeah I think that is the only downfall with flowers is the allergies, but that is a lovely idea to pick branches and grow them! Thanks lovely xx

  3. Apart from the hay fever, I love Spring too! I can’t wait for 20 degrees on Sunday so I can make the most of the garden. Think my favourite thing is the scents – washing my bedding and leaving it on the line to dry. Nothing will beat that smell!

  4. I love the different ways to add some life into the new season! I love the different colors that are involved with this season. YESS on spring cleaning! This is the perfect time to do it too, now that we are stuck inside. Oooh, changing furniture up sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. I love spring so much, it feels like such a happy season. Especially because of the spring blooms and warmer weather! I adored reading this post so much, it is so refreshing to read such a positive post during this scary time! xxx

    1. Thank you that means so much hun! I just love after winter we can go into a season where the flowers start blooming and everything looks pretty and it is beginning to get warmer 🙂 xxx

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