5 ways to stay productive during lockdown

The world right now is a weird and confusing place, and Covid-19 has truly taken over everyone’s lives. I understand it is a difficult and horrible time for most of us (I am one of them people). I work with children and because there is not enough children coming into my work we have had to temporarily close, and of course this has created uncertainty of when I will be able to work again/what my pay will be like.

However, I do understand that there are people worse than me and I am remaining as positive as can be in my situation. Also everyone in the NHS (in the UK) are working incredibly hard right now, and I have so much appreciation and love for them. Thus, remember to follow guidelines, stay safe and stay at home if possible.

Anyway, I still love writing and my blog so I want to continue and have some normality in this crazy time (I hope that is ok). Today I wanted to talk about some tips I have for staying productive for those working from home

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  1. Get Ready/have a to do list

This is not for everyone but personally for me I like to keep my routine of getting ready in the morning as if I am going to work. This just makes me feel ready for the day and motivates me more to want to do my work.

Also I feel so much more ready for the day when I have my to do list. This keeps me focused on my daily tasks to get them done. Also just having that list will make sure that the most important things I need to do with work get done first.

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2. Morning light/fresh air

By this I mean I like to make sure I eat my breakfast by the window or maybe even in the garden (if it is warm enough), and this just makes me relax before the day begins. Also this is just a nice way to take in your surroundings and just have a bit of time to yourself or maybe sit with whoever you live with, and away from technology.

You could also use this time for meditation or a workout routine, which would also kick start the day well.

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3. Regular breaks

It can be easy to just sit on the sofa or at the desk for hours and just power through (even more so when working from home). However, taking those regular breaks to stretch your legs and just get some movement is so important. Plus it will really help your productivity, creativity and concentration! So get moving and take that break so you can come back to your work with fresh eyes.

I do recommend taking that one walk outside a day and to have that fresh air and just movement will be beneficial not only for your productivity but for your health.

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4. Contact

Working from home and being in lockdown can make you feel lonely, and so anytime that you can make sure to call your family or friends and just have that regular contact. This will keep you feeling like you are having that sense of human interaction (without actually meeting up with anyone) and keep you motivated and inspired with your work (hopefully).

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5. Work without distractions

I know being in lockdown and working from home can make it easy to sit on the sofa and have the TV on in the background. However, I recommend working with minimal distractions as possible. This will result in less errors and you being more concentrated on your work. Plus this will mean better productivity because you have nothing to distract you.

There you have it, some tips that I have stuck too when I have been working. We will all get through this together and let’s remain as positive as we can through this time.

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I love the idea of eating breakfast outside! 🍃 My sister and I are going on an early morning walk tomorrow so I might just have to do that 😂 Love these ideas! Great post as always, take care 💕

  2. It sounds like we are in very similar situations! I’m a receptionist and my company has closed which leaves me out of work and unsure when I’ll be going back and what happens with pay. Your post is really positive and encouraging so thank you 🙂 I also find that sticking to a routine really helps me feel productive and motivated, it’s nice the the weather is getting better too and we can enjoy more time in the garden. Hope you are staying safe and well. Take care <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Oh really, it is just not nice is it with all this uncertainty? 😢 but we got this and will get through it 💗 yes definitely keeping that routine is really helpful! And I agree the weather is lovely to have that time in the garden ☀️ Thanks so much lovely! You stay safe and well too 💗 xx

  3. I love that although we are on lockdown right now, we still try our best to still be productive and make the most out of our time. I love all of these tips. I’ve been hearing a lot about taking breaks. We are comfortable at our own desk but we need to get our brain off of things. YESSS on having regular contact with others. I started going on video calls and it helps. Hang on in there and stay safe!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. I think it’s such a great idea to remain productive during this time 😊 that’s good that you have been having video calls! Thank you so much! Hope you stay safe and are ok 💗

  4. This is such a scary time so it is so important that we stick to a routine to take our mind off the negativity. This is such an amazing and thoughtful post, just what I needed! Thank you for sharing sweetie and I am sending love your way. Stay safe! xxx

    1. It honestly is and I think we need to stick to as much normality as we can! Thank you that means a lot, and sending my love back to you and stay safe I am always here if you need a chat xxxx

  5. Yes yes yes, I agree with the breakfast in the sun, especially now in London it has been the cutest mornings and sunshine <3 I love it!

  6. I love making to do lists!! They seriously keep me sane. Without one, I feel so lost and unsure of how to spend my time. I think they’re super important to have now with all of this free time we’ve all been allotted!

  7. I love making to-do lists too! They help me keep on track, and I love crossing items off the list. I’ve been walking my dog around the yard every chance I get-it’s nice to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Thanks for sharing these tips, stay safe!

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