London Date: Peggy Porschen

A couple of weeks ago I went to London with my mum as we both wanted to go in this cafe that we had heard about. It is called Peggy Porschen. I tend to see it all over Instagram, and so I wanted to see what the fuss was about really.

Also we got to explore the shops and places around Sloane street, which was quite nice. It made for the perfect girly day trip around London.

The pink themed London cafe/bakery called "Peggy Porschen" in Chelsea.

First Impressions

I think the whole look and theme of the cafe is absolutely stunning and definitely my kind of decor. It is based around pink (which I am so into at the moment), and there are some beautiful flowers that hang over the front door.

The flower bouquet decorated door of London, Chelsea cafe/bakery "Peggy Porschen" with a pink letter box.
Inside the London, Chelsea cafe "Peggy Porschen" counter and decoration, showing a selection of cakes and treats.

Inside the cafe again it is beautifully decorated, and all the treats and cakes are set out nicely on the counter. However, I will say it does tend to get quite busy and it is not a massive place, so do book if you don’t want to be disappointed!

Inside the London, Chelsea "Peggy Porschen" cafe/bakery showing the menu and flowers on the table.

There are also two places in London which you can visit! One in Chelsea on Sloane Street (which we went to), and the other in Belgravia (not too far from each other if you wanted to see them both haha).

Cake and Drinks

A hot chocolate with a heart shaped biscuit and marshmellows, inside the "Peggy Porschen" cafe in London.


I ordered a hot chocolate (because I am not a coffee fan) and a red velvet heart cake. I will be completely honest I don’t think the price matches the quality, but I loved the decor of the cute heart in my hot chocolate!

A selection of hot drinks and a cake with a flower decoration from the "Peggy Porschen" cafe in London.

Overall our service was spot on. I mean we didn’t book and got a seat straight away (I think we went at the perfect time), everyone was lovely and made us feel very welcome. But of course do book if you want too.

The white tables and flower decorated hire room inside "Peggy Porschen" cafe London.


As I mentioned previously it was centred around the colour theme of ‘pink’, which of course I love. There were pink flowers hanging on the front door, the outside was painted pink and the cups and plates were pink, mint greens or sky blues.

The pink themed bar area in the hire room of "Peggy Porschen" cafe in London with hanging hearts as decorations.

Overall the decor was just perfect to me, and definitely a place to get some great photography in. Also the tables and whole place was filled with the most beautiful flowers (some real and others fake).

Giant bouquet of pink and white flowers in a white vase, inside the "Peggy Porschen" cafe London.

The wallpaper had these beautiful pink flowers, and the chairs were nicely set out and authentic too. It was just all beautifully thought out, and how I would decorate my home (minus the cafe bit).

Inside the "Peggy Porschen" cafe in London, Chelsea customer view of selection of cakes and the decoration.

Also downstairs you can actually hire out for events, parties or work do’s which I think is a great idea too!

The selection of cakes and treats inside the "Peggy Porschen" cafe in London.

Have you ever been to Peggy Porschen? Also let me know any quirky cafe recommendation’s in London (or the UK)?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I’ve often seen photos of Peggy Porshen’s cakes on Instagram, they do look so pretty and photogenic! It’s nice to see the décor inside is equally beautiful. This looks like a cute spot for a cuppa and a cake and thanks for the tip about booking before to avoid disappointment. Lovely post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Wow, Peggy Porschen looks like an adorable cafe! The theme is so cute, and that’s so cool that their hot chocolate and cakes seem to match the theme as well. If I ever travel to London, I hope I’ll be able to give this place a try!

    1. Honesty I think you would love it for the gram!! 😂 but then I need to go to bath as well! Honestly I have tried coffee about 3 times and I just can’t like it, maybe one day 😂😂 xxxx

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