Top 5 Disney Women that Inspire me

Hello my beauties, Happy International Women’s Day! In honour of celebrating all you wonderful badass women out there I wanted to do something a bit different. Basically Disney edition, I am going to be talking about some badass women in Disney movies that I love, and what I learnt from them.

Last year I wrote about my favourite TV women so you can go check that out here.

Anyway let’s get into it…

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Firstly I have to start off with one of my favourite Disney princess, and that is Ariel. I mean she fights against what she should be doing (i.e. following all her sisters), and goes for what she truly wants. I mean what better message for anyone to take from that?

Also she is incredibly brave and strong and helps save her father and get rid of the sea witch, so I mean pretty badass.


I mean I adore Merida. I think she is so strong-willed, but also she eventually learns compassion and understanding to help her overcome her own mistakes (which help her to become a better person).

I mean not to mention she does not care about the tradition to marry a son of a great leader. I think she just wants to do things her own way and break those traditions.

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This is one of my favourite films that I can just watch again and again (and know all the words to, as well as all the songs). I think Mulan is ultimate boss lady. First of all she pretends to be a man to take a burden away from her father (talk about bravery), as well as trying to prove herself amongst all the men whilst in the army.

However, on top of this she also knew that if she was found out she could dishonour her family and be sentenced to death. Yet Mulan still with strength and determination choose to go in order to save her father. Ultimately she ended up getting the recognition she deserved, even though she went in with no intention of recognition.


I think this film is probably a favourite of mine that is most recent. First of all she is fierce and full of determination, and does not do what people expect of her. Secondly, she knows nothing about sailing but still goes for it and attempts it whilst going about her travels. This again shows her strong will, determination and bravery.


I think this film is so underrated, and I love it! Tiana is such an empowering woman because she shows her willingness to fight and chase her dreams. Also she works damn hard to get to her dream, and is willing to do anything. Tiana inspires me in so many ways but to always work hard for my dreams and never give up.

Anyway, these are just some of the female’s that I think are inspiring to me in Disney movies. There are honestly so many I could talk about, but I thought five is enough. Let me know who inspires you from the Disney movies?

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Thanks for reading, hope you had a wonderful International Women’s Day and remember to always be kind and be the badass women that you are.

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Ariel is a pretty awesome and inspirational Disney character! This post has made me realise there is a lot of Disney films I need to catch up on, I feel like I’m missing out! Thanks for sharing, lovely post Gemma! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Yesss, I love all of these characters! I’m going to need to rewatch some of these movies soon! I’m glad you included Ariel as she’s my favorite princess as well! I feel like I’ve seen her get a lot of backlash from people (that she’s spoiled, not a good role model, etc.), but she honestly broke down the stigma that the merpeople had towards humans, follows her own dreams instead of the ones set in place for her, and ends up saving everyone from Ursula. Plus, being shy as a kid, it kind of inspired me that she was still able to be quirky/explore a new world/fall in love without her voice (especially since female characters were normally portrayed as being more outgoing).

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ’—I love your points they are all great. I was also a shy kid as well, so it was inspiring to see a female character in Disney that was like her. Some great points thank you!! πŸ˜„

  3. Love this list! Ariel is 100% at the top of mine – she’s been my favourite ever since I was a little kid and I love how she is so determined to get what she wants! x

    1. Thank you so much! Yes definitely and I love the songs (especially β€œpart of your world”)! Every time I went swimming as a kid I pretended to be her xxx

      1. Oh my god me too! I remember it was always so difficult for anyone to get me out of the pool because I just didn’t want to stop being Ariel 🀣x x

  4. Love all these Disney women! They’re all so inspirational and independent! I’d add Elsa too this list – she’s brave and has such a great relationship with her sister.

    1. They really are and I love looking at characters and seeing how they inspire me and others! Yes I couldn’t agree more, I only used 5 but I think there are a lot of Disney female characters that are great especially Elsa! Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ xx

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