Afternoon Tea and The Wedding Singer Musical

It is Friday and the sun is shining (which is not something I thought I would start this post off with). I mean with this weather being so up and down lately and all the storms it is so nice to see some sun. Don’t get me wrong it is still freezing, but even having the sun shining just makes me more motivated, more positive and just ready for anything.

Anyway today I am going to be taking you through two of my busy days last week and sharing with you my thoughts. Both of them I got to experience with my mum as presents for both her birthday and Christmas, they just so happened to occur within the same week!

It is nice sometimes to have that girly trip and spend some quality time together, plus going out on these days I see as a bit of self-care for both of us.

Afternoon Tea

A menu for afternoon tea, chocolate themed at Cafe Rouge.

It was my mum’s birthday last week and so as her present I decided to take her for afternoon tea. I don’t know about you but I love an afternoon tea. Plus there is so much diversity out there and different themes it is amazing. However, after some research I found that there was a chocolate themed afternoon tea at Cafe Rouge.

Chocolate themed afternoon tea set up, with melted chocolate, tea and a stand filled with toast, assorted selection of fruit/treats and cakes.

I have been to Cafe Rouge before to eat, but I had never experienced an afternoon tea there let alone a chocolate themed one. Therefore, I knew as chocoholics I had to treat my mum to this experience.

A woman dipping strawberry into melted chocolate at a chocolate themed afternoon tea. There is a selection of treats displayed on a three tier rack.

Overall, we had a fab time and it was completely different to what we had both experienced before. We were made to feel very welcome from the staff, and I think stares from people around us show we made a good choice. Yes I will say it is sickly but I think the concept was great. Our personal favourite was the fondue with marshmallows, strawberry’s, grapes and pineapples.

A selection of treats and cakes displayed on a three tier rack.

You also get a selection of mini cakes, and chocolate and marshmallow french toast (although neither of us were a fan of this).

Plus we had a cute girly shopping spree beforehand which made my mum’s birthday even more extra special. Sometimes it is just nice to have a girly day, as much as I do like to shop solo. I also picked up some flowers for my mum from Marks and Spencer’s. They were beautiful and honestly I think their flowers are the best out of all the supermarkets.

The Wedding Singer

Display of a theatre ticket and a leaflet of a London show "The Wedding Singer".

To add to my busy week last week on Saturday I took my mum to see ‘The Wedding Singer’ musical as her Christmas present. I absolutely adore the film and have lost count of how many times I have watched it, so of course it made sense to see this musical.

A woman holding an inflatable guitar in a rock pose in front of a display at a theatre show "The Wedding Singer".
Am I a rock star yet?

I think with any musical you have to go in with an open mind, especially when they are originally from a film. This is something I always try to do because I know you can’t edit on stage, you can’t do things like you do with a film. Plus, the original film is NOT a musical so again that would be a very different aspect.

A prop from the theatre show "The Wedding Singer" in London saying "Welcome to New Jersey, The Garden State" on the stage.

Before I went I had read a few mixed reviews and a few that said people did not enjoy it. However, I personally thought it was amazing. I mean I might be biased being a HUGE Kevin Clifton fan (if you don’t know who he is then he is a ballroom dancer- mainly known for being on Strictly Come Dancing). Kevin was the main character “Robbie” a Wedding Singer that get’s dumped at his own wedding but meets a waitress and the story goes from there.

First of all I was blown away with Kevin’s singing (I have only ever seen him dance), so that is an amazing achievement for him. Second, my tummy hurt from laughing so much throughout the whole show. Lastly, I am glad they included my favourite song (if you have seen the film it is where he writes half a song in a positive way and the other half after he was ditched). Honestly, if you go listen to it it can be very therapeutic to sing sometimes (or yell), but it does have a few swear words so be warned!

Let me know your recommendations of musical’s to see next?


I think both days were equally as great and I think it was just nice to spend some quality few days with my mum. I think as you get older and life get’s busier it can be difficult to find time to see everyone and do everything in your life. However, I adore my family and I make sure to spend as much time as I can with them.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. It is so cool that you got to have afternoon tea! I still haven’t had it to this day @___@. I love the different finger foods you had! It is great that you both enjoyed The Wedding Singer! Glad you enjoyed your time with your mom. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    Nancy ♥

  2. That afternoon tea looks AWESOME! there’s a chocolate themed one close by to me and I’m so tempted to give it a try 🍫 Happy to hear you enjoyed the musical, it sounds good 💕

  3. The afternoon tea you had looks amazing! That’s so cool that they had a chocolate theme, chocolate fondue is great! I like to shop solo most of the time too, but it really is nice to have a girly shopping trip! I should plan one with my mom sometime soon.

    1. It was absolutely delicious! 😍 and completely different to what I have had before! Yeah definitely, it is nice to catch up with your mum sometimes 😊

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