February Overview

Welcome back to another overview of the month! I honestly feel like I have only just wrote about January, and yet here we are entering March!

I have had an extremely busy month again, but it has been wonderful. So let’s get into it…

Brighton beach in the sun including the path and beach view.
Brighton beach view from the pier showing the view of the sea front and sea.


I have only been to one place this month and that was Brighton at the beginning. This was to celebrate myself and Ryan’s 4 years of being a couple. We were lucky to have such lovely weather and it was just a nice way to start off the month (you can read about that here)

The Jonas Brothers concert in London.


I went to two concerts this month, and honestly had the time of my life! One was to see the Jonas Brothers and the other was Razorlight and the Kaiser Chiefs. Both concerts completely different, but there is nothing better than experiencing music you love live. The atmosphere and overall just a night to have fun, you just can’t beat (you read more here).


This was my first month of my new name and domain and it has been going well so far (I think). I still have a lot more learning and growing to do, but I am getting there and hopefully I can continue to make my blog great! But I am happy with everything so far.

A sign displaying the a theatre show of "The Wedding Singer" in London.
A selection of cakes and treats in a display of a cafe "Peggy Porschen" in London.
A three tier selection of cakes, and treats from an afternoon tea event at cafe rouge.


I have had some lovely outings this month. Firstly, a chocolate themed afternoon tea!! As someone that loves a bit of chocolate it was great for me (I do have a post coming soon).

Also I went to a beautiful famous cafe in London, which was lovely and different (also watch out for that post soon)!

Lastly, I went with my mum to see “The Wedding Singer” musical. Honestly probably up there as one of my favourite musicals I have seen (again will be a post soon).

A selection of flowers in a bouquet in a rectangle box.

What I am looking forward to in March

Well firstly it is Women’s history month, and there is International Women’s day! What is not great about celebrating women for a whole month?

Secondly, I have a lot of content planned for once (I mean I know I have been a bit all over the place with my schedule). Therefore, a month for my blog to thrive!

Overall, I am just excited to see where March takes me, and hopefully continue to make great memories!

Goals for March

1. Run 25 miles throughout the month

2. Have a weekend away

3. Continue with the job search

What are your goals/plans for March?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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