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Hi lovelies, I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating you and others or just enjoying a normal day! I wrote a post about self-love which you can check out here.

Anyway today’s post was inspired by an Instagram post that I saw from the lovely Castlesandhurricanes a few weeks ago (go check her out she’s brill). This lovely lady spoke about National Girls and Women in sports day and her experience… and it really got me thinking. However, I thought why not make a post about it?

I know not everyone loves sports or wants to do them, but everyone deserves a fair chance to have a good go if they want to, regardless of gender.

As a young girl I was interested in trying anything and everything in regards to sports. I did football, dance, ice skating, trampolining, netball, jujitsu and swimming. Yes I did have my fair share of “girls shouldn’t play this”. This was especially the case with football which resulted in me playing on the boys team as there were only two of us girls that put ourselves forward!

However, it is not just in schools but a lot of generations have been brought up with the mindset of “girls do one thing” and “boys do another”. It was almost as if I had to prove something to others. In comparison to boys (from my experience) that were just kind of accepted. However, I do believe nowadays things have changed and are much better for young girls and women. We see a lot more women athletes or sports women on the TV and social media and its fantastic!

Personally, I am the sort of person you tell me I can’t do something, I’m gonna prove you wrong and do it- and yes I will do it. However, I also understand that not everyone is like me. We are all different and some girls will get put down and made to feel like they can’t do a sport and may believe it and give up.

I don’t think anything in life should be defined by gender. When did that ever be the case? It doesn’t even make sense to me. A job is a job, a sport is a sport, and having a dick or vagina doesn’t give you more rights than another.

Instead I think we should encourage and support others to try sports, learn new skills and build themselves up. They may find they don’t actually enjoy the sport, but that is their decision to make. Gender should never decide whether a girl (or boy) should do something or not.

What sports did you do when you were younger (if you did)? Did you experience any comments about it because of gender?

I am currently running and training myself for more half-marathons and races. I also do dancing every week, but I would love to get back into jujitsu or get into kickboxing. I love to try everything and anything!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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