Doing more for me in 2020

Hello February. As you may have read in my January overview I had a very busy first month of the year. I still am currently busy and have begun February as a busy lady let me tell ya (you may have read my last post of my trip to Brighton)

Anyway, today’s post is just an update of my life the past couple of weeks and kind of talking about how I want to make this a year of doing more for me.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my story and the fact I went to two concerts over one weekend (I know living the wild life I am). One on Saturday the 1st and then Monday the 3rd of February. I mean shattered is an understatement of how I felt. I think the Monday was the worst because I had to do a 7-4 shift and then go straight to Wembley (where the concert was). But I wanna talk about each concert a bit…

A concert picture from the Kaiser Cheifs at the O2 in London, a view from the seats next to standing.


Firstly, on the Saturday I went to the O2 in London to see Kaiser Chiefs and Razorlight. I had seen Kaiser Chiefs before at a festival but to see both of these bands together in one night was a dream for me. Definitely brought me back to young teenage Gemma days. Anyway, I decided to go to this by myself and I have been to a concert solo before (here is that post), so I wasn’t nervous or anything.

This is kind of what I mean by doing more for me, because I want to be able to go to things or do things solo, and just learn to enjoy my own company. I had a fantastic time of course, I mean I saw bands that I love. Plus I always say to people why would I want to drag someone who doesn’t want to see that band with me and then worry all night about them having a shit time? Because then I am not enjoying the moment and who I have paid good money to see. Therefore, if I don’t know anyone that wants to go to see a band or artist I just go by myself. I still sing along and dance, I don’t care I have come to have a good time, and damn right I will have a good time solo or not.

Kaiser Chiefs and Razorlight were both incredible and I thought the atmosphere during the concert was just amazing. You do get a completely different experience with rocky/indie bands/artists because you tend to get an older audience with them. I didn’t actually realise their audience was mainly older generations. Also I love it when bands interact with their audience and the Kaiser Chiefs definitely did that a lot.

A picture from the Jonas brothers concert in London Wembley.
A blurry picture of the Jonas Brothers  in concert in London.


I mean this one was very exciting for me (and 12 year old me), but I went to see the Jonas Brothers. I know I am 24 but this band was a huge part of my life- still is. I grew up with them, so of course when they tour I am gonna be there. Also saw Sophie Turner (from game of thrones- not that I have seen it). This was a great night, I sang my little heart out with my friends. Also had amazing standing area seats, at one point was like a few steps away from them.

I just loved the atmosphere and dancing and the show they put on. I thought they were fantastic, they are all good looking and their voices are incredible. Plus they sang “This is me” from Camp Rock, which little gem back in the day dreamed of being able to sing with Joe Jonas (I mean technically I didn’t sing it with him, I wasn’t on stage with him but still).

A woman standing in her room wearing a cream blazer, a black top underneath and some patterned trousers.

I know today’s post is nothing like my usual ones. But I just wanted to talk about some great nights I have had, and just make the point that this year is for me. I want to do more, experience life more and have no hesitations but more “just do it”. This can apply to me going to as many concerts as I can, or travelling more or doing things by myself more. I want to make the most of 2020. But I also want to inspire others to make the most and just get out and do what you want to do with your life.

I have some great plans for this year already, and hopefully some more in the making that I have yet to book or fully organise. I am so ready to kick 2020 in the butt and make it the best year yet!

Do you have any plans small or big for this year? Are you planning on doing more things solo?

Also, I have a post for tomorrow (I know two posts in two days ya lucky things), in the theme of LOVE. But don’t worry there will be no relationship mush, but more on YOU.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Ahhh I am so so so proud of you gorgeous!!! Doing things solo can be so daunting yet so empowering and I think it is amazing that you are doing things alone and encouraging others to do so too! Also the gigs sounds so much fun, I haven’t been to a concert in so many years and am desperate to buy some tickets and go and have fun. Thank you for always motivating me!xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much hun that means a lot! That was me until last year and then I just booked some and now I’m addicted to gigs again!! Defo would love to do a festival as well! You should just book some they are such a great break! I’m glad I keep you motivated hun 💖 xxx

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