Hello 2020 and goodbye 2019.

2019 was a crazy year. I started off the year a bit all over the place, not really loving my Masters but still powering through, stressed with work and trying to get through my driving practical. Coming to the end of the year and looking back I mean I made it. I passed my practical, I passed my masters and am looking elsewhere for work. I also got to go to New York which was an absolute dream come true, and I got to experience that with Ryan.

It is great to look at our achievements however big or small, it could be that you dedicated a day to self-care and looking after yourself more. Remember it doesn’t matter what other people shout about or put in our faces on social media, what matters is you concentrate on you, and you are bossing you right now. There is no rule book to how to live your life, we are all different.

Anyway I do have some things I want to do this year and I have separated them into categories


This one I feel is definitely on everyone’s lists I am sure. But I want to do more little breaks, and explore more. Life is too short and I need to make the most of it. I want to explore places in the UK more and go around Europe. Hopefully that will happen this year. I want to use my Annual Leave to actually go places. But of course without breaking the bank!



I had this goal last year as well however this year I want to read more. I just want to integrate more reading into my life. I don’t want to pressure myself to read I want to find my love for reading again naturally. So I hope this will come back into my life. I read about 10 books last year (which isn’t a lot but for me it is), so hopefully I am gonna schedule that back into my life.

Move out

I am not 100% sure this will happen, but if we head in the right direction maybe even finding a place we like I will be happy. I basically just want to make a step in the right direction in regards to our own place.

Learn new skills

I am not really sure what yet but I want to do more new things within this year! I want to continue my growth and always better myself. Plus I love learning new things. Including continuing with learning some languages.


I of course want to update my blog, get my domain and change all my social media names etc to bring in “Gemma Jayne”. New year fresh blog.


Of course this one will follow me into 2020. There will be more about me, more concentrating on making sure my mental health is benefiting and well. There will be more yoga, more meditation and just damn right more self-care days.

Fitness and Health

I want to continue to run and get better. But I would love to be able to compete in some more 10km races or potentially another half-marathon. Overall I just want to run a lot more, and keep myself motivated.

Also I want to bring the gym back into my life, and of course continue with my dancing.


It is about time for a new change, and new environment. I am ready and I want to focus on getting myself into a new role. Therefore, this has to make it onto my list for this year.

That is my list for now, I know for sure it will change throughout the year. Mainly by me adding more to it. But right now this is my main list. I will probably use these as a focus for each month (e.g. with running I will set a goal to run a certain amount of miles per month etc).

There is no pressure, and I have never felt the pressure or made myself feel bad if I never achieve what I want. Things change, life gets in the way so whatever happens it will be a good year.

Happy New Year, here is to 2020!
What are your plans for 2020?

Thanks for reading and thank you for the wonderful friendships and support you all gave me throughout 2019!

Gemma Jayne x

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