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Hello all, it is officially Christmas Eve! Wow I can’t believe I am actually saying that. However, as I have been reflecting a lot recently, I thought it would be cool to look back on some of my favourite posts throughout this year. I mean we gotta praise ourselves sometimes right?

Overall, I have really loved blogging this year and I have learnt and grown so much! Plus I love a good throwback post. I love all my work, but here are some of my favourites in no particular order…

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  1. The importance of smear tests: my story

This was probably one of my more scariest posts to share, mainly because of how personal it is. But of course I knew I had to do it. Going for those tests are so so important! But make sure to give it a read and hopefully I can inspire some of you out there to go and get it done!

2. Women that inspire me from TV shows

I had so much fun thinking about women on TV that have inspired me in some way. It is cool how we learn so much from TV in ways we didn’t even realise! Therefore, check out this post to see what female’s have inspired me throughout my life! Also make sure to share your own too.

3. Women’s history month 2019

Of course I love to celebrate women and everyone to be honest! This post was exciting for me to write and talk about all the women in our past that have been inspirational in some way! Especially to educate others as well if they have not heard about these inspiring women.

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4. Psych Sundays (Part 1): Emotions…

I think this post was a big deal for me. I finally got confident enough to include more psychology into my blog. It was a risk and something a bit different but it was cool to share with others.I hope this is something I can continue and bring to my blog because my other passion is Psychology.

5. My Solo Experience of Going to a Concert

I went to a concert by myself for the first time and that is kind of a big deal for me. Therefore, I wanted to share my experience and hopefully encourage others to do it as well.

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6. Tips on Becoming more Eco-Friendly

I am becoming more and more aware of sustainability and our environment. I love writing these posts to share with others! I want to educate myself further and write more of these so we can all make changes together for our environment.

7. New York Diaries Day 1

I went to New York for the first time and writing these posts were so exciting and made me sad and happy at the same time. I love sharing my travels. Therefore, check out these posts (I wrote three) to see what we got up to in New York.

8. Windsor Half-Marathon

I did my second half-marathon and I am so proud. Therefore, check out my post about my experience, how I was feeling etc.

These are just some of my favourites, and you can head over to my page to check out any of my previous posts including all my Festivities throughout December! I love writing and I am proud of all the posts from this year. I hope you enjoy this post and hopefully it gives you a chance to reflect on your year of blogging too!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year guys! 🎄💚

Thanks for reading and thanks for the continuous support this year!

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. These all sound like great posts! I did one documenting my first smear test earlier this year too so I can fully relate to how you felt sharing that one! Congratulations on the second half marathon, I’m hoping to do my first marathon in 2020 x


    1. Thank you! That’s great that you shared your story as well, it can be super scary. Thank you it is so amazing and I love doing them now! Good luck, the atmosphere is truly amazing xxx

    1. So do i! It is so interesting to see people’s posts from the year! Yes definitely, and I am trying to educate myself everyday. It was a dream come true! Thank you so much for the comment xx

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