Festivities: Hastings Trip

Hi lovelies, there is a couple more festive posts before it’s Christmas! That honestly blows my mind.

Today I am going to be talking briefly about my trip to Hastings. I mentioned when I did blogmas last year in my traditions post (you can check that out here) that every year we go down to Hastings. You can read more about it in that post!

Once we got to Hastings we headed straight for a pub (which if you read that other post you will know why we go to this specific pub) in the old town.

This pub is very small but still has those old features and it just is so cosy and cute! This pub had also been given a new look inside, so was quite refreshing to see!

Of course we all order a drink and sit down. This is the time we normally reflect about the past. I love to listen to all the stories about the pub and my family. This tradition is lovely and it is ours.

After the drinks my dad and I stroll into town. We both love to look around the shops (don’t know why), and I love the old looking buildings! They just look cool and are full of history I guess.

Once we finished walking around my dad and I decided to pick up some pick’ a’ mix, and yes it cost a FORTUNE. But it was definitely worth it, plus I am all for supporting those small businesses.

We all then decided to stop at this cute pub (which I completely forgot to take pictures off sorry) for a early dinner/late lunch. I mean you can’t really say no to a pub dinner. I got a roast because it’s near Christmas and I just felt like it! It was really nice, but definitely was a LOT of food as I could not finish it!

Once we had finished eating we then just drove home! I decided to have a bath straight away to unwind for the evening. I used a bath bomb and it was just so relaxing! 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed, and have been enjoying the some what festive content!

What are your plans for Christmas day?

Thanks for reading, and sorry I didn’t take more pictures!

Gemma xx

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24 year old just wanting to write with her spare time.

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    1. It is tiny and cute and holds a lot of memories for my family 😊 I know right?! It was sooo much and I only had half a bag xxx


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