What Christmas Means to me

I am not going to lie but I am enjoying all the festive themed content at the moment. However, I honestly cannot believe that Christmas is next week! I was hoping this month would go slow so I could enjoy as much festivities as possible, but of course it has to fly by.

Anyway today I wanted to keep it short and sweet and reflect on this special festive time.

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What Christmas means to me!

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What Christmas means to me… when all my family can come together for a day or two. We can all laugh, play games and just forget about life, if even for a second. We can all reflect and just enjoy the moment.

What Christmas means to me… when I can walk down the street and admire all the beautiful lights that glisten in the streets.

What Christmas means to me… when I can help those less fortunate than me, even if that is simply giving my time to sit and talk to those that have no one. Christmas is a time of giving and that does not always require a price tag. Sometimes people just need a friend, someone to listen or simply just to hang out.

What Christmas means to me… when I can sing every Christmas song at the top of my voice. Nothing that a bit of Christmas music can’t do.

What Christmas means to me… when I can reflect over the year. My achievements and maybe what didn’t go so well. It’s a time for me to think about how to rock the new year.

What Christmas means to me… when I can eat as much as my stomach can take and not be judged. I mean is it really Christmas if you have not put on a few pounds and have to stay on the sofa for the next few days.

A white Christmas mug that says "All I want for Christmas is you!" with white snowflakes all over it, and some red baubles, a candy cane and some trees cut up next to it. In front of a blurred Christmas tree
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What does Christmas mean to you?

Thanks for reading, I know this post is a little different but I have been so reflective lately. I just really wanted to share my thoughts. Plus I love these kinds of short posts which just get you thinking. Sometimes we get caught up in the buying presents that we forget what Christmas is actually all about.

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. Great reflection! I loved how you included a variety of aspects about Christmas to reflect on, including being there for others who might not be as fortunate. All of the photos look so pretty and festive too!

    1. Thank you so much! Oh really, that’s a shame. I think sometimes people just need reminding to make the most of what is in front of them and those around them 😊 I hope you had a great Christmas though xxx

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