Festive Baking

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There is nothing quite like some baking around Christmas to get me into the festive spirit. I have really been getting into baking and cooking a lot more recently. Therefore, what better than sharing what I have been up to and hopefully inspire you in some way!

Here is my

Festive baking!

For today there are two things that I have baked recently that I will be talking about and they are shortbread and a massive chocolate dream cake. I had so much fun being creative and making these so I hope you enjoy reading and looking at my pictures!

A  brown wooden rolling pin, with a red gingerbread man cookie cutter and some dough next to it on a chopping board.


I have made shortbread quite a lot because it is one of the most easiest things to make! So if you are not really a baker then this is the one for you.

All you need is:

Unsalted butter, sugar and plain flour (if you have seen Waitress the Musical you will understand how I cannot write this without singing the song).

These three ingredients make some incredible biscuits! Plus you can use any shaped cutters and create any shortbread that you want (there are many great recipes online so check them out!) Also you can add or change ingredients to cater for your personal needs too!

Of course because it is the festive season I wanted to create some in relation to that! So using a cutter I created some snowmen, reindeer and Santa’s (of course me being me I forgot to actually take a picture of this sorry).

A "make your own shortbread reindeer and snowman kit" from Sainsbury's

However, I found this cute set from Sainsbury’s which is perfect for nights in or to share with friends and family for more fun! You can get super creative and decorate how you wish too! All you have to do is add the butter and you are good to go! It comes with all the decorating kit, and the cutter which is super easy! It would also be great fun to do with children as well.

An attempt at decorating some shortbread biscuits.

Myself and Ryan are clearly great at decorating (these were the extra ones that we didn’t decorate as snowmen or reindeer’s)! 

Top view of a choclate cake with chocolate icing and tiny icing decorations featuring a tree, santa, penguin and a reindeer.

Chocolate Cake

I love making cakes, it is just so much fun! Today I decided on a chocolate themed Christmas cake. Of course you can use whatever ingredients you need to cater for your needs but I will share the ones I used.

All you need is; 

Caster sugar, butter, eggs, self-raising flour, cocoa powder (apologies I am not sure on exact measurements etc). Of course also to add on top or in the middle of your cake you can pick up some chocolate frosting and decorations of your choice.

A mixing bowl filled with chocolate mix.


Once I mixed all the ingredients together I filled my cake tin (make sure to butter and flour the tin to make sure the cake does not stick). If you are planning on using the chocolate for the middle of the cake then I suggest getting two half tins for your mix. This just makes things easier rather than later having to cut a cake in half!

I then baked the cake for about 30 minutes, of course just make sure to check regularly and keep an eye on it.

Once the cake was done I got it from the tin and left on a rack to cool down.

A chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and tiny festive themed icing decorations including a tree, a Santa, reindeer and penguin.

When it was time the creativity commenced. At first in my head I wanted to go all out with the decorating, but then whilst I was doing it I just thought simple was best. So I completely covered the cake with the frosting (including the sides of the cake), and today I used the new Cadbury’s frosting! Then using my Christmas decorations which included; Santa’s, reindeer and Christmas trees I placed these around the edge and one tree in the middle to finish.

Voila say no more I am officially a baker (jokes). I am excited for this cake to be eaten up tonight with family coming over and hopefully they will enjoy it (I mean who knows what it tastes like).

There you have it, some festive baking for you! I hope you enjoyed and if you did then let me know in the comments your favourite biscuits or cakes during the festive season?

Also if you have any recommendations for what I should bake next then let me know! 

Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x

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  1. Those shortbread cookies look so cool! I love the reindeer/gingerbread shapes! The chocolate cake also looks delicious! I might need to bake some things this Christmas! I feel like a lot of people I know are on diets/don’t like sweets so unfortunately I mainly get to bake for myself ahaha.

  2. Oh my that chocolate cake!!!! I’ve never baked one big cake I always stick to cupcakes however next year I’m going to attempt a simply Victoria sponge. I have everything I need like the tins and baking books so fingers crossed I can do it haha, My big girl pants will be on hahahaha. Lovely post too. xx

    1. It actually tasted pretty good! Normally I have my mum helping me 😂😂 yeah I stick to cupcakes as well! Yessss girl you totally should! Haha!! Can’t beat a traditional Victoria sponge 😍 thanks lovely xxx

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