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Hi my lovelies, today I am going to be talking about all the Festive plans I have or things I want to do. I have really been feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I have no idea why, but I am embracing all things Christmas!

Firstly, I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed reading Gillian’s Christmas Bucket List  so please do go and check that out! Gillian’s post inspired me to think about what I what to achieve or do within this month!

There are a lot of things that I would love to be able to do but unfortunately I have been so busy lately so they will have to wait until next year! But let’s get into it…

  • Christmas themed afternoon tea

I mean I don’t even know if this is a thing? I love tea and I just think it would be so cute to see all the pretty lights whilst drinking a cup of tea.

  • Visit LOTS of Christmas markets
  • Try different hot chocolates 

I love hot chocolates especially around this time of year, so I want to experiment and try some different ones.

  • Watch Christmas movies

I kind of have started this one, but I think there is nothing better than snuggling down and watching Christmas movies. They just put me in the best mood and nothings beats it really.

  • Visit different places during December

By this I mean I would love to make the most and see different areas; in the UK, in Europe or around the world. I just want to make the most and really explore Christmas everywhere.

  • Write festive content 
  • Go Ice-Skating
  • Have a Christmas date night 

I would like for me and Ryan to have a cute dinner and then get home and open our presents together. Just for it to be a cute Christmassy themed date night.

  • Do some Christmas themed baking

Last year I made some chocolate orange cupcakes, and it was just so much fun! I definitely want to try this again this year either with the same idea or something else.

  • Host a Christmas evening

love hosting. I mean the decoration and cooking and just looking after people I am all for. Plus at Christmas time it is just extra special.

  • Run a Santa run

I missed it this year as I was busy but I would love to do it next year!

  • Buy some festive Lush products
  • Support Local businesses
  • Go on Winter walks to see the lights

Myself and Ryan love to do this every year. Just seeing everyone’s decorations and how the streets are lit up, I don’t think life can get any better. It is just absolutely stunning. Plus I love seeing how people decorate.

  • Have many cosy evenings 
  • Donate to charity/volunteer during the festive period
  • Make a Christmas playlist and listen to it as much as possible

That is some festive things I hope to do or would love to do during December!

What are some things you would love to do during December?

Thanks for reading!

Gemma xx

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  1. This was a nice list! I would love to look into some more local businesses to get gifts from too, and of course I need to stop into Lush and check out their holiday items. I normally volunteer weekly, but unfortunately I had to reduce my volunteer hours this month because of school/work. 🙁 I was a little disappointed because the holidays are a good time to volunteer, but I guess I give my time the rest of the year. I definitely need to get into holiday baking too! Those chocolate orange cupcakes look delicious!

  2. Oh my what a fabulous festive read! I know the feeling I’ve lots of festive things I want to do but know with work I’ll not be able to. I started watching Christmas films mid November as I know this month I’ll not have as much time. Your post made me feel festive just reading it and them chocolate orange cupcakes look insane!!!! XX

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Yeah same it is so annoying that work just gets in the way of all the festive things that we wanna do! 🎄 yeah same here, may as well get a head start haha! Thank you hun that is so kind xxxx

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