Let the Festivities Begin: Brigit’s Bakery London

It is officially December and one of the best times of year. Have you put your decorations up yet? 

Today I wanted to talk about this adorable Bakery in London which was beautifully decorated, had wonderful service and was just a lovely experience.

This one I have always walked past but never actually gone in (I don’t know why). However, this day I was with my mum and auntie and they both suggested we go in for a hot drink. Of course how could I say no to that?

The Christmas decorations are absolutely a dream and they shine through the windows and look incredible. It was literally giving me all the Christmassy feels, and it made me think how long someone spent making all those Gingerbread houses to make it look that good. I recommend even if you don’t go in to just walk past it because it is soo cute!

Once inside the bakery was decorated beautifully. It was like a cute little dream, and it just made me feel so happy. There was a cute dolls house which had all the tea cups in front of it, which is such a lovely idea! Of course we got to see all the beautiful gingerbread houses with the Christmas lights all around the shop in front of the windows. Plus the paintings and style overall was just wonderful.

When we walked in there was only one other couple who seemed to be having afternoon tea (which looked AMAZING). However, we of course were just getting a drink… but once looking at the menu and seeing the display of treats we also decided to grab a cake as well.

I feel like all I ever do is mention hot drinks and cakes, I promise I don’t eat cake all the time.

Luckily for us there was a deal that you could get a hot drink and cake for £9.80 which I don’t think is that bad considering London prices. My aunt and mum both decided on a coffee and I don’t like coffee so I decided on a tea. I mean I had a tea pot and had at least 5 cups of tea from that, so I would say that is pretty good. Although I did feel like I constantly went to the toilet for the rest of the day to wee.

Also it is by Covent Garden so convenient if you intend to visit there! I definitely recommend it, and I will be going back at some point. I will say it did get busy quite quickly as it approached lunch time so just remember that.

Overall: 4/5*

It was a cute place for a drink and the decorations were a dream! I will be going back before Christmas to make the most. Also it really got me in the Christmas mood and inspired me with ideas during the festive period. Plus it is always nice to explore new places and local places too!

Thanks for reading! Happy December and hope you have lots of exciting things planned for this festive period! I did actually do Blogmas last year (which was crazy), and I won’t be doing that this year. However, I am going to try and blog a lot more because I love this time of year, and want to make the most of all these festive posts I have planned!

Let me know in the comments your plans for the festive period? Also have you done all your shopping?

Gemma xx

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  1. This looks like such a cute little bakery! Plus, all the festive decor looks amazing! I feel like whenever I go out for coffee, it’s at a chain like Starbucks (especially since I’m normally in a rush). I need to check out smaller coffee shops/bakeries more often! I don’t know what I’m going to do this month, but hopefully I’ll find some festive events to participate in!

    1. It really was! Yeah that’s what I felt like too but I have been trying to go to more independent and smaller bakeries/coffee places because they are just much better 😊 sounds good, I want to participate in more festive stuff as well!

  2. Oh this looks adorable 💗 I love the gingerbread house! I agree about seeking out smaller coffee shops/bakeries that are not a chain… you get better service and nicer touches. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Wow that is such a good idea! Plus candles are great all year round 😊. I think for a first time you definitely have to do the touristy things: Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Covent Garden is beautiful, Hyde Park or even go to a museum (I love the Natural History but there are a lot more). I hope that helps 😊 xx

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