November Overview

Hi loves, it is that time to reflect over the past month (which I don’t always do but there are many things I have enjoyed this month).

I have separated them into categories to make it easier, and let’s just get straight into it…

*just to point out I have linked the products I have mentioned but they are not affiliate links, this post is not an ad and I am not getting paid to say anything. These are just things I have been loving and all my own opinions etc.*

A flatlay of different make up products including; Pixi glow mist, a brown colour lipstick and an eye shadow pot with three colours; black, white and a grey shimmer. All next to a placemat with "All I need is tea" on it.


Firstly, I have to talk about the Pixi Glow MistNow I am not good with make-up and to be honest I don’t understand the half of it, but I got this with the Birchbox subscription (which I don’t have anymore). I don’t really wear foundation but using this has made me feel great. It just adds that extra glow and shine to my face. I have been using it a lot throughout this month and I have been loving it! Now it is a little pricey, around £16 I believe. But I think it will last a long time so I think it is worth it.

A flatlay of a face mask from the brand "INC.REDIBLE" of a unicorn.

Secondly, I also got this Sparkle like a unicorn face mask from the Birchbox subscription by the brand “INC.REDIBLE”. To be completely honest with you I don’t normally like sheet masks because, there is just something so satisfying with a peel off mask for me. However, when having a girls night with my friends we all had sheet masks and they definitely made my skin feel like a queen afterwards. So I was excited to try this one, and trust me I definitely felt the sparkle. I think with sheet masks they are good quality, smell great and make you feel great. I definitely want to try this brand again, because I loved this one in particular. It just left my skin glowing afterwards and that’s all you can ask for when unwinding.


When it comes to perfume I love a good quality one, and one that has a long-lasting smell. But we all know how expensive perfumes can be. Thus, I always wait around for the best deals and yes I got a good one. First off when I walked into the store there was 20% off, I also had a £30 gift card from my birthday to use and points on my Boots card. So I decided to go all out with a perfume I have wanted for so long… Lancôme – ‘La Vie Est Belle’The lovely lady gave me a sample, but I knew right there and then that I wanted it. For the 50ml it would have been £75 but I got it for £9. That right there is a bargain. This perfume will only be used for special occasions but the smell is my favourite and it lasts all day long. I have had many compliments when I have worn it, especially from Ryan. I definitely recommend it!


I will admit I was having a bit of a down week and I was up London shopping by myself and decided to walk into Pandora. I already have a ring from there which Ryan bought me a few years ago (which I wear everyday). However, I just had to look at the rings. The lovely lady helped me try on a few rings and I just fell in love. I bought these two beautiful rings, which together came to around £100 after some discount (you can find them here and here). But maybe it will give some ideas for Christmas? To be honest sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself, and whilst I spend most of my time saving I just thought why not. Also I don’t think the price is that bad either.


I have mentioned before but I love a headband. I have a pretty great collection and I love them all. Therefore of course I had to pick these two up when I saw them. Firstly, both of these give me Christmas vibes. I have already worn the black and gold one a couple of times and will wear this pink sparkly one. They are both from Primark and were £3 I think.


I will be honest this month has been hard in terms of my fitness. The first couple of weeks of the month I just lacked motivation and made myself feel rubbish. However, now coming towards the end of the month I am getting back into a routine and loving it again. I have accepted that it’s ok to sometimes take a break and not beat yourself up if you don’t work out. However, I have started to plan and write down my fitness daily routine and it’s been really helping so I recommend doing that if you struggle with motivation!

Places/things to do

Ruxley Manor

Firstly, I visited this beautiful garden centre filled with Christmas goodies called Ruxley Manor. I didn’t even think to visit a garden centre at Christmas (I know where have I been?), and I definitely will be visiting more within the future.

A leaflet and booklet of Waitress the musical in London

Waitress the Musical

Also I had the wonderful time watching Waitress the Musical in London for a girls night. I love going to the theatre so that was perfect.

Overall I have had a very busy month and it will only get busier! I have so many plans and things to get done it is unreal. However, with pretty much all my presents out of the way I can relax in that sense. I do want to make the most of the festive cheer this year, and I want to explore many different places and explore Christmas markets!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you have been up to this month? Also have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. You and I are very alike in the makeup department hahah I don’t understand a lot in that department, I’m usually more just bare faced! I do appreciate something that helps moisturize my face and give it a good glow! I’ve been reading good things about Pixi but never actually got to try it. Someday, I will, I swear!! And the rings you got from Pandora are SOO cute, they have such nice quality jewelry that’s also quite affordable! Thanks for sharing these lovely!


    1. Yeah same here! I don’t know how to apply anything 😂 I put things on my face and hope for the best! Haha yes definitely do try it, although don’t do a me and spray it in your eyes 🙈😂😂 I love pandora but obviously most of my life is just saving money or not spending haha! Thank you so much for the comment hun 💕

  2. These are some lovely things – i just adore that Lancome perfume for sure 🙂 it lasts forever and it’s so recognisable ♥️ I had a pretty relaxed November but my December is so crazy for the next three weeks – I’m.hoping I can get through it without getting a cold (cuz that’s always my luck)😷😫 x

  3. Sounds like a great month! That perfume smells so beautiful and how amazing that you managed to get it for so cheap! Those Pandora rings are gorgeous – I’m on the look out for a new ring myself. Hope December is as good for you! xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah definitely the one reason that swayed me 😊 I love pandora so I definitely recommend having a look, and there might be some deals! Thank you and you lovely xx

  4. I hope you find time to relax this December honey! I absolutely love your rings, pandora is my fav for jewellery, they always stay so shiny! I loved this catch up post and can’t wait to read decembers edition! xxx

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