Explore with me: Ruxley Manor

Hi loves, I am loving the festive content (reading and writing it), and so today I wanted to continue by writing about this beautiful place that my mum took me to. This place is called Ruxley Manor and it is a garden centre, but at Christmas time it becomes so much more.

Firstly, I had never been before but my mum ALWAYS would go on about how much I would love it there, and so we decided to have a little girls trip there.

What an absolute treat it was. I honestly did not know what to expect when I arrived, but there was so much to look at! There was even an ice skating rink as you walk in, which I mean is amazing.

One thing I did think was great was the fact that every section for decorations had a theme. For example, one section was dedicated to “The Grinch” which was displayed in the middle and then surrounding was the colour decorations that you could buy to do with that particular theme. Another section was a beautiful “woodland” theme, which just looked perfect! It had cute woodland creatures and candles and smells which was just lovely.

Honestly, I had never seen anything quite like this before and it was all so creative and you could tell a lot of time has gone into it. Absolutely blew me away so thank you Ruxley Manor.

Of course there was a lovely restaurant in the middle for you to have a break whilst shopping. It was filled with hot foods or you could even just have a cake and tea. There was a nice selection to whatever you fancied which I think is nice. However, it was very busy when we were there so we just decided on a hot drink and cake.

Lastly, they do also have a Santa’s grotto for the children and real reindeer which I think is such a lovely touch. It is definitely somewhere for families to enjoy as well. However, it was still just as great for a girly trip with my mum! Also there was a section filled with gifts and home stuff which I think was good as well.

Also Available:

  • Afternoon tea and brunch
  • pet department
  • soft play area for kids
  • special events all year round

Final thoughts:

I thought it was a lovely place for a day out and of course if you are buying Christmas stuff or garden stuff then it is a perfect place. It also has events and places to eat if you want to which I think is a great bonus too. I just felt so festive and happy whilst walking around and I love that. I definitely recommend Ruxley Manor, and I would love to be able to go back as well.

Thanks for reading!

Gemma xx

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