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Hello we are back with more festive themed posts (which are probably some of my favourite to write).

Christmas is the time to celebrate and come together and I guess impress those around us with presents, decorations or food. However, you can still have that festive magic whilst also it being an Eco-Christmas.

There has been a lot of talk recently in regards to the environment and how we can all do better. Therefore, today I wanted to share with you all

how to make Christmas more sustainable

Did anyone else sing the song to that? 

The bottom of a Christmas tree, with decorations and two white snowmen cuddly toys dressed in a hat and scarf. They are holding mini crackers and presents, as well as being surrounded by presents.

Now I am fully aware I am no expert but every little helps and I want to educate myself as much as possible to things I can do to help the environment. So I have done some research and hopefully can share some tips with you so that we can all be a bit more sustainable.

Presents in different wrapping paper all on top of each other. One is blue with bronze stars all over, another is red and the other is brown paper with red Christmas decorations on it.

Wrapping paper and cards

I get it wrapping paper with glitter is super pretty and can make a present. However, it is not recyclable. You can check your local authority on any regulations but to my knowledge if it has glitter or has been dyed then it cannot be recycled.

There is one type that can be used and that is brown paper. I think it works around Christmas time, because it just gives me that holiday vibe. But you can also decorate it with stamps or drawings and it will still be recyclable. For me making that simple change is not a big deal just for something to “look pretty”. Plus the paper is normally ripped off in seconds when it is being opened anyway. However, always remember to check websites or locally to see what paper can be recycled!

So one thing that can stay the same are cards because they can (well the majority I believe) be recycled with their envelopes. However, there are also online services now to send cards online without using paper which is a great improvement for the environment as well.


I know people that buy new decorations every year, and to me I think that is such a waste. Not only is this a waste but it is damaging to our environment.

Now if you are super creative then you can make your own decorations! This could be through using paper, twigs from outside, old cans etc, which can also be fun activities with kids if you are a teacher or parent! However, my decorations that we use have lasted for years and so I think re-using decorations is also beneficial to the environment. For me when I buy products I look at them to “can I use these for a long time”, “will they last me” or “can they be recycled”. 

A collection of presents in gift bags or individually wrapped on the floor.


Like I have mentioned in this post here buying gifts that you know a person will like is better than just spending money on pointless gifts. Also thinking about gifts that people can use for a long time. Just any gifts that won’t go to waste really. Think about what the person actually would like, and don’t buy unnecessarily.

Shop locally

Have a look into local businesses. They can be more pricey however more care and work tends to go into the products, and sometimes you can find some unique and cool gifts. Plus you are helping the community and small businesses which is great for the economy.


I think when it comes to trees you need to do your research. Fake trees take a lot of energy to make, and real trees can also be damaging to the environment. However, there are different services nowadays for example, you can rent Christmas trees, you can grow your own tree to reuse every year and you can recycle trees (just check local government etc). Of course if you do own a fake tree and you can make it last as long as you can that’s great too! But just remember to do some research and educate yourself for when you need a new one.


Of course the main way is cutting meat out completely when it comes to food and the environment. However, of course this is hard. If you cannot cut the meat out then try shopping locally and supporting local farms, or organic and free range. Lastly, making sure food is not wasted is also incredibly important. I mean this is easy for my family anything that was not eaten we tend to reuse and eat the next day.

If you have any recommendations or companies to use please let me know in the comments!

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Also before I go I just wanted to mention my amazing friend Sophie and her business (her products are resourced/made sustainable) and I feel they could be some great Christmas presents for yourself or someone else! Please check her out and spread the word. I am all for supporting small businesses: sophsscribble!

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Personally, I think it’s a cute idea to simply buy a cute reusable bag as part of the gift and put all the presents inside. Then instead of wrapping paper, they can have a reusable bag that they can use at the store or whatever along with their actual present! I love reusing decorations too! I don’t like using things just for one year. I really want to send and receive gifts from small/local businesses this year. I feel like my parents are more “buy what’s cheap so you can have more of it”, which I hate because I would rather have a few sustainable and high quality products that will last a long time than many cheaper things I won’t use. Great post, I love reading about ways to keep the holidays sustainable! 🙂

    1. That is such a good idea! I never thought of that one, thank you for sharing! I’m going to look into that ☺️ yeah same here, but I know a lot of people that buy new ones every year because they have to go with a “different colour and theme” and I’m like why😂. I agree with you, and a lot of people still are on that buy cheap because of money. But it’s definitely better to support local and get some long lasting products! Thanks for your comment ✨xxx

  2. I’ve never actually thought too much about how environmentally friendly I am around Christmas time, but you’ve made some great points here. My parents have started to cut back on buying lots of little things for my sister and I, so we generally just receive what we want now which is must better. They do still buy Christmas crackers every year though, which is such a waste! I always thought wrapping paper was recyclable so I’ll definitely be looking into something more eco-sustainable this year. Great post! xxx

    1. Yeah it’s weird, I never thought too much of it either. Yeah same with my parents now as well! I think even reading and looking into things is great 😊 so did I and it’s crazy how much actually isn’t recyclable isn’t recycled! But they do usually say on websites or in store if they can be recycled and some nice wrapping paper is! 😊 thank you so much lovely xxxx

  3. There is something wonderfully traditional about plain brown wrapping paper that just looks lovely under a tree! Everyone in my life at the minute seems to be such a foodie, so this year I am making food my theme for gifts! From homemade biscuits and cakes to hampers with lots of local produce in, I really want to try and support as many local businesses as I can this year! ♥ x

  4. I am so excited that the christmas posts are finally here, it is so nice to have a unique festive post and being sustainable is so freaking important, plus brown paper is so cute xxx

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