Winter Workout

Hi lovelies, as I am preparing (as well as every blogger) for the Festive content I thought I would include some motivational fitness related content as well.

Not gonna lie I definitely need that extra push and motivation during the colder and wetter months. Therefore, I wanted to do this post to motivate myself and hopefully others to work your way through winter. But also maybe to set up or begin a routine now to then encourage you to kick-start 2020.

I get it the darker mornings and horrible weather don’t really scream “let’s go for a run” or “lets go to the gym” and all you really want to do is get into bed and snuggle up. But, we can’t ignore the benefits of working out. Running outside when it’s slightly colder does actually encourage better breathing, which means a better run. However, of course there is also a chance of getting a cold, but with the right outfit and preparation you should be fine. I mean you can get a cold doing nothing too.

As it is colder and darker keeping yourself motivated is extremely important! For example, get a group of you together to go for a run or even join classes together. Trust me there are loads out there, and you can end up having a lot of fun without realising you are working out! Additionally, you can join many clubs or take part in various activities; tennis, badminton, swimming, dancing etc. Plus, it is a great way to socialise and actually meet new people!

If you don’t fancy the more intense activities or can’t for whatever reason then even going for walks is great too. This also involves you exploring areas that maybe you have not even seen before, and just taking in the environment to give you that break from life or social media etc. There are many benefits to this too. Or if not then even little home workouts will do the job.

Of course something that keeps me motivated is what I am wearing. I do love buying leggings or tops that are different, but they also have to be long-lasting and comfy. Correct gear is important and during the colder months making sure you wear long sleeves, gloves and waterproof jackets to prepare for all weather as well. I do love Nike for my working out clothes, but I understand that it can be pricey. However, there are great brands out there nowadays that are cheaper and still great quality! Also TK Maxx is a great place to find different brands (including Nike) but for affordable prices!

Something that I like to do is PLAN. This just helps me to stay on track, and keep me motivated. For example, I have different days for different workouts such as; swimming I am beginning on Monday evenings, gym on Wednesdays’, Dance on Thursday’s and then outdoor runs on some days etc. This can also make it a bit more fun if you like to tick things off lists like I do, sort of makes you feel like you have accomplished things.

Also, treating yourself after you have done a workout is a good tip. This doesn’t necessarily mean snacking or something unhealthy, but could be not going on social media until after you have done that workout. Also could be treating yourself to a bath with a lush bath bomb once you have completed that workout etc.

Ultimately, I think surrounding yourself with positive vibes and those that encourage you to be your best and motivate you is extremely important. Not only mentally but physically to ensure you are well looked after.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps to motivate or even get you thinking about maybe doing some exercise during the winter months. If not then supporting and motivating others around you is just as important!

See you soon for more content!

Gemma xx

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  1. I’m trying so hard to stick to my workout routine but the colder mornings are making getting out of bed earlier than necessary so hard!! Great tips though – I definitely need to make a plan and stick to it, and having something to reward yourself with after a work out is a big help! xx

    1. I know the feeling 😩 that’s why I try evenings in winter as I am more likely to stick to it. Thank you so much! Yeah rewards do help and you have something to aim for ☺️ xx

  2. Those leggings are really nice! I definitely in the new year will be focused on fitness and healthy eating. But as there is so much going on, my workouts are tending to take a back seat. However my job is fairly physical o going to use that as my ex cerise x

    1. Thank you I love them! Yeah of course but sometimes it’s nice to start early and get prepared for the new year 😊 thanks for the comment! Yeah my job is physical as well xx

  3. Ahhh I am so impressed and a tad envious of your determination! I so need to get back into a good workout routine, especially now I work in an office. Loving the gym wear too!xxx

    1. Thank you hun! I have been awful this week and hardly done anything 🙈 yeah working in an office can be hard! But even a 20 min or 30 min workout is good! Thank you xxxx

    1. Thank you that means a lot! 💕 that sounds great I would love my gym to be next door 😂😂 you are welcome, you got this 💪🏼 we can motivate each other 😂

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