Getting Ready for Christmas

I know Halloween has only just ended and already I am breaking out the “C” word. However, there is good reason and today I am going to try to provide some tips to stay on budget and keep your finances in check for a stress free Christmas.

Therefore I am sharing with you how I prepare for Christmas and have tips that should hopefully help you to keep on top of it all.

Getting Ready for Christmas!

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Now I know this one might not be so good for right now because we are nearly approaching Christmas, however it can be something to take with you for next year. Basically just start saving in January. This can be you putting money aside as little or as much as you like each week or month however you want to do it. Therefore, this will be a nice sum of money by the time it gets to October/November and can go towards your Christmas on presents or food etc. Every little helps and it will make things a lot less stressful and you won’t be worrying about money so much.

Also it will really help your finances towards the end of the year and not make you feel like you are struggling in any way.

Don’t Spend just to spend

By this I mean don’t just go out and buy all those “gift sets” that look really nice but probably won’t be used and just thrown away. I think it helps to start looking early so you have some time to think about what people would actually like. This will save you wasting money, and also I guess help the environment in a way.

I think it is beneficial that we begin to look into ways of providing people with things that they truly want or need, rather than wasting.

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Get Creative 

If you really want to save some money then you can get creative. Create a box of all the person’s favourite things. This can include fluffy socks, tea, coffee, films, chocolate, cooking appliances (if they into that), tech stuff, jewellery etc.

Literally you can cater that box to the individual you are buying for. Plus it can be super cheap because you can go out and buy the products in supermarkets or other places, and sometimes this makes things a lot cheaper to do so.

Buy in Advance

Another way to help finances around Christmas is to buy in advance. Sometimes this can be hard what with there being more gifts around Christmas. However, looking for gifts throughout the year really does help to keep finances steady for the Christmas period. I have already bought some gifts for Christmas, so I would definitely recommend starting now! Also it makes December more enjoyable when you don’t have to think about buying presents for anyone!


Another way to really help keep on top of finances is to list all the people you are buying for and how much you want to spend on them. I get this can be a hard one because some people don’t have a figure they might buy a few little presents or one big present. However, you could also right a between sum (e.g. £20-£40) and this can help you stay between that sum of money. I have started doing this this year and it has really helped me to find presents that people will like but on budget and it is saving me a lot of money! So I definitely recommend this one.

There you have it some simple tips for keeping finances at Christmas steady! I am sure there are loads more tips, and if you have any please do write in the comments for myself and others!

How do you like to get ready for Christmas? Or are you a last minute buyer?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Hahahaha the “C” word 😂😂 Thanks for the tips, they’re really useful! I personally think a lot about Christmas presents a looong time in advance, but I always end up actually buying the presents, totally last minute 🙄

    1. 😂😂. Yeah so do I, and I used to do that as well but the last few years I have just wanted to get it out of the way. I can’t deal with the busy last minute shopping too stressful 😂😂

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