October Overview🎃

It is that time again to talk about how the month went, and I don’t always do these but I really enjoyed October and wanted to share some things with you all.

Overall this month has been fab and like I said I am all for the Halloween vibes and it went too quick for my liking. However, it’s not all that bad because holiday season is fully on! I got a lot done this month, I began working more again since finishing my Masters but also have been applying for new jobs. Anyway let’s get into some of the things I have enjoyed this month…


I am not a massive make-up person, and by this I mean I do not know about products or even how to apply make-up right. I just always try and hope for the best haha. However, I bought this palette From Revolution because it was called “Haunted House” and had some beautiful colours. Plus I loved the names and just look at the box it is beautiful. I think this month has really given me more confidence to start experimenting more with eye make-up and I am loving it. Also this palette has some autumnal colours but dark tones as well which I really love.


Of course for spooky season this month has been filled with horror and spooky films or programmes. Coraline is one of my favourites for some reason even though it is super creepy. I also watched Halloween of course, The Addams Family, The Corpse Bride, Hocus Pocus and other horror films. So definitely thought I would mention those films because I have loved watching them this month.

Bath Bombs

Of course I just HAD to mention these beautiful bath bombs. We all know by now I love spooky season so to have a spooky but cute bath bomb to help me wind down is just the icing on the cake really. These ones in the pictures above are definitely my favourites and they are all from Lush. I don’t think they will be available anymore but I do recommend them!

Something New:

So the new but exciting thing I did this month was go to my FIRST ever pumpkin patch. If you want to check that post out then I will leave it hereIt was a very surreal moment, and I know that probably sounds dramatic but honestly I just get excited about things in life. The smallest things really do mean the most to me, and I guess I am just always so appreciative of life. However, pumpkin picking is definitely going to become a tradition and I recommend it to others if you have not been before! Plus you can take some really cute pictures!

Let me know in the comments how your October has been? What have you been up to?

Lastly I have some simple goals to take with me during the last remaining months of the year…

  1. Up my workout game: I need to get back into a proper routine again.
  2. Meal prep/healthy eating: I want to start prepping my lunches and dinners but also get back into a healthy eating place again.
  3. Christmas presents sorted: I would like to have all my presents sorted.
  4. New Job: I really hope to get a new job by the end of the year.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

There you have it another month down and 2019 nearing the end. That feels weird to say that haha. If you enjoyed give a like, comment and follow for more!

Gemma xx


|Happy Halloween

|Pumpkin Patch Trip

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|Walking my way through Autumn🍂🍁🚶🏽‍♀️…

|Spooky Date Nights…👻🎃

|What I am looking forward to in Autumn…🎃🍂

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  1. Love the wrap up, glad you had a good October month lovely! I LOOOVE Coraline, and there’s a new Addams Family movie that came out but it’s animated – it looks pretty cute but I never got to watch it haha! That Revolution palette cover looks so spooky, I love how lots of makeup brands are upping their cover art game! I’d buy a lot of them just for the cover haha! I hope you get to achieve those goals, new jobs are always exciting. You got this girl!

    1. Oh yeah I saw that there was a new movie, I haven’t watched it yet either! I agree, I love the design on it and definitely, and I think that’s what draws people to it really haha! Thank you so much lovely 🧡

  2. You had such a lovely month! 😍 I’ve never watched Coraline but I should definitely check it out this year! Also, I have the same goals for the upcoming months, except for the job!

    1. It really was a fab month! It is a creepy film but for some reason I like it 😂😂 woo maybe that will motivate us together to get those goals done 💪🏼😂

  3. October is probably my fav month, it is so autumnal and cosy!! I never knew revolution brought out a halloween palette but the shades are so pretty and right up my street – I defo need to have a look and see if it is still available! xxx

    1. Honestly agree it is just a fab month! Do also love the festive season as well though 🎄. I didn’t realise either but I saw it in Superdrug and fell in love with it and it has been great for experimenting! You defo should have a look! Xxx

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