Happy Halloween

Hello my ghouls and witches, today is Halloween and if I knew it would go this quick I would have planned something every day of October that was spooky. I mean I pretty much have watched a billion horror movies, ate many pumpkin shaped marshmallows and decorated the living room and bedroom with every decoration but still. I was born to be spooky.

It’s no lie I love spooky season and you are all probably glad it’s over so I stop mentioning it haha.

Last year for my Halloween post (you can read here) I wrote about going to the London Tombs for their “Hill Billy special”. I gotta say it did scare me, and I ended up nearly hugging one of the actors instead of my friend. This year the theme was “fear the number 13” and I haven’t got tickets. I mean there is still time as it finishes this Saturday but I don’t know.

Anyway I have been keeping my costume all secret for my Halloween party, but I guess I shall share with you today. I am going as…. THE CORPSE BRIDE!

Boy am I excited because it is the most effort I am putting into an outfit EVER. If you follow me on Instagram you will see how that pans out on Saturday haha. I just love the film and character so it’s gonna be a good one.

I also had a lot of fun creating the outfit myself. I think that’s always the best way. It’s just more fun than buying one in a shop. Plus I love destroying clothes, which you can do for a scary outfit haha. I also look forward to doing my make-up and covering my arms and neck in a blue colour. I am either gonna look like a weird smurf that is getting married or actually pull the corpse bride look off.

Lastly, I want to mention my food prep/ideas for tonight for the indoor Halloween celebrations (I don’t have separate pictures but just ideas of what I am doing). However, if any of you are having Halloween parties this weekend then maybe this can be some inspiration for you!

1. Pizza roll limbs

Basically I am just making some pizza rolls but naming them limbs for the spooky day haha. All you need to do is make a normal pizza with the toppings on top, and then just roll it all up so it’s like a log. Then you just chop up into mini rolls. They are super easy to make and super tasty and only take 15-20 minutes to cook!

2. Mini hot dog and curly fries spiders

Basically again this is also super easy to make. I am just cooking up some hot dogs putting them into the bun and then chopping the bun and hot dog up so they create mini hot dogs. Then using the mini hot dogs as bodies and surrounding them with curly fries to create a spider look!

3. Salad skeleton

I mean I have to mention something a little healthy right? Basically just chop up loads of different salad and get creative! You can pretty much create anything spooky but I think I will go for a skeleton.

4. Sausage roll mummies

These look super cool and fun to make. However, I am not attempting to make them this time! There are loads to buy in shops though and they just look great for a Halloween party.

They are some ideas and honestly if you google there are a MILLION ideas you will find of different spooky food creations. Especially biscuits, cakes and desserts which all look cool to attempt.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween! Let me know in the comments what your plans are for Halloween?

Gemma xx


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