Fall Fashion 2019

Fall is just one of my favourite seasons for fashion. I love the dark colours, I love wearing tights and boots and I love jeans. Don’t get me wrong I do love summer as well mainly for the weather and lighter evenings, but in terms of fashion I just feel outfits are much prettier during fall sorry not sorry. 

I will say before I get into it that all of my outfits featured are pieces that I have either owned for years/a while or thrifted from charity shops. Nothing is new. Therefore, this year’s fall inspo is dedicated to piecing together outfits in your wardrobe and using clothes again, but also using charity shops for your fashion finds this year!

  1. Shorts/skirts with tights

As I mentioned above I LOVE wearing tights, honestly I don’t know why but I just do. When I was younger I owned probably every colour in tights and I bloody loved it. There is nothing better than when it starts getting colder to get out a cute skirt or shorts with some grey or black tights, a top, scarf and cute coat or jacket.

This skirt I have owned for 7 YEARS. Honestly every year my mum tells me to get rid of it because its “old” but no mum my love for this skirt is too much for me to part ways.

I think I have mentioned these shorts before, but honestly I love them. There is just something about leather during the colder months that looks cute.

This skirt I bought last year and looked straight at it and thought “could this be anymore autumnal”, and although it takes me about a day to squeeze my a** into it I adore it.

2. Dresses

Yes I know you can wear dresses all year round, BUT I think dresses look so cute with some tights and boots. Plus I love styling my dresses with my leather jacket.

Of course I had to mention this dress because it was great for the summer but it just provides some colour throughout fall. I paired it with my leather jacket, tights and boots. Its PERFECT.

This dress was thrifted from a charity shop for £4 and I think it’s great. It’s simple, comfy and will be great for Christmas time too (yes I said the C word). What are some places you recommend for thrifting/charity shopping?

I thought I would throw in this cute dress perfect for those night time events. It’s silky, long and this lovely dark red colour. I also think this would look great with my leather jacket and maybe some cute heels. I thrifted this also for £5!

3. Pinafore dresses

I could have included these in the ones above but I thought they deserved to be separate. There is nothing more cuter than pinafore dresses. I have seen some cute colours in a few charity shops but I already own two so let’s just get into it.

I bought this lovely brown coloured pinafore last year and honestly fell in love. I wore it so much that the people in my lectures at university last year were like “do you own any other clothes” haha. It was from New Look but I have seen some around this year in Primark etc. Also I love that you can style whatever tops underneath, I just went for a long sleeved grey top from my wardrobe. But you can wear a thicker top/jumper!

This yellow pinafore I have had for a couple of years now and again something that I get out during fall season. It provides a bit of colour and I just love it. This one is simple and cosy and has pockets. What more could you want?

4. Trousers

Don’t get me wrong I do love wearing my black jeans pretty much all the time because they are great. However, my leather pants are just the best. They look great and make an outfit look fab, plus you can dress it up or down. Plus I love wearing funky trousers as well.

This outfit I think looks great for a date night, or evening time. I actually thrifted this top and I kinda like it. I mean it’s different and something I never thought I would buy but I think its great.

I think you can also wear leather pants during the day. Thus, that is why I paired it with my yellow jumper (which I wear all the time). You can tuck it in or leave it out and I still think the whole outfit looks cute. Also of course wearing some cute boots will finish this whole look.

What are your go to pieces for fall? Also share in the comments your favourite look! 

Author: gemmaajaynee

24 year old just wanting to write with her spare time.