Walking my way through Autumn

I adore Autumn and everything that comes with it and so I wanted to continue with the Autumn theme and talk about why I think you should make the most of the outdoors. This being in my walking my way through Autumn theme.

Sometimes during this season as it gets colder, darker and more miserable it can be easy to just wrap ourselves up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate or tea and just want to stay there. However, it is actually the most perfect time to get yourself outside. The leaves are turning the most beautiful colours, the air is cool and it is just a lovely time to appreciate our environment.

Therefore, why wait when you can start now so put that phone down and get yourself outside!

Walking my way through Autumn!

If that has not quite got you convinced to throw your blanket down and get moving then let me share with you some benefits through walking my way through Autumn!

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I mean I cannot have my walking my way through Autumn post without mentioning how walking is a great form of exercise. Walking is a great form of exercise and without you realising you are exercising (unless you plan on walking for hours of course).

We all know how important exercise is for our minds and body, but if you want something that is not intense then I cannot recommend going for a walk enough. To make it even more fun then explore local parks so that you can get some great views whilst you are walking, and this will help even more with it not feeling like you are exercising.

Benefits your health

Other benefits of walking include improvements in cardiovascular fitness, boosting muscle endurance, strengthening bones and reducing your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. I mean if that doesn’t sound great just remember that walking is completely free! It doesn’t require using equipment or moving really fast. So if you are not a massive fan of exercising but you need somewhere to begin then definitely go for a walk and reap all the health benefits that you can.


If you get more invested in walking you can eventually maybe look into hikes. I think exploring is a great way to de-stress but also spark up some creativity as well. Therefore, walking is great to get those exploring boots on.

I think we have a beautiful environment so why not make the most of it. We may as well get walking and explore as much of it as possible. This is actually a huge part of my walking my way through Autumn inspiration, to get myself to explore more in my surrounding area or even just in the UK.

Anyone done a hike before? Any recommendations for hikes abroad?

Mental health

We spoke about our physical health but let’s not forget that walking is beneficial for our mental health. Whenever I feel anxious or down going for walks really helps me to just take a moment to reflect on my life and relax. Whilst I am walking I can practice my breathing and just take in my surroundings without thinking about what is going on in my life. Even taking 10 minutes out to just go for a walk can really help my mental health.

This is actually another reason why I wanted to write a post of walking my way through Autumn. To look after my mental health and to get myself outside more. Walking and getting outdoors is great for well-being and mental health.

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Why I love walking in Autumn

In order to increase my walking I always make sure I set myself the challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day, which I have heard quite a few people do. This is just a great way to ensure I am walking even if I don’t have time to run or go to the gym. You can even have walking dates with your partner or friend dates.

However, I especially love walking in Autumn because I love the colours, I love wrapping up and just love how fresh the air is. Plus I don’t feel like a sweaty mess which sometimes happens during the summer. Therefore, for walking my way through Autumn I thought it would be the perfect challenge to increase my steps and get outside. I do love a challenge.

Also I love the fact that it can help motivate me when I need it the most. Yes there are dark and gloomy days and this can influence our work massively, but getting out for that walk can be the break that we need to refresh.

So as I am walking my way through Autumn you join in too and let’s motivate each other towards a better future, and to looking after our health and well-being.

Do you enjoy walking and how has it benefited your life?

There we have it this is my walking my way through Autumn and I hope you all join in with me!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Autumn walks are the best (and very instagrammable). I used to walk so much but now I find myself driving everywhere. I definitely need to start going on woodland walks again to improve my mental health more than anything. Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. I totally agree! Great pics to take haha. That’s the thing once you get a car you just use it to go everywhere I feel you! But I always force myself to walk to places that are not that far, and it does help mental health. Thank you for reading xx

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