Windsor Half-Marathon

The day arrived and even though I did this exact one for the first time last year (here is a post sort of about that), I was still so nervous. Competing in a race is a big deal and you do feel a certain amount of pressure with that.

Anyway I wanted to go through my preparation before the race, food I eat and even what the race course was like and how I felt. So let’s get into it…

Here are some things I like to do the day/night before a race:

  1. Stretch

This is definitely a recommendation because you want your muscles to be as relaxed as possible. Plus I like to add in a meditation whilst stretching so it adds to me trying to relax my mind and body.

2. Food

This might not be for everyone but I like to eat fish and veg the night before. Obviously if you are vegan then look up the right meals for you. But it has always worked for me. Plus I always try not to drink too much fizzy or sugary drinks. I have a cup of tea in the morning and then plenty of water.

3. Bath

I love having a bath because again it relaxes my body and me. Sometimes this is hard when I have to stay in a hotel as you are not always guaranteed a bath. However, luckily for me we stayed in a Premiere Inn this time and it had a bath and it was just perfect. I also loved the fact that the breakfast was such a range of foods. I had cereal with fruit and yoghurt but my parents had an English Breakfast. I could not fault our stay, the Premiere Inn was absolute bliss.

4.  The route

The night before I like to check out the route again so it is fresh in my mind. Even though I did this course last year I still wanted a refresher. Boy this course has some steep hills. However, the views were just STUNNING. Unfortunately I don’t run with my phone so no pictures, but it’s just beautiful.

Personally as a runner I think that this was the perfect route to do a half-marathon because although as I mentioned there are hills, it is a predominantly flat course and on a path.

Ok so that’s a brief rundown of my pre race prep! Now to talk about race day…

I was super nervous of course. Mainly because I worry about beating my times or not being able to finish etc. But now that I have finished it I know I can do it, and I BEAT MY TIME!! I am super happy and proud of myself and I know now I can only get better.

The waiting in the morning is the most horrible thing ever, and the weather today was on/off with rain so that was also great.

However, the atmosphere and the people are just AMAZING. I literally cannot express that anymore. The fact people I don’t even know are shouting my name and cheering me on (my name was on my number), there is honestly no other feeling like it. I find it hard not to smile and not feel motivated with the incredible people that support the runners.

The runners are also incredible and I also make sure to cheer people on whilst running round or even have a conversation. I spoke very briefly to some people from Eastenders who were also running, and their support was amazing. But I did speak to some other lovely people and everyone is just so kind and friendly.

It is a community and it is a family. These people come from all around the world and around the UK and all have a story to tell. I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

A sunlight picture of a runner that looks like a shadow.
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Overall, I ran very well, I felt really good and I did not throw up afterwards (which I did last year), I mean surely that’s improvement right? I know for sure I will ache in the morning, but right now I am cuddled up on the sofa and drinking some much deserved tea.

*i do want to state that I have been training for this half-marathon and I would not recommend taking part in one without a bit of training*

I really hope this can inspire others to just get out and do things, and go for things in life. Life is too short to waste. Do ALL the things you are afraid off and get out of your comfort zone whatever way that may mean.

If there are any runners let me know about your training, or any races you have planned/have done??

If you are not a runner then talk to me in the comments of things you want to achieve (whether that’s start to run or even nothing to do with running)?

Thanks for reading, and thank you guys for the continuous support because it means the world to me. I really hope I can change my blog up soon/get rid of the “Wordpress” because that will be cool. Leave a comment, like and follow for more if you enjoyed!

Gemma Jayne x

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    1. Thank you so much! I am proud of even just finishing haha. I think the hardest part is just getting out and doing a run, but getting friends involved is a great motivator!😊 xxx

  1. Wow this must have been an incredible experience!! Sounds like you did a great job of it through sticking to your routine and created an amazing memory. Has definitely inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and im sure it will many others! 🏅❤️Xx

    1. Thank you hun! It was definitely hard work haha. But I will never take it for granted. That’s great lovely, I’m glad it has inspired you! Let me know or even write a post about it if you do anything! 🧡 thanks for reading xx

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