Fall/Halloween Haul

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I am currently sipping hot chocolate from my pumpkin mug, with my autumnal candle on (called Autumn Night by Yankee) and I just feel so cosy and content right now. Of course this is the perfect set up for today’s post. So grab your cosy blanket, grab a hot drink of your choice and let’s get into it.

I hope you are as excited as I am for my

Fall/Halloween Haul!

Pumpkins, Horror movies, scary decorations and hot chocolates I am all for! I know that horror movies might not be for everyone but I’m ok with them. I love a good classic Halloween film on Halloween, I mean it’s just gotta happen right?

However, this isn’t a horror movie haul but it is a haul. I decided to venture out in celebration (by myself because sometimes I just need to be alone) of me finishing my masters. Plus there is nothing I love more than decorating for Fall/Halloween (apart from Christmas). So let’s get into it…

**So I must say everything I have bought in this haul is from TK Maxx/Homesense.**

A Halloween garland that has black and orange pumpkins and a white ghost.


First of all, I have to say the main reason I went Fall shopping was because I really wanted a garland. I have been watching a lot of videos of American Youtubers (and wishing that these shops were in the UK), and fell in love with the cute garland’s in these videos. Thus, I had to get my hands on one of my own. I found these in TK Maxx and honestly I love them! Definitely would look cute around the fireplace, and I can’t wait to find a place for these in my room.

This garland is made out of felt and I love the fact it looks homemade and just cute. Plus I love that this is something that will last me for years to come, and hopefully make it as a decorative piece in my future home.

Two pumpkin scented three tier decoration, and a wooden "beware" sign with three china pumpkin's on top.

Pumpkin stature and sign

The next thing I bought were these cute 3 tier pumpkin statue things (I am great at this right). They are scented so smell absolutely lovely, and I bought one for myself and one for my mum. I mean my mum may not be as into Halloween decor as me but she did appreciate and love it.

Also as you can see in the picture I bought this cute little sign that says “beware” and has three little pumpkins on top. I just thought it would look great hanging on my door to my bedroom, and it’s not too spooky. However, I think it could look great hanging on the front door too, or even above the fireplace so it gives you flexibility to get creative.

A orange pumpkin soap dispenser, a white china pumpkin and a light up orange pumpkin decor piece on displayed on a bed-sheet with flower lights.

More pumpkin decor

You might be able to tell that there is a bit of a pumpkin theme going on here. But I mean what can you say it is fall/Halloween right?

Therefore, I had to purchase these adorable pumpkins. Firstly, I picked up this white pumpkin that had a brown/golden metal leaf attached to it. I love that it is not the traditional orange colour, and I think it would look perfect on a window or the fireplace in front of the fire. Plus it would be perfect if you are looking for a subtle hint of fall decor without it being too “in your face”.

I picked up two other pumpkins with the traditional orange colour. One was a decor piece that had a light on the inside which you could turn on. I think this one will go next to my white one in front of the fireplace. It will look cute as it is getting darker in the evening and you can watch movies and be all cosy, so it’s perfect.

Then the other pumpkin was a soap dispenser, which is going to look great in the bathroom! They did do some other cool ones like a ghost or a cat or a taller pumpkin one but I adored this one more.

A box of black witches party hats  and black and rose gold spider paper plates.

Party decor

Next I picked up some party bits for the actual Halloween day, because myself and Ryan always have like party food on Halloween as a tradition whilst we watch a horror movie. Therefore, I got these cute little witches’ hats and these cool black and rose gold spider web plates. I actually had an idea of making a garland out of the witches’ hats- which I may still do. Nevertheless, I thought both of these were cool and the colours really matched each other well.

I might also do a family party food set up so that my parents can get involved too, and that is why I think these will be great for that too.

A pair of Halloween lights, one of a creepy black and orange cat with a hat on. The other is a black, white and orange owl. Both of them that light up.


I also found these creepy but cool light up ornaments. The one on the right reminds me of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland anyone else? I mean that film was my favourite growing up and I was obsessed with it, so I had to pick these up because of that.

Also, I just thought these were perfect for on my windowsill and when I am chilling watching TV in the evenings I can switch them on and it will have a spooky vibe.

A black sparkly tree for Halloween decor.

Tree decor

I picked up this black branch or tree thing. I don’t really know I was just feeling it and thought it would be a great decoration for Halloween. It will probably go on the table in my bedroom, or in the corner of the room.

Pumpkin candle

Lastly, I could not end my fall/Halloween haul without mentioning a candle. I picked up this one which is a “spicy orange”. I am not gonna lie as much as I love the look of pumpkin candles and it makes me all into the fall spirit, I HATE the smell of pumpkin candles (sorry not sorry). Honestly I wish I would like them but it just smells like feet to me (now Nick Jonas- Introducing me is in my head- if you know you know). However, this candle smelt amazing and I thought at least it is orange and goes with the Fall theme in my life right now, and it doesn’t have that pumpkin smell either.

Let me know in the comments what is your favourite thing about Fall/Autumn?

Well that is the end of my Fall haul, wow that was a mouthful. I am honestly so excited for when myself and Ryan move out and these will all come with me and I can fully go all out on decorating our house for September-October. It will be great. Also I would honestly love to be in America for like the whole of September-Start of November to just fully experience Fall/Halloween. Maybe one day.

Fall/Halloween Haul!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. I don’t get the hype for pumpkin smelling things either, I mean the giant orange thing you hallow out never smells great so who thought it would be a good idea to try and replicate it in candle form?! 😂

  2. Such a lovely haul!! I wish I could decorate my apartment for fall too! I think what I like the most about fall is the colour palette! I’d love to change all the colours every time the season changes! 😍

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping I can take them all with me when I move out and reuse them 😊 yeah definitely I agree, the colours are just sooo nice around this time of year

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