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Hello guys and gals. First off thank you so much for your love and support on this post about me feeling overwhelmed.💚 I am doing well, and talking to some of you really helped too. I am currently listening to “The Scientist by Coldplay” whilst writing this and it feels very fitting haha.

Anyway as I sort of hinted at in my previous post, I went to a new place and that was… Leeds Castle! The main reason was because I made a last minute decision to run in the 10km race that was happening there on the 1st of September.

I wanted to compete in this race because I have a half-marathon coming up and I thought it would be good training for me. Also I kind of wanted a medal haha. But after signing up for this race it really made me want to check out more races around castles in the UK (so if you have any that you know of then let me know in the comments please). I would love to be able to say that I have ran round every castle in the UK. I mean how cool would that be? It probably is not so cool for those of you that are not as into exercising or running but I mean castles are cool right?

Even though we were not too far away we decided to go down the day before and make a cute weekend of it. We booked a hotel about 5 miles away from Leeds Castle.

We got to the hotel just after 3pm and dropped off our bags and relaxed for about 20 minutes. After this we decided to go for a walk and do some exploring before we would have dinner.

Our hotel was actually by this cute river and we decided to go down and walk along it to see where it would take us. I really love walking along rivers, I love exploring and also we found some really cute looking buildings.

These buildings were an old college, which is pretty cool to think about. To think these buildings were filled with students all eager and ready to learn back in the day. It is just beautiful.

Once we had our little adventure we then decided to go for dinner. Of course I did not want anything “naughty” the day before my race. I opted for chicken as it was healthy as I could get haha, which my mum also went for. Ryan and my dad had a pizza which of course I was slightly jealous about.

The next day I was feeling slightly nervous, mainly because I didn’t want to let myself down and I wanted to just run a good time. But before I was about to start the run I told myself that it didn’t matter how fast I went as long as I finished, either way it was still a huge achievement for me.

We had to get to the castle for about 8am as the race was at 9am. I picked up my number and chip and attached them to myself. I then went for about 5 wee’s (no joke, nervous bladder is a real thing haha).

It approached 9am and I was nervously waiting in the que of people when I overheard some guys saying “I ran this course last year and most of it was uphill to begin with”… I turned around and laughed saying “that’s just what you want to hear before you start a race”. I mean what better way to make me more nervous haha.

I began the race making sure that I paced myself because I did not want to go too fast and then crash early. I was feeling really good and running really well. This race involved having to do two laps of the massive hill, and overall it went well. I think I did really well and I am so proud of myself for doing it. Nothing beats people cheering you on and crossing that finish line. I just love it so much. Also the views were stunning.

What is one thing you truly love doing in life?

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Gemma xx

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  1. Omg congrats gorgeous lady!! This is so so amazing and I am so freaking proud of you. You have definitely motivated me to do better. The views are so stunning too – you go girl!! xxx

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