August Overview…

I am back with an overview of what I think has been a bit of a weird month.

This month has flown by. I have been making some plans that I need to put into motion (exciting things), and hopefully they will all work and pan out well. But anyway lets get into it…


So as I mentioned in my July favourites I started to read “A little history of philosophy” by Nigel Warburton. I think philosophy is one of those things that you need to be interested in it fully to understand it, because to me it can be a bit all over the place and hard to grasp. This book though is kind of like a beginner guide and it goes through the different philosophers and talking about their ideas etc, starting with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and goes onto Darwin, Marx and Freud (the more well known names that even if you don’t know about philosophy have probably heard of these guys). I think if you are interested in reading about philosophy or even beginning your journey into it then I definitely recommend this. It has made understanding philosophy easier to read because I know some books on it are difficult (kind of like me reading Wuthering Heights for the first time as a 15 year old). Once you sort of grasp the concept of philosophy it becomes a bit easier to make sense, but I still think it is a crazy thing. Also I like quite historical books and I am nerdy so this was a perfect read for me.

Rating 8/10

I got a free Amazon prime “free next day delivery” trial thing on amazon and honestly may have gone a bit mad haha. It just really got me researching more sustainable products or even products that I can use for years to come like storage type products. I definitely wanted to mention it because I just think it’s something I have been loving this month especially. Of course my inspiration is from “Mrs Hinch” on instagram. I think I have mentioned her before but I just love her, and her house is literally my dream haha. Plus all the products of course inspire me within my room etc. Of course me and Ryan live with my parents so there is not much we can do to imprint our style on the house, but it does give you ideas for the future! I have put some things below of what I have bought…

I got this shoe storage for under the bed, which is perfect for Ryan!

I also got these sock sorters (which was inspired from Mrs Hinch), which I think is a great idea! You can put them in the washing machine and hopefully still have a pair!

Of course I ordered some steel straws and these were only £4!! Plus I can reuse again and again and it’s better for the environment!

Something new: 

In my July favourites I also started something where I talk about something new that has happened within that month. Last month it was visiting a new place “New York” and yes I am still sad it is over. However, this month it is learning a new skill… well it’s not new as I learnt when I was younger from my nan. However technically I haven’t done it in SO long that it is kind of new again haha. Basically Sewing. I am still learning and trying to remember the different stitches etc. But hopefully I will get to a point where I am making cool stuff.

New place:

Lastly, I am about to experience a new place in the UK that I haven’t actually been to before…which I have a post coming next week on so will tell you all where it is then. Basically I have a 10km run to do there, so we decided to go down the day before and do some exploring before me completing the run the next day. It has been great so far and I am really loving exploring a new place. Look forward to the post!

Anyway that is my August overview! I am also thinking of going meat-free for the whole of September so lemme know your thoughts on that??

What have you been up to this month? What are your favourites?

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Gemma xx

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  1. Ah I loved your Amazon buys, Prime is dangerous because there is SO MUCH TO BUY! Metal straws really are life changing, just remembering to take them with you from the restaurant is a bit of a nightmare… hah. Congrats on your run, lovely! Feel so proud of you 🥰 making friends through blogging is the best! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the city (I’ll not spoil it even though I know where it is!) Matt and I love it there, exploring new places is such a good feeling 😍 xxx

    1. Literally so much to buy haha! Yeah that is so true, I will probably forget! Thank you so much hun, I just gave it my all 💖 literally it is sooo nice! Aww glad you both love it! Yeah definitely I love exploring new places, it’s just so refreshing😄 xxx

  2. Great post! The book sounds really amazing, I really like philosophy so this might be very interesting to me! 😊 And the straws look so cool! I bought some metal straws for bubble tea a few months back and I loved this purchase 😊 Also, it’s a good idea to start a meat-free month! Though I’d recommend you to make sure you get all the nutrients you need 😄

    1. Yeah if you and interested then I think it’s a great start😊 I love bubble tea!! But yeah they are a great purchase especially to carry around. Thank you, I decided I’m not doing this month just because of that, I want to research and really build on some recipes before I completely try a whole month 😊 thank you!

  3. I absolutely love your monthly roundup posts!! Ive never heard of a sock sorter before (I am so late to the Mrs Hinch bandwagon) but it sounds amazing considering I am always losing socks!! I am so excited to hear about the 10k as I really want to try and get into running! Love this xxx

    1. Thank you hun! Neither had I haha, and that is exactly why I bought it! You can throw it in the washing machine and then hang them up on the sorter thing and it saves spending money having to keep buying socks 😂 thank you lovely, you definitely should! We can motivate each other haha xxx

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