Tea Talks: Feeling Overwhelmed…

Hello wonderful people, I hope you are all well! Grab a tea or coffee or drink and read on because it’s gonna be a deep one. *cue some swearing*

I wanted to talk about being stressed and overwhelmed because I don’t just want my life to be portrayed as great all the time, when in reality it isn’t. I am human and sometimes my life is shit to be straight to the point haha.

Firstly, I do want to say that my life is mostly amazing and I am completely grateful for everything in my life. I know others have it a lot worse and I never complain because I know how lucky I am. But I have always made myself feel bad whenever I feel shit (if that makes sense) because I almost feel bad for experiencing those emotions when I don’t have it as bad as others. However, this comparison shouldn’t be a thing because we are all allowed to have shit days and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad about that ya know? I hate this almost competition that you have to be really bad in order to feel shit, when sometimes I just can’t control feeling that way and that shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about at all. We are all different and experience and see things in different ways and feel things in different ways and there should be no competition about anything to do with how we are feeling.

Anyway… I don’t know if anyone else is the same but with me I don’t just get a “shit day” and then the next day is fine again. I mean sometimes that is the case, but  sometimes I go through shit periods haha. I will go a couple of weeks of feeling overwhelmed and really stressed and lacking motivation and then once I have gone through that I will be fine again. This also just comes and goes, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be due to something happening in my life. Sometimes I just feel like that for no particular reason.  It’s like I get stuck and I just don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe it is hormones or even my pill, or maybe it’s me doing too much at one time (probably that because I do have a lot on right now).

I am also very good at putting on a front and then breaking down when I am in the safety of my bedroom. I know that is not the best thing, and I do talk to my friends or Ryan sometimes. But also sometimes I think that is all you need to just be by yourself and let yourself cry or be angry or whatever and be in that moment.

I think another thing might be because I haven’t mediated in a couple of months now. I was really enjoying the meditation and I love it and I was using this app called “Headspace”. You get some for free on there but I used all mine up and I think that’s when I stopped, because I just didn’t buy it. So that might help if I start doing that again as well.

I wanted to end this rant/talk/whatever this was with some tips that I try to do when I am in this shit phase to relax me and make me feel more calm and hopefully help you all out if you feel the same sometimes.

Firstly, I think when you are in this phase it is incredibly important to make sure you are doing self-care. Even for like 20 minutes everyday, just a little something to help you in some way.

  • I definitely recommend going on walks because it’s nice to get some fresh air, but also just getting out of the space you are in sometimes helps to clear your mind and just refresh a bit. You also get to move your body and just experience life away from technology.
  • I also recommend meditation or yoga both are great stress relief’s and I will be getting myself back into both of these right now. Plus there are so many different ones to cater to you for both yoga and meditation so just look around and get a feel for what you like.
  • Also slowing things down in your life, so just taking a step back and thinking “am I doing too much?” or “maybe there are some things I could change” or “what is making me anxious or overwhelmed”. Then just taking it one day at a time and doing things at a slower pace. For me with my Master’s I set myself daily goals for example, writing 1000 words and then stopping once I have done that and doing something else. That way you are not spending too much time on something and then you can always come back to it later if you feel you need to do some more.
  • Lastly, simple things are just reading, having a relaxing bath, turning your phone off (or on silent) from like 8pm (or whenever it’s like 2 hours before you go to sleep) because I just think it’s important to switch off from your phone. I don’t personally go on my phone a lot haha, probably why my instagram and twitter etc don’t get used a lot. But I just think taking that time away from your phone helps SO MUCH, and you just can fully shut down and relax a little.

Do you ever feel anxious or overwhelmed? Do you have any advice or tips for me or others that can help when feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

Apologies if this is all over the place or too long, I just needed to get this out I think. My posts will be back to normal after this haha.

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  1. I’m a naturally anxious person! For me, I allow myself to feel what I need, then try to take a step back and remind myself that things always turn out okay. Positive self talk does wonders! Yoga is my go-to as well. That reminds me to go to my yoga class today, so thank you! ❤🤗

    1. That’s very good advice I need to remind myself that as well! I will try to do the positive self talk ☺️ you are very welcome, hope it went well! 💚 thank you for commenting lovely xx

  2. This is such a relatable post and I applaud you for being so open with us. You are such a strong inspirational woman and I admire you!! I absolutely love headspace i need to purchase the subscription badly xxx

  3. I loved this post! I often feel the same: overwhelmed, stressed and feeling like time’s lacking. The tips are really good, I personally like to listen to music or just read a good book! 😊

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