Advice to my Younger self…

As a 24 year old I do a lot of reflecting (I know I sound about 80), but sometimes it is just nice to reflect on how far I have actually come. So here is some advice I would give to my younger self if I could…

Also enjoy these cringey old pictures of me (I was a bit of a scene rock kid haha). 

  1. Be confident

By this I mean don’t be afraid to put your hand up in class, I know it gives you anxiety and you start shaking and your heart is pounding but just do it. Then do it again and again and suddenly it just becomes a habit for you to be able to put you hand up. But also just be confident in yourself, because you rock and you shouldn’t have to be scared of being who you are for no one.

2. Maybe don’t dye your hair black.

I mean this might have been a big part of your life and they say you shouldn’t have regrets, but you really did hate having black hair. Then it took FOREVER to grow out so maybe if you could do this again just stick with the red hair you had before haha.

3. You are beautiful.

This might still sometimes be a battle but not constantly like it was for you back then. So just stop weighing yourself, comparing yourself and stop hiding the food. Food is your friend and makes your body strong and healthy and keeps you alive, it is not your enemy. So please eat properly and don’t waste so much time crying over how you look because you are gorgeous the way you are.

4. There is so much time for boys.

I know you wanted a boyfriend like in all the movies you watched, but honestly you don’t NEED one. Spend time working on yourself and loving yourself and then a boy will naturally come along (and I mean it did because I now have Ryan). But boys don’t and shouldn’t define you and you have all the time in the world to get into a relationship so just spend as much time as possible loving yourself first.

5. Don’t give up on doing what you love

I know you had a hard time when it came to giving up dancing. You love dancing so never give it up and keep dancing until you physically cannot. You could have gone to a dance school and maybe you life would have been completely different I don’t know. But anyway just don’t give up on things you love.

What is some advice you would give to your younger self?

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Gemma xx

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  1. love this! I had planned a post similar and one I thought of was don’t overpluck your eyebrows! ha ha! But you probably haven’t as your younger than me… it use to be trendy, I regret it! Can relate to the don’t die your hair black too xx

    1. I definitely look forward to reading it if you post it! Oh no that was also a thing when I was younger too haha. I just never touched my eyebrows because I was soo scared 😂 everyone had thing eyebrows though! Yess glad I am not the only one with the black hair haha xx

  2. I can relate to the confidence thing, still working on it but wish my younger self was more confident. I’d tell my younger self to not be embarrassed about herself – and also to not touch her face when she’s nervous because it just made her acne worst 😅

    1. That is definitely a good thing to tell yourself! Ahh yes I didn’t touch my face but I used to cover my mouth for some reason! And when I was nervous I would play with my fingers (still do). But yeah I think the confidence thing just comes more and more and we should all just be confident of who we are but it’s never that easy ☺️ thanks for reading xxx

  3. Love love love this!!! You are so empowering and relatable, I am so grateful for you sharing this. I defo agree and wish I also I had this advice when I was a teen. I also dyed my hair black and it was a huge regret hahah xxxx

    1. Awww thank you so much that means a lot! There is probably a lot more advice I could have given myself. I am so shocked that actually a lot of people dyed their hair black as a young teen haha, thought it was just me 😂😂 thanks for reading xxxx

  4. Amazing post ! I loved it !! I would totally give the same advice to my younger self, especially about being confident 😊 I would also say to my younger self to not be afraid of people and to open up even if it sounds scary, only good comes deom talking to people 😁

    1. Thank you! I think quite a few people would say that as well 😊 I think I would say that as well, it’s always hard opening up but it’s also great to open up and let things out 😊 thanks for your comment! Xx

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